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This page lists some features coming to Rec Room in the near future. More forthcoming features are listed in the "planned" and "in progress" categories on Rec Room's Canny page.


Creative Q&A 2022 March

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Improved Collisions

More options for collisions are planned.

Customisation of Maker Pen User Interface

More customisation of maker pen user interface is planned, in particular setting up custom workspaces.

New Main Watch Menu

A new (2D) main watch menu is coming.

New Particle System

New particle effects and a new particle effects system with more options is planned.

Hiding Objects to Save Ink

A system to dynamically show/create and hide/destroy objects to manage ink is planned.


Creative Q&A 2021 October

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Object Model

"Object model" refers to a refactoring of the internal way objects are represented in Rec Room. This will make it possible to build hierarchies of objects (without relying on gizmos) and circuits for maker pen objects.

CV2 Improvements

Including: higher allowed net heat (depending on maximum number of players), improved combat, sampler V2, error visualization, prompt-based interaction, state machine, functions, properties.


Rec Con 2021 Keynote with Gribbly

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Automated Voice Chat Moderation in Public Rooms

Automated processing (mostly running locally) of voice chat in public rooms to support moderation team.

Better Text Chat

Including the possibility to send photos.

Video Streaming

Improvements to share screens to allow for video streaming and better audio streaming, specifically for music performances.


Creative Q&A 2021 July

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

New Doors

There are plans for CV2 doors. They are coming soon(TM).


Creative Q&A 2021 June

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Room notifications

This will allow rooms to send scheduled notifications to players after they have left the room.


The Future of Rec Room - Big Announcements

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Terrain Editor

A terrain editor has been announced in the "Big Announcements" video, but in a more recent live AMA, gribbly made it clear that it won't be coming anytime soon.