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The Rec Center as seen from the hallway to the Dorm Room. The Merch Booth and the door to Quests are on the right-hand side; the community board on the left. The door to #RecRoomOriginal PvP #RecRoomOriginal games is behind the "shop" in the center. Everything else is to the left.

Rec Center Spooky variant for Halloween 2021

Rec Center Winter variant for Christmas 2021.

Rec Center Lunar New Year variant for Lunar New Year 2022

Rec Center Love variant for Valentines Day 2022

Rec Center League Of Heroes variant for League Of Heroes 2022 event.

Rec Center Arts Festival variant for Arts Festival 2022.

Rec Center NBA 75 variant for NBA / Rec Room collaboration.

The Rec Center (formerly known as the "Locker Room") is the public area between your Dorm Room and other rooms (#RecRoomOriginal Games and Custom Rooms). If you walk out the door of your Dorm Room, you will be at the entrance to the Rec Center. You can always use the "Rec Center" button on your Watch Menu to get to the Rec Center.

In the Rec Center, you can interact with other players, play with the objects in the area, or go through one of the doors to any #RecRoomOriginal Game or currently featured Custom Rooms. (Note that you can always go straight to any room with the Play Menu of your Watch Menu.). On some notable holidays, the Rec Center may receive special little redesigns, i.e.: Rec Room's 5th Birthday with streamers, flags, and many buckets.

The community board in the Rec Center with the Weekly Challenge Reward.

Some of the objects you can play with in the Rec Center are basketballs, frisbees, dodgeballs, a rolling cart, water bottles, buckets, a ping-pong table with paddles, a cafeteria, etc. The Merch Booth is also in the Rec Center, where you can buy featured Cosmetic Items and Consumables.

Many players use the Rec Center to meet new people to play games with and to casually socialize. However, the quality of your experience in the Rec Center depends on the players who you meet there. Be prepared that you might meet some players who are not familiar with Rec Room's Code of Conduct and who therefore might behave in inappropriate ways. Please inform these players about the code of conduct and consider reporting them if they are not willing to abide by it.

Doors in the Rec Center

Door to #RecRoomOriginal Quests in the Rec Center.

The Rec Center has several doors to #RecRoomOriginal Games and featured Custom Rooms. Attempting to go through any of the doors, opens a list of relevant rooms.

Merch Booth

The Merch Booth seen in the Rec Center.

The Merch Booth allows you to buy Packages with Cosmetic Items for tokens. (You obtain tokens in other Packages.) The Merch Booth is similar to the booth in Laser Tag: you can select a Cosmetic Item by pointing at it and pulling the trigger of your controller. After that, you have to confirm your purchase.

Note that you can buy most items for the same price with the Store Menu of your Watch Menu in any room.

A history of items from the merch booth can be found here.

Concept Art

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Update History

June 30, 2016 The Rec Center, originally the Locker Room, debuted alongside Rec Room.
August 2, 2016 Lighting changes.
September 20, 2016 Darts and the dart board are added to the Locker Room.
June 8, 2017 Rec Center receives redesign to a big room with many doors.

August 28, 2018 Rec Center receives new redesign to the current version.