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Orange Bucket Acting Troupe Live Stream

YouTube live stream of a performance of "Back to the Rec-Center".


Back to the Rec Center Cast and Crew Interview With Orange Bucket Acting Troupe

YouTube interview with the Orange Bucket Acting Troupe about "Back to the Rec-Center".


Orange Bucket Acting Troupe presents- The Princess Bride - A Rec Room Tale

YouTube recording of one of the performances of "The Princess Bride".


Creator's Spotlight the Orange Bucket Acting Troupe

YouTube interview with the Orange Bucket Acting Troupe about "The Princess Bride".

The "Orange Bucket Acting Troupe" is a group of Rec Room players who are performing theater plays in Rec Room. Their first production was an adaption of "The Princess Bride". The second production was an adaption of "Back to the Future".

Announcements of the "Orange Bucket Acting Troupe" are posted on their discord.

Other Examples of Dramatic Performances in Rec Room


What A Nice Boat

YouTube video by Teal'c.

TealcLOL was maybe the first to demonstrate the use of the Maker Pen to create props for a dramatic performance.


RecRoom revenger

YouTube video by Jet G


Queen Parody by Chilllax Team

YouTube video by Team Chillax


Wii Sports Rec Room Edition

YouTube video by CircuitLord


Rec Room Ruelle Genesis

YouTube video by Beyond the Ages Studios


The Hole - Rec Room

Rec Room adaptation by Benaclejames


RecRoom Paintball League Play Season 4

YouTube video by Something Cubed


Rec Room - Crime Show - Episode 1 - "Pilot"

YouTube video by Star Centurion