Smooth Criminal is a paintball variant played by two teams, in two rounds. It was created by iamnoone and Xenobork. On each round, one team is the "Smooth Criminals" and one team has three "MJ"s and one "Annie". The goal for the Smooth Criminals is to hit Annie as many times as possible, and the goal for the MJs is to protect Annie. After one round, teams switch. Whichever team has hit Annie the greater number of times wins. Players are highly encouraged to ask Annie if she is ok repeatedly.

Rec Room Mini-game Monday - Smooth Criminal

Rec Room Mini-game Monday - Smooth Criminal

The setup for the game is Team Battle to 100 hits, with a 5:00 minute limit. Players should start with one shotgun, and the field items should be off. Annie should throw away her shotgun at the beginning of the game and remain unarmed.

Players are encouraged to dress in the style of the music video for Michael Jackson's 1988 single, Smooth Criminal (including red dress for any player - male or female - who has the role of Annie).

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