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Pots contain points which contribute to your Quest Rating in Golden Trophy.

Quest Rating is a rank given to your team based on your total team score at the end of a Quest. If you have beaten the Quest, the rank influences the kind of item you will get in your loot chest. (Scoring in Isle of Lost Skulls and Crescendo of the Blood Moon is different as the score is not visible.)


Required Score in

Golden Trophy and Jumbotron

Required Score in

Crimson Cauldron

S 150k+ 300k+
A 125k-150k 275k-300k
B 100k-125k 250k-275k
C 0-100k 0-250k

For example, with an S rank in the Quest for the Golden Trophy, you will receive an item of the black Archer or Knight set. If you already have all items of these sets but you are missing items of lower ranks (A, B, or C), you will receive an item of the highest rank that you are still missing. If you already have all potential items, you receive random item Packages with the option to pick your reward.