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Rec Room Wiki is the community wiki about the free-to-play multiplayer online game Rec Room by Rec Room Inc. (formerly known as Against Gravity) and its community in social virtual reality (VR). Rec Room contains a wide variety of built-in games and player-created rooms. It is available for many VR headsets but can also be played without a VR headset. The most recent major update is the “Pool Shark” edition.

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*Rec Royale is unavailable on Oculus Quest and iOS
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  • Added Transcript of AMA #9.
  • Removed discord widget to improve performance.
  • Included RSS feed of Arqade questions on main page; linked to it on various pages.
  • Updated page Game Rules Chip.
  • New page Inventions to gather all information about inventions in a more obvious place.

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