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RC car and remote (from the Palette).

The RC (Remote Control) car is a set available in Custom Rooms from the "Props" tab of the Palette in the "Toys" category. When the box is dropped, a mini version of an RC car and a remote are spawned. To use these, grab both and you will get a real-size RC car and a remote with a screen.


To move the RC car, pick up the remote in one hand and the following controls are available:

Control HTC Vive Oculus & WMR PSVR
Accelerate Trigger Trigger Trigger
Boost Grip button Grip button X/Circle button
Turn Trackpad* Thumbstick* Hold Move button and physically move controller
Jump Flick RC car remote up in the air
Respawn RC Car Tap orange button on RC car remote with free hand
Change camera view Tap display of RC car remote with free hand

*It's helpful to deactivate Swipe rotate/Snap turning in Watch Menu > Settings > Gameplay tab .


On the hand with the remote controller you will see a screen which can show a camera-view from the position of the RC car. To change cameras, tap on the screen with your other hand. There are three cameras available and the option to disable the camera.


By default, the RC car is blue. The car changes colour depending on the team of the person holding it (see the scoreboard).

Maker Pen Integration

Planes that were created with a maker pen and stuck to two RC cars

You can attach Maker Pen objects in "sticky" mode to an RC car by holding the RC car in one hand and the object in the other hand, and then letting go of the object while it is overlapping with the RC car. When stuck, objects do not interact with the environment but are purely decorative. When the car respawns, it respawns with anything that was previously stuck to it. Alternatively, you can use an (inactive) gizmo to attach Maker Pen objects to the RC car.