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2 to 6 players kick a large ball across a large, in-door soccer field into the opponents goal. It's one of the less popular games in Rec Room, but can be fun with a lot of action. The room is also used for Ultimate Frisbee.

The #RecRoomOriginal room ^Soccer is a #pickup room, i.e., teleporting and "walking" VR players as well as Screen Mode players may play in the same room

Tips for Teleporting Players

To kick the ball, try to teleport into the ball, i.e., aim the teleport arc onto the position where you want to kick the ball and release the teleport button. The position where you kick the ball influences the direction that the ball will take.

Push the ball with your body only if you need to control the ball more precisely than kicking allows.

In many situations, it is best to kick the ball against the wall to get it behind your opponents and to make it more difficult for them to know where the ball is.

On kick-off, kick the ball before it hits the ground.

Speed Boosts

The yellow orbs in soccer (speed boosts) help the player in making them faster one way or another. with walking mode selected, the boost makes you run faster and with teleport mode selected it increases your teleport distance and your teleport cool down.

Previously when the room was called ^ShieldSoccer the yellow orbs gave the shield power and when activated, the next time kicking the ball would be more powerful, Soccer Shields are since unobtainable

Update History

August 10, 2016 Soccer, originally Sheild Soccer, is added to the game in the 'Experiments Edition.'
August 16, 2016 Bug fixes
August 24, 2016 Polishing and Performance updates