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Hairy's Room Tours - PVP Rooms

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.


GRANDMA VR TAKES OVER THE WASTELANDS! Episode -1 (^Wastelands custom room by Coal)

YouTube video by JadeKVR


How to build a PvP - Part 01- Planning

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.

Custom rooms that implement PvP shooters have become popular in Rec Room since it is possible to respawn players with Respawn Points. Probably the first room of this kind that gained wide popularity is ^Wastelands by Coal. Nowadays, a simple PvP shooter only requires Respawn Points and a Game Rules chip.

Many free-for-all shooters use the room tag #pvp; you can find these rooms by searching for "#pvp".

Examples include: ^GetawayCanyon, ^TropicalEncounters, ^PineapplePush, ^Banderslash, ^CoreWars, ^Wonderland1951, ^CrisisLegends, ^TheKrakenPvP, ^TreasureHoarder, etc.