Flags in ^UNRLobby

UNR stands for United Nations of Rec Room. Basically it’s an international social group and foreign player community in Rec Room where people from different countries and nationalities gather and meet to make friends. UNR is not a clan, gang, nor some kind of guild, because we don’t have rankings nor titles.

Since foreign players are minorities in Rec Room, it’s hard for them to find playmates. So, we founded and created this community to help those who speak English as 2nd or 3rd language. We want very active players instead of players who just join for one day and never come back. We are looking for foreign players who get online at least once a week and can translate for players who can’t speak English, help them improve communication in English, improve cultural exchanges to learn and understand each other, prevent segregations, and avoid racism/harassment from other players.

Recruiting: mainly we look for players who are from different countries. We are strict on not recruiting people from North America, which we had someone trying to join with a fake accent and try to throw offensive stereo type and bring up political views.

We do test players who want to join to make sure that they are honest about their nationality.

Every time a new player joins or someone wants to support it, their national flag will be made in the ^UNRLobby.

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