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The Goblin King is defeated, and the Golden Trophy restored to its rightful place. And yet peace has not returned! The goblin hordes serve a new master, toiling away at a mysterious red substance. Can your band of adventurers brave the enchanted wilds, and lift the Curse of the Crimson Cauldron?
— Rec Room Inc.


The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron is the 3rd Quest to be added into Rec Room. It is the sequel to the first quest, the Quest for the Golden Trophy.


In the #RecRoomOriginal room ^CrimsonCauldron, 1 to 4 players use medieval and fantasy weaponry to team up and fight through 9 acts of fantasy "monsters" put together by the art department. Successfully completing all 9 acts and defeating the final boss rewards each player with a chest containing one item from the Crimson Cauldron Cosmetic Sets, the rank of which is determined by your Quest Rating. The room ^CrimsonCauldron is a #pickup room, i.e., teleporting and "walking" VR players as well as Screen Mode players may play in the same room.

A mini-update in December 2018 added back holsters to the game. This allows players to carry a weapon in each hand plus one on their back.

Game play / Tutorials


Rec Room - The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron! (Ambush Simulator)

YouTube video by HairyManLegs


Rec Room- Crimson Cauldron Solo Tutorial

YouTube solo tutorial by Boethiah




{Work In Progress}

Castle Courtyard When you first spawn, go to the left and take out the cannon goblin, than destroy the shield goblins. When you walk to the right, there is a chance an imp and a red imp will spawn, if they do, turn around and destroy them. Be sure to take out the cannon goblins first, unless the other goblins are getting close to you.
Forest Path After exiting the castle, you take a journey through the forest to get to the campsite. The most common strategy for this level is to spawn the waves in then run back. There are a lot of enemies so be cautious. also there are double damage potions in a small house in the middle of the level that you can use to pow through enemies. There are a lot of imps so I recommend using a bow or crossbow for this level.
Campsite The campsite is a large open room where many waves of goblins spawn. Staying at the campsite is an ok strategy because not many goblins spawn there, but goblins will spawn all around the campsite and may overwhelm you. There are many stone pillars that can be climbed on, but cannon goblins spawn on a few of them. Plus, you can climb on the rocks up to 2 long platforms you can use so you can be safe from every enemy except Cannon Goblins and Imps.
Deep Forest The deep forest is a large enclosed room where you will encounter Imp Witches at the spawn area. Witches shoot orbs that can be deflected by swords, shields, pots, and double damage potions. As you progress down the stairs, you will encounter 2 bombers and a plethora of goblins with some Witches sprinkled in. This act also introduces Barrel Knights which charge at high speeds and can only be hit by the target on their back although it is possible to hit them in the back of the head...
Bog Kill a hoard of imps, and use the floats to cross the swampy water (if on walk, it is possible to climb over the large rock to the right). After killing all the imps over the bog, there are plenty of witches, red imps, and red goblins for you to defeat. After killing all the enemies, don't be too quick to cheer, a bog monster will appear right after someone steps on the pad. Bows and attack potions are recommended, although it is possible to jump on it with swords...
Mines The steam kills you, be careful! Have patience, but this is one of the easier levels with more green enemies than red ones. The first enemies you encounter will be 4 cannon goblins, there are exploding barrels to shoot, but running into all of their lines of fire is a bad idea. Near the end of the level you will encounter Elite Barrel Knight which spins instead of charging unlike its basic counterpart.
Deep Mines After exiting the mines, you descend into the Deep Mines. This act has a mix of every enemy. A viable strategy is to stay near the spawn area and use the explosive barrels to your advantage. This is one of the harder levels with more red enemies than green ones so staying on one of the platforms near the spawn area is advised as you have ample time to take out the enemies.
Bell Tower Stairs Ascend slowly, leaving one person to guard the stairs and another to go to the top and kill the imps that spawn up there. Use the exploding barrels to your advantage.
Finale Hit the magic ball back at the witch 3-4 times while fending off countless other enemies. A good strategy for this is to hop up in a window of your choosing and take out the witch from there. Note that slightly easier but more frantic way to conquer this is to stay in a window sill and only focus on the witch. This method takes a shorter time but you have to deal with more monsters.


Two sizes of pots that contain various quantities of points. You can hit them, or pick them up and throw them.

Scoring in the Curse of the Crimson Cauldron is very straightforward. Points are shown in the form of gold when you earn them. Contributing to killing an enemy gives you gold proportional to how much you contributed; although the game will often award additional points due to latency in the tracking of all players actions. Breaking pots also gives you gold, though significantly less than gold earned from killing enemies. All gold goes directly to your point total the moment you earn it.

Dying to an enemy costs you a large amount of gold, and friendly-firing a teammate with a ranged weapon is a moderate gold penalty.

At the end of the run, the total gold score of all teammates put together determines the Quest Rating of your team, and the reward rarity you get.

Small pots give 50 points while big pots grant 100 points.

The Final Boss

The Crimson Cauldron Witch launching a purple orb

The final boss is the Crimson Witch at the top in the bell tower. To defeat them, you must use a sword to hit back the purple orbs they launch at you (similar to Paddleball, and exactly like witches encountered earlier). While fighting, various mobs will spawn around the arena in waves, depending on how many times you knocked out the witch. The first wave has no additional enemies and you and your party needs to hit back the orb 3 times, the subsequent times take 4 hits and spawn progressively more enemies.

Concept Art

Concept art posted by Ter-Bear in the Rec Room Discord channel #fan-art.

Bell tower Concept.png
Crystal Concept.png
Fire potion Concept.png
Forest cabin concept.png
Forest path concept.png
Furnace concept.png
Goblin mines sketch.jpg
Hut concept.png
Magic wand concept.png
Mines concept.png
Mossy rock.png
Mine entrance concept.png
Note and potion.png
Plants and spikey fence.png
Quest forrest concept 1.jpg
Quest Goblin 2 dark forrest 2.jpg
Quest Goblin 2 goblin encamplent.jpg
Quest goblin 2 entrance concept.jpg
Quest Goblin bog.jpg
Quest Goblin 2 goblin encamplent close up.jpg
Raft concept.png
Stone wall.png
Tree concept 1.png
Tree concept 2.png
Witch concept 1.png
Witch concept 2.png
Witch figure.png