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Rec Royale is a battle royale game that puts 14 to 16 individual players in ^RecRoyaleSolos or 6 teams of 3 players in Squad mode on the national park Frontier Island.

Squad Rooms: ^RecRoyaleSquads or ^RecRoyaleVR

Rec Royale is unavailable on the original Oculus Quest 1. The long-term plan is to replace the current map by a new map ("Rec Royale 2") that can be played on all platforms.

The Rec Room Original rooms ^RecRoyaleSolos and ^RecRoyaleSquads allow all players to join whether they prefer teleporting, walking, or playing in Screen Mode. ^RecRoyaleVR requires walking in VR mode.

The game may be started once enough players are gathered in a lobby (14 in ^RecRoyaleSolos, 18 in every other Rec Royale map). All players start without weapon in a gondola. Once the doors of the gondola are open, players should walk or teleport out of the gondola and use hang gliders to fly onto the island where they boxes for weapons, ammunition packs, health potions and shield potions. Players lose their shield and health when they are shot by other players, hit by paint mines or are hit with other objects e.g: frying pans. Players who have are on 0% health left can no longer shoot unless they are revived by teammates within a short amount of time. If they are not revived, they are eliminated from the game and return to the lobby. The team with the last players standing wins. A circular safe zone that shrinks to a random point on the island makes sure that each game takes only about 10 to 15 minutes.

Phases of a Game[]

Joining a game[]

Players can choose 2-3 ways on how they want to play. Solos, Squads, and VR-Only mode. They can be found easily in the Watch Menu under "Rec Room Originals".


If the player wants to take the fight alone, they have to join ^RecRoyaleSolos, facing up to 13-15 other challengers fighting alone as well.


If the player has friends or just wants to have backup, they have to join ^RecRoyaleSquads, going up against six other squads of three.

VR Only[]

If the player wishes not to play with Screen Mode players and play with VR players, they can join ^RecRoyaleVR. The game will only use walking locomotion and is treated as a squads game mode.


Players gathering in a lobby

Gathering of players in lobby and joining teams[]

Before the actual gameplay, players gather in a lobby. If teaming is allowed, players can change teams by joining another team with less than 3 players by clicking one of the "JOIN TEAM" buttons on the scoreboard. Once at least 14 players in Solos or 18 players in Squads are in a lobby, the gameplay may be started by clicking the "START" button on the scoreboard. If the game cannot be started or not enough players are joining the lobby, you can go to another lobby through the door labeled "Play Again" or by taking a detour through another room.

Gliding down[]

When the game starts, all players are automatically put into a gondola that moves over the island. After approximately 7 seconds,the doors of the gondola open and you can jump out by walking, teleporting or physically stepping out of the gondola.

Once outside the gondola, a handle of a hang glider appears in front of you. You can grab it with one of your hands by pulling the trigger of your controller. While you are grabbing the handle, you can steer the hang glider to turn left or right. Moving the handle towards you de-escelates your descent; moving the handle away from you, accelerates down your descent. If you are close enough to the ground, you can teleport onto the ground.

If you are susceptible to VR sickness or experience any discomfort while gliding, you should activate a comfort mode in the Comfort Options (possibly only for vehicles, which include the hand glider), which are accessible via the Gameplay Tab of the Settings Menu of your Watch Menu.


You can find ranged weapons, ammunition packs as well as health and shield potions in lootboxes all over the island. To open a lootbox, move a free hand close to the handle of the box and pull the trigger for about 2 seconds.

Reviving teammates[]

While applying health and shield potions increases your health and shield, hits by players of other teams decrease them (first shield, then health). Once you are out of health (as indicated by an empty green bar in your display), you have to be revived by a teammate by shaking/holding hands for around five seconds. If no teammate revives you within the given time, you are eliminated from the game and return to the lobby.


You can hear and talk to all players that are close to you. Teammates, on the other hand you can talk to from even the other side of the map!


When "walking", you can move faster by "sprinting": see Basic Controls.


Map with red arrow head at the player's position (top right); white circle showing the next location of the safe zone; and parts of the yellow circle in the corners of the map showing the current safe zone.

Shrinking of safe zone[]

There is a safe zone that initially covers the whole island. Players outside the safe zone are attacked by a swarm of bees and quickly lose health (regardless of their shield). After a few minutes, the safe zone starts shrinking in two alternating phases, which are announced by text messages:

  • "The Swarm Is Preparing...": At the time of this message, a white circle appears on your map, which shows the next location of the safe zone. If you are far outside of that circle, you should consider moving towards it before the safe zone starts shrinking because sometimes the boundary of the safe zone moves faster than you can move.
  • "The Swarm Is Approaching!": At the time of this message, the safe zone starts shrinking towards the white circle on your map. It then stays at this location for a little while before another preparation phase starts.


If all remaining players are in one team, this team wins, and all players of the winning team (including those that have been eliminated already) are automatically teleported to a new door on the island that leads back to the lobby. There are also numerous items including your held tools around the door to celebrate your victory for example: by taking a picture of the winning team.

Returning to the lobby[]

Once you return to the lobby, you can see how many points you receive for the game. While you are in the lobby, you can always see your current points, level, number of acorns, and reward tier in the Frontier Pass of the map you are in on your Watch Menu.

From the lobby, you can go to a new game through the double doors called "Play Again".



There is an infinite amount of maps in your backpack. Reach to your back at neck height with an empty hand and pull the trigger to fetch a map (hold 1 or 4 on PC for one second). To drop a map, release the trigger. Note that you will not be able to grab a new map if another map is still close to you.

The map shows your current position with an arrow head. Smaller arrow heads show the positions and orientations of your teammates. The yellow circle is the current boundary of the safe zone. The white circle is the next boundary of the safe zone.


You can use certain objects on the island as melee weapons, for example, frying pans. Ranged weapons are available in lootboxes or lie on the ground after they have been dropped by other players. To open a lootbox, move a free hand close to the handle of the box and pull the trigger for about 2 seconds.

To holster a weapon, move your hand to the left or right side of your torso (at about hip level) such that a green silhouette of the weapon in its holstered position appears, and press the "drop" button (Square or Triangle button on PSVR, Menu button on HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality, B or Y button on Oculus Rift).

The following ranged weapons may be found in lootboxes:

These weapons are operated as in the other #RecRoomOriginal Games; i.e., the laser weapons and the Flintlock Pistol have to be reloaded with a free hand by pulling the reload mechanism of the weapon; grenades have to be held by keeping the trigger pulled, arrows have to be pulled with a free hand from the center of the string of the bow.

Most weapons come in different levels, which are represented by colors. The level has a strong influence on how much damage a weapon does to the shield and health of hit players:

  • Common (grey)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (orange)

The unique names of the Legendary weapons are as follows:

  • Paint Pistol: PSI Buster
  • Paint Burst Rifle: The Paintsaw
  • Paint Shotgun: Splat Hammer
  • Paint Scope Rifle: Perfectionist (True Artist in Beta weekend)
  • Paint Launcher: House Painter
  • Paint Thrower: Paint Thrower
  • Laser Pistol: Neon Heat
  • Laser Burst Gun: Neon Shredder
  • Laser Shotgun: Bot Sweeper
  • Laser Railgun: Jumbotron Accelerator
  • Laser Launcher: Laser Cannon
  • Laser Beam Cannon: Beam Cannon
  • Flintlock Pistol: Ghostbeard's Sidearm
  • Blunderbuss: Deafening Boomstick
  • Bow: Rigid Thwapper
  • Hunter's Crossbow: Hunter's Dream

While the Quest for the Golden Trophy Crossbow has a unique name, it is a rare weapon, instead of a legendary weapon. It used to be a legendary instead of rare in earlier versions.

  • Crossbow: Goblin Annoyer

Ammunition Packs[]

Ammunition packs are available in lootboxes or lie on the ground after they have been dropped by other players. To open a cool box, move a free hand close to the handle of the box and pull the trigger for about 2 seconds.

To pick up an ammunition pack, move a hand close to it and pull the trigger; this will add the ammunition to your inventory. The amount of ammunition that you have for a specific weapon is displayed when you have the weapon in one of your hands.

Health and Shield Potions[]

There are two kinds of potions: health (green) and shield (blue) potions. They are available in lootboxes or lie on the ground after they have been dropped by other players. To open a lootbox, move a free hand close to the handle of the box and pull the trigger for about 2 seconds.

To pick up a potion, move a hand close to it and pull the trigger. To drop a potion, release the trigger. To holster a potion, move your hand to the left or right side of your torso (at about hip level) such that a green silhouette of the potion in its holstered position appears, and release the trigger.

To apply a potion, pick it up and move it close to or above your head and turn it upside down. Unless you have full health, a health potion will increase your health as shown by the green bar in your display. (You are eliminated from the game once you have no health left.) Unless you have a full shield, a shield potion will increase your shield as shown by the blue bar in your display. (Hits by other players will first decrease your shield before they decrease your health.)

Health and shield potions come in different sizes:

  • Small (grey) (1/5)
  • Large (purple) (1/2)
  • Full health/shield potion (orange) (1)
20180609222818 1

Rec Royale tab of the This Room Menu.


Info poster in the lobby about Rec Royale reward tiers (note that seasons are no longer updated).


New highest elite tier reward: Butterfly Wings.


After each game, you receive points based on how many players you eliminated, how long you were in the game, and how many other players were still in the game when you were eliminated. The amount of points that you have collected at your current level is visualised by the bar next to your level in the Frontier Pass tab of the This Room Menu of your Watch Menu.

With enough points (a full bar), you level up. You receive varying amounts of acorns each time you level up. These acorns appear as white icons below your "Reward Tier" in the This Room Menu.

Once you have 10 acorns, your reward tier is increased and you receive the Cosmetic Item or Consumable of your current reward tier (if there is one). All rewards of the current season are shown in the lower part of the This Room Menu.

To receive the "Elite" rewards, you have to buy a seasonal Elite Frontier Pass for 1000 tokens by clicking on the "Upgrade to Elite" button. (You can see how many tokens you own on the Profile Menu of your Watch Menu.)

As Rec Room plans to give up the season model, it is unclear how levels and rewards will be affected.


Teaming in "Solos" mode is not allowed; use "Squads" mode instead.

Hiding in bushes and under trees is fine, but exploiting glitches to hide inside of rocks, under the ground, or inside tree trunks is considered cheating.

Changing your height such that your torso is hidden in the ground or flies high above the ground is also considered cheating.