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Rec Con 2.0 Announcement!

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Rec Con 2021 is a free community event in Rec Room on September 24-26, 2021 where players meet up for various events, panels, and exhibit halls.

Before the event, players are encouraged to send applications for events/panels, expo booths, souvenir inventions, and costume inventions,

During the weekend of Rec Con 2021 and the following Monday, there was a merch booth in the convention hub room, which had some Rec Con 2021 exclusive items. These items were:

  • Rec Con Bubbly (2021): 900 Tokens
  • Rec Con Shirt (2021): 2,500 Tokens
  • Winged Headphones (Purple): 4,000 Tokens

Also available was a limited rerelease of the Bucket Hat, which first released 2021 June 2 - July 7.