Concept for costumes shared on the dev blog

Presumably a concept for Tomb Heist! shared by MeriesaVR on Instagram

Presumably a concept for enemies shared by MeriesaVR on Instagram

Tomb Heist! is a "maker pen workshop" by Ry-Guy and Meriesa from Rec Room Inc. It is currently under development but was announced by Ry-Guy on the developer blog. Ry-Guy provided this elevator pitch for Tomb Heist!:

Tomb Heist! is a short, two player co-op experience that emphasizes stealth, and team play. This heist takes place in a long lost tomb hidden away in the depths of the jungle. The goal is to break in, steal the magic idol, and escape. Each player has a purpose in this heist, and you will need both to pull it off. This quest will take place entirely indoors.

More information about the behaviors of enemies was provided by Pedro Cori/VotaVader in a 2nd posting on the developer blog.

More information about room transitions was provided by Ry-Guy in a 3rd posting on the developer blog.

Similarly to Capture Point, Tomb Heist! will be a #community room that is built with in-game creative tools.

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