Performance rooms usually provide a stage (similar to the stage in Performance Hall and 3D Charades) for all kinds of performances, including (game) shows, presentations, etc. In some cases, a performance has been recorded by means of Holotars.

In particular for club rooms, there is no clear borderline between Hangout Rooms and Performance Rooms.

Examples from 2019Q2 include: ^DrTV, ^DJFest2018, ^Wedding2k19, ^CCsKaraokeBar, ^ShrimpSpellingBee , ^LightBeats, ^BowlingPinTheremin.

Examples from 2019Q1 include: ^RecGotTalentV2, ^Guilty, ^ClubNEON_, ^clubPRYZM, ^clubREFRACTION, etc.

Examples from 2018 include: ^DJFest2018, ^RecToRiches, ^ThankCoachYoureHere, ^CookingShow, ^OfficialTalkShowRecRoom, ^QuizRoom, etc.

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