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From the community

Several people offered to help on the wiki, but they weren't really sure what to do. This is what we would like help on:

Expand-article.png CREATE WANTED

Expand-article.png EXPAND STUBS
Expand-article.png CLEAN UP

Cosmetic Pieces

Many cosmetic items are still missing; in particular the more expensive ones. If you have one of those items and want to contribute a picture of it to the wiki, we'd suggest the following steps: go into your dorm room, take the share camera from the Backpack, set it to selfie mode, activate the tripod and the timer, place the camera with the "drop" button, position yourself to fill the vertical space of the camera, and take the picture. For a non-distracting background, create a white box with the Maker Pen that is large enough to fill the whole background.

You can save the images you take with the share camera on your account and then download it from there to your computer. Then upload the image to the wiki and put it where it goes.

Hats Needed

Mummy Hat Frankenstein Hat turkey hat Raw Data Sajia Mask Cupid Headpiece Maker pen class gowns and white tutorial gown

Contest Items Red and gold Sea Captain hat, Wonderland Hat, Getaway Rain hat, Fantasy 2019 Crown

If you see any other items that are missing please tell me on my message wall or send me a dm on discord @pigsell#9414 and I will add them to the list

Changing Old Pages and Creating New Pages

If there is something we haven't created a page for yet, or a placeholder page we have not filled with information yet, feel free to create and fill it or contact one of the admins (see below). If you aren't sure about the formatting, don't worry about it, just do what you feel comfortable with and we can look at it later.

To see whether a page about a topic already exists, check the list of all pages on this wiki or the category tree of all pages .

Common Templates

Use the following templates if appropriate:

  • {{ambox|<image>|<border>|<type>|<info>}} creates a message with text specified by type=... and details specified by info=.... The border color is specified by border=.... Use image=[[File:Under contruction icon-yellow.svg|50px]] for the standard under construction image.
  • {{Cleanup}} marks articles that need to be cleaned up - usually because they are out-of-date because of a Rec Room update.
  • {{Clr}} creates enough vertical space such that all images, videos, and infoboxes are placed before the following text. (This is particularly important on pages with multiple infoboxes and/or videos.)
  • {{QuestInfobox}} presents info for all Cosmetic Sets (originally intended for Quest cosmetic sets hence the name).
  • {{Quote}} marks quoted text (often from Rec Room Inc.).
  • {{Stub}} marks placeholder articles with minimal or no information.
  • {{Underconstruction}} marks articles that are actively worked on (possibly over a couple of days or even weeks).

Contact an Admin

If you want to get a hold of an admin for any reason, you can shoot Ziiella or me a message. The founder of the wiki (DragnHntr) hasn't been active for a long time.


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