Sports Games simulate real or fantasy sports within Rec Room. Some of these Custom Rooms implement game rules using Circuits and the Roles system.


A popular example of a first-person racing map (for walking mode) is ^RecKarts. Examples for race tracks for RC Cars are ^Rectona500 and ^RecRoomSpeedway.


^Boxers is an implementation of boxing in Rec Room.

Disc Golf Maps

Disc golf maps are player-created games that re-implement the game mechanics of #RecRoomOriginal Disc Golf.


^DiscGolfInPark uses similar game mechanics as Disc Golf but is located in the Park.

An example of a disc golf map in the Park is: ^DiscGolfInPark.

Velp has created a template for implementing disc golf in the Maker Room: ^golftemplate.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate (frisbee) has been played as an impromptu game for a long time in Rec Room, but it also has been implemented as a Custom Room with built-in rules in ^UltimateFrisbee5v5.

Kite Flying

^DualLineKite is an implemantation of a dual-line kite.

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