Here is the entire point break down of Quest for the Golden Trophy. Golden Trophy is comprised of six different enemy variations. Each of these contribute positively towards the teams overall combat score.

Enemy Point Values:

Green Goblin 450
Green Flier 500
Red Goblin 850
Red Flier 850
Green Barrel 1,500
Red Barrel 2,000
Boss 5,500

Breakable Pots

Small Pot 50
Large Pot 100

Golden Trophy has several tunnels which if entered, will spawn additional enemies that the player will have to kill. Players can complete the level without spawning these enemies, however, the game will not award points for these enemies unless a player kills them. Additional Enemies can be found in:

Act Enemies Total Pt. Value Location Desc.
Act 4 4 Green Goblins 1,800 Act 4 has two tunnels to the right and left of the level which, if entered, will spawn two additional green goblins in the entrance of the tunnel.
Act 6 2 Red Goblins 1,700 Act 6 has a tunnel on the left side of the area when you first enter. Several enemies spawn in there throughout the game play of the level, however, if a player enters past the entrance of the tunnel then two red goblins will spawn at the entrance.

Just like Crimson Cauldron, Golden Trophy has a spot on act 7 which has a random chance of spawning additional enemies when in the maze section of the act.

Reward Tiers

S 150,000+

A 149,999 - 125,000

B 124,999 - 100,000

C Below 100,000

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