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Card table in the Lounge

Tabletop games in Rec Room include

Toys are usually classified as either mechanical puzzles or arcade games. The latter usually offer real-time action while most tabletop games are turn-based. Some maze games could also be considered tabletop games, but most mazes in Rec Room are life-sized and don't fit onto a table.

You can find other Rec Room players who are interested in playing tabletop games on the official Rec Room discord in the channel #meetup.

Examples include: ^UnoVR, ^Monopoly, ^RecPokerLounge, ^ChutesNLadders, ^SayTheSameThing, ^TotalTicTacToeTwist, ^OperationRecRoom, ^TableTopSimulatorBETA, ^RecParty2018, ^RollTheDie2019, ^Carcassonne, ^MagicCross, ^GermanKnightChessM, ^ChessForDummies, ^GoRecRoom, ^RecCheckers, ^Reckgammon, ^Recversi, etc.