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Playing cards are available on the card table in the Lounge. The deck is a standard deck of 52 playing cards. No jokers are available at this time, and only one pack can be spawned at once.



To pick up a card from the pack, pick it up as you would any other object. To pick up the whole pack, hover your hand over it until it is all highlighted green. To deal cards face down your hand must be rotated as if you were looking at your watch. Drop the card(s) in your hand like any other object. To shuffle the deck, shake your hand until a shuffle sound is played. To fan out the cards, pull the trigger. To reset the pack, press the button on the table at the back of the room, under the instructions board. Cards that are being held will not be reset.


To make a card hand, hold two cards together until you see a green outline on one of the cards, then let go of a card. Cards can be placed as the beginning or final card of a hand, and currently cannot be inserted into the middle of the hand. In the same way, you can insert cards at the top or bottom of a deck on the table (whether it is face up or down). To choose a card from your hand hover your hand over the deck and each card will be highlighted in turn as you move through your hand.


When a card is resting on a card deck, it will be absorbed into the deck and become the new top card.

Other Equipment

Additional equipment may be created with the Maker Pen. For example, ^RecPokerLounge offers chips for poker.

Other Card Decks

Other card decks may be created with the Maker Pen. For example, ^UnoVR offers cards for Uno.