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Rec Room PATCH for the "Inventions" edition

December 20, 2018 - magglerock

I jinxed us last time =]

  • Fixed a bug that was crashing PS4 players when reviving in quests... sorry bout that!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH for the "Inventions" edition

December 19, 2018 - magglerock

Just a lil' patch to close out the year! Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug causing certain buttons to work incorrectly (subscribe, friending, etc.)
  • Removed the extra "in" on the splash screen =]
  • Fixed PS4 screens players not being able to enter invention name/description text - sorry bout that!
  • Fixed a bug where photos were clipped when using the selfie camera in screens mode
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't start Soccer in screens mode
  • Fixed some UI issues with event creation
  • Put in a fix for the merge tool not working correctly when trying to merge objects that go over the ink limit
  • Put some stuff in to address frequent crashing on PS4 - let us know if you're still experiencing issues!
  • Minor text fixes

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room UPDATE for the "Inventions" edition

December 14, 2018 - magglerock

Buckle in, folks - this one's a big'un! But before we get started, we'd like to take a brief moment to announce the Rec Room Photo Contest 2.0!

  • The Share Camera has come to Screen Mode!
  • To celebrate, we're holding another photo contest - grab your camera and show us what you got!
  • Check out more details here

Alright, here we go! We're super excited to introduce the Inventions feature!

  • You can now save your creations to reuse later in any ^room!
  • Any co-owner of a room can save a selection of objects (gadgets, props, and/or shapes) as an invention
  • That invention gets added to their palette so they can spawn it later anywhere they can use the maker pen

We're just getting started - Undo/Redo is finally here!

  • You can now Undo and Redo most* actions (create, delete, move, etc) you make while holding your Maker Pen!
  • You can store up to 10 undoable actions at a time
  • You can only undo your own actions when building with other players
  • Your undoable actions are not preserved after you leave the room
  • Connections between restored and existing objects are not re-created on undo
  • Are we missing an action you'd like to undo? Let us know!

But wait, there's more! You can also now Merge and Split groups of Maker Pen objects!

  • This is a great way to keep your levels organized, or consolidate groups to get more ink space!
  • To split, select your shape(s) and then hit "Split Shapes" from the context menu [...] that appears next to it!
  • To merge, select your objects and hit "Merge Shapes" from the context menu [...] that appears.

And that's not all for creation updates!

  • The new Manipulate tool allows shapes to be stretched in any axis
  • Use Align mode to align objects and shapes with each other
  • Enjoy a bunch of improvements to Snapping (that can now also be used by your off-hand!)

You thought we were done?! There's STILL MORE!:

  • We hope you enjoy the new LIVE tab for Room Browsing!
  • Screens players rejoice! We're introducing new social controls and emotes - check 'em out and let us know what you think!
  • New streaming tools! Check out the Handheld camera, field of view, green screen, and listening source options
  • We've added Back Holsters to Laser Tag, Golden Trophy, Curse of the Crimson Cauldron, and JumboTron!
  • You can also now enable Holsters in Custom Rooms
  • You can now disable invisible walls in Custom Rooms built from scenes that have them (like Spillway or Cyberjunk City)
  • Find some new shirts (IRL) in our Threadless store
  • Plus some upcoming cozy avatar outfits to keep warm =]

Whew, almost there! We also took care of a bunch of bugs, including:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing microphones to stop working
  • Coach now announces the winning team correctly to all players at the end of sandbox games (based on highest score)
  • Maker Pen settings persist across rooms/sessions
  • Maker Pen Palette menu no longer collides with objects in rooms
  • Shapes should no longer endlessly collide with the objects they're stuck to on room reload
  • Maker Room walls are now gizmo-connectable
  • Fixes to role-based item restrictions:
    • Blacklisting items should again be working as expected
    • Objects with moving parts (reloaders on guns, etc) should now be usable when blacklisted/whitelisted
  • Charades button can now be pressed while holding Charades Pen
  • Removed sandbox machine shadows from levels (RIP)

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Isle of Lost Skulls - Rebooty!" edition

December 6, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixed bug which was preventing player damage working correctly in some #community rooms. Sorry about that!
  • Retconned name of this update to be "Isle of Lost Skulls - Rebooty!" because @magglerock missed an obvious pun opportunity. Five points from Gryffindor.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room MINI-UPDATE for the "Isle of Lost Skulls - Reboot!" edition

December 5, 2018 - magglerock

We just pushed a fun lil' mini-update that we're pretty excited about - here's what's new!

Our pirate-tastic quest Isle of Lost Skulls got a fresh coat of polish:

  • We've brought checkpoints to ILS!
  • You can now store weapons with your fancy new back holster!
  • Lots of bug fixes and QoL improvements!

But wait, there's more!

  • All quests with checkpoints have "Continue" and "Start Over" options if you have reached a checkpoint and get wiped!
  • If you try to leave or start over on a quest, you will now be prompted to confirm on your watch - no more accidentally losing your progress!
  • Some tweaks to matchmaking

And a bunch of bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug with S+ Rank requirements in CBM
  • Fixed a bug where role settings were not showing their slider values
  • Fixed the whip appearing dark in certain levels

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH for the "Crescendo of the Blood Moon" edition

November 21, 2018 - magglerock

Just pushed another patch with lots of fixes! Check em out:

  • Fixed an issue where you could not spawn your Share Camera in some Rec Room Originals
  • Fixed players being able to bank silver in cloned rooms of CBM
  • Fixed bug where Grand Hall could lead directly into boss fight when doing multiple runs of CBM
  • Fixed Dracula sometimes not shooting fireballs
  • Fixed bug where killing one of Dracula's decoy bats could sometimes spawn multiple waves of enemies
  • Killing decoy bats or the waves of enemies they spawn no longer award silver in Dracula fight
  • Fixed CBM photo-op standees so you can position them without knocking them over with your head
  • Fixed some nav in CBM Gallery so you can't sit in the room outside the boss room without consequence
  • Fixed an issue where you could spawn the wolf early and hit him from above in the CBM Dungeon
  • Fixed missing collision on various curtains in CBM
  • Fixed broken Roles sliders
  • Fixed mix-up between Screens and Walking VR permission settings
  • Re-added Vote Kick and Instant settings to Room Permissions for hosts and owners
  • Fixed exactly one hole you could get stuck in, in Rec Royale

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH for the "Crescendo of the Blood Moon" edition

November 16, 2018 - magglerock

Just pushed a patch to fix a bunch of stuff:

  • Smashing pumpkins and candlesticks will now give you silver
  • Fixed an issue where carrying items between rooms turns them into a pot
  • Removed Dracula from the park =[
  • Fixed an issue where locking a stool to your hand killed your button inputs and you had to restart
  • Fixed an issue where tall VR users could not open doors in CBM
  • Fixed issue where enemy encounters wouldn't spawn after restarting CBM in the same session
  • Fixed an issue where you could get outside the carriage in CBM
  • Cleaned up areas where enemies were getting stuck and preventing progress. Promise that this time we got it 100% perfect and enemies will never get stuck again =P
  • Improved button mashing in screens mode
  • Improved PS4 floor height estimate after Room Calibration
  • Improved whip control for Windows MR

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room UPDATE for the "Crescendo of the Blood Moon" edition

November 15, 2018 - magglerock


Rec Room - Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer PS VR

Hellish fiends descend upon the world of Rec Room! Grab a whip and join your friends from all over the world in this epic, co-op quest to slay a legendary evil and restore peace to Rec Room!

  • Journey to the historical side of the Rec Room campus in a campaign spanning 9 brand new levels
  • Crack, snap, and slash your way through a fresh cast of spooky quest baddies with the amazing monster-slaying whip!
  • Use your whip to grapple to new locations, and even pick up items from afar!
  • For the first time ever in a Rec Room Quest, use holsters on your hip and back!
  • Unlock a wide assortment of brand-new baroque-inspired outfits!
  • Refine your combat skills and complete this quest to unlock the Vampire Hunter outfit, or save your silver to purchase items from the Aristocrat set!
  • Keep all the silver you collect, even if your team doesn't complete the quest!

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it! Let us know what you think (unless of course you hate it, in which case please keep that to yourself and/or lie to us) And that's not all!

We tweaked a bunch of things:

  • Quests in Screens Mode have been redesigned for fun pick-up-and-play action - check out the new melee combat controls for Screens Mode!
  • Improved throwing for WinMR
  • Added a new room permission "Can use Delete All button"
  • Added a new config setting on SFX chip to allow new sound to interrupt the currently playing sound

Plus it was about time we clean up some of our messes =] Check out what was fixed in our bug bash:

  • Beekeeper hat now sits properly on yer face
  • Fixed the paintball "permadeath" bug
  • Sets of objects, like markers and dice, open immediately when spawned from maker pen
  • Game roles should be more reliable in multiplayer scenarios
  • Fixed bug where co-owners could change the room creator's room permissions
  • Player Trigger Zones no longer detect player's personal objects (cameras, maker pens)
  • Respawn points can no longer be picked up when gadget visibility is off
  • Gizmos and Trigger Zones no longer collide with other room objects
  • Removed extraneous game state chip from maker pen menu
  • Fix for costumes sometimes incorrectly calculating their size making them unequippable
  • Fixed bug where second page of guest list on events screen in the watch would never finish loading
  • Fixed bug where you wouldn't get a gift box after a game of bowling ended

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Maker Pen 2.0" edition

November 8, 2018 - magglerock

We just pushed a patch that hopefully fixes a bunch of issues:

  • Disabled streamer cameras on PSVR =[ Allowing any extra cameras forces us to disable the Sony share button / service
  • Added tooltips to chips in the Maker Pen Palette browser
  • Fixed an issue where you could incorrectly grab parts of the world and cause people to fall into the void
  • Fixed an issue where some custom rooms did not have collision on Maker Pen shapes, causing players to spawn in the wrong location
  • Players can no longer spawn their Maker Pens using the Favorite gesture in rooms where they don't have permission to
  • Trigger zones no longer press buttons
  • Pickup restrictions in roles don't apply to items that are in the player's backpack (camera, maker pen, etc)
  • Fixed bugs where Maker Pen shapes were calculating incorrect centers of mass
  • Added gravity pick up on the Maker Pen hand
  • Now when you tap to add input on a configure screen, the keyboard will automatically pop up and put your cursor in the text field

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Maker Pen 2.0" edition

November 6, 2018 - magglerock

We just shipped an update that we're pretty excited about... here’s what’s new!

Introducing the Maker Pen 2.0!

  • The Maker Pen (and Share Cam!) have been moved to your backpack; you can Favorite a backpack item to quickly grab it from over your shoulder
  • Death of the Sandbox Machine! Spawn props from the new palette menu in your Maker Pen
  • You can now use the Maker Pen with screens! Find this mode by opening your Watch > Backpack > Maker Pen > Use. This was a pretty hefty overhaul, so we'd love to hear your feedback!
  • New edit mode visualization (world fades to grey when in edit mode). Can be toggled off in Settings
  • Scaling props (aka GIANT BUCKETS)
  • You can now spawn props in the dorm
  • Edge snap movement is now available for all props
  • You can now hide gadgets just for yourself (useful while building)
  • You can enter text directly from the makerpen palette menu, without having to go through your watch to get the keyboard
  • Updates to rotate tool behavior (tumble with hand, or rotate on axis by moving your hand)
  • Select tool now handles painting multiple objects to multi-select them
  • Fixes to scale tool behavior
  • Fixed radius tubes and ribbons
  • Note: Maker Pens in saved rooms have turned into Charades Pens. If you want other people to use Maker Pens, you can configure that in your room Permissions tab.

Enjoy the latest and greatest creation tools - and please let us know what you think!

There's more - check out the new and improved Community Board!

  • This replaces the old dorm room board, plus adds one in the ^RecCenter for social viewing!
  • Find in game announcements here, plus the latest community highlights! Everything from featured creators, rooms, and community photos and videos.
  • To learn how to submit your own photos or videos to be featured, check out this page:

What else?

  • PSVR players can now experiment with the streamer cameras! You may experience poor performance and bugs since this is an early test, so please let us know your thoughts on our subreddit or feedback board (
  • Improved throwing on PSVR
  • A bunch of bug fixes!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH - for the Bowling edition!

October 26, 2018 - gribbly

Just pushed a patch that (hopefully) fixes the frequent 1040 disconnect issues that some users have been experiencing. Apologies for that, took us a while to track down.

Please let us know if the problem persists!

FYI, next full update will be next week, not 100% sure which day yet.

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Bowling" edition

October 12, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed a patch that fixes a bunch of issues:

  • Costume heads are no longer attached to your hand. Please note this will slightly break costumes build last night... you'll need to reposition the head. Sorry about that...
  • Restored correct game start requirements for Rec Royale
  • Other players can't immediately grab your bowling ball when you throw it.
  • You get a notification/reminder to bowl again if you strike/spare in the tenth frame
  • Fixed issue where maker pen shapes could accidentally get double cloned
  • Screen players take longer to go AFK (they were getting AFKed while watching bowling!), mic activity will delay AFK
  • Fixed issue where Watch > Store category buttons weren't work correctly
  • Fixed issue where buying certain items in Watch > Store would cause an error

Don't forget we're celebrating Halloween by featuring your Halloween-themed rooms on our social channels and in the Rec Center! We'll also be featuring your photos and costumes! More info on how to submit your rooms and photos here:

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Bowling" edition

October 11, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed an update, before we get into what's new (spoiler: it's bowling...) wanted to mention that we're celebrating Halloween by featuring your Halloween-themed rooms on our social channels and in the Rec Center! We'll also be featuring your photos and costumes! More info on how to submit your rooms and photos here:

OK, so what's new?

Welcome to Lone Shoe Lanes, Rec Room's brand new Bowling Game!

  • Go to room ^Bowling to check it out!
  • Up to six players can bowl at once, and there's space in the room for a couple more people to hang out and cheer/heckle!
  • ^Bowling is a #pickup room, meaning that all player types can play together.
  • Fully automated scoring!
  • There are practice lanes to use to perfect your action.

Have fun, and please let us know what you think!

There's more:

  • New automated backup system for room cretors. You now have an emergency Plan B if you forget to save/lose internet connection/involuntarily leave the game somehow =]
  • Automatically creates a local backup of MOST custom room data for rooms where you are a creator or co-owner (excludes: whiteboard/drawing surfaces, samplers and holotars)
  • Backup timing can be configured/turned off in the player settings ("Advanced" tab)
  • If it exists, a backup can be restored through the usual restore room flow. This Room > Details > Restore, look in the popup list for a save that ends with "[Backup]"
  • Please note: Backups are temporary and will only appear in owned rooms you have recently been in. If you want a backup to become a part of your save history, you should restore it right away.

Hmmm what else?

  • Added soft pretzels and a controversial new type of pizza to buy and share!
  • New outfits: Bowling and Halloween-themed

Bug fixes and tweaks:

  • Various locomotion fixes in Clearcut
  • Various locomotion fixes in Quest
  • Fixed some multiplayer inconsistencies with Current Holding player on Object-Player chip.
  • Fixed bug where creators could turn off the ability to edit their own permissions. Oops.
  • Custom rooms with "Infinite" timer settings should now run indefinitely as expected.
  • Changed Audio Sampler to not use gravity (bonus: now a bit cheaper!)
  • Empty audio samplers and holotars can now be recorded by anyone in the room (not just hosts)

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Costume Party" edition

September 29, 2018 - gribbly

We pushed a patch to fix a few issues!

  • Fixed bug where microphones sometimes wouldn't work. Sorry about that :-/
  • Increased "ink limits" for #community rooms. In this update, we fixed a bug where we weren't correctly accounting for the cost of tube and ribbon shapes. This increased the cost of some rooms. To compensate, we're (a) increasing the overall ink limit, and (b) reducing the cost of "decoration mode" shapes.
  • This means if your room didn't use many tubes/ribbons, you have more space now. If you did have lots of tubes/ribbons, your room should be accurately costed now.
  • If you room is close to/over the ink limit, a good thing to do is to convert shapes that don't need collision to "decoration" mode. That will save you ink.
  • We also added a numerical display of ink costs, so you get more info on what's going on. Please note that we plan to further improve our "ink feedback" systems later in the year.
  • Fixed bug where emitter particles would sometimes not play for players who joined a room late.
  • Made it so you can recolor Confetti particles from the Emitter with the Maker Pen.
  • Object-Player Chip now has a second output for current holder (0 if not held), and updates the output whenever the holder changes.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Costume Party" edition


September 27, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed an update, here's what's new today!

New Costume Dummy - build your own costumes using the Maker Pen, the visitors to your room can wear them!

  • Use the "Edit Shapes" tool on the Maker Pen to add Maker Pen Shapes to head/torso/hands.
  • Use the "Equip" button to wear a costume. Note: Costumes can only be worn in the room the Costume Dummy is in!
  • You can add existing Maker Pen shapes to a Costume Dummy! Just put the shape on the dummy and you'll be asked if you want to add it as a costume piece.
  • Updates to the Event System - you can now create and browse events in-game (as well as on Want to throw your own costume party? Use the event system!

Updates to the Chat System - you can now:

  • Name your chats!
  • Add players to an existing Chat
  • Snooze individual chats for 24 hours
  • Chat notifications are now rate-limited, and there's a 24h cooldown before you can be re-added to a chat you left.

New Emitter sandbox object for adding particle effects to your rooms!

  • Find the Emitter in the "Special" category in the sandbox machine
  • Choose the type of particle effect you want using the Maker Pen Settings tool
  • Recolor effects with the Make Pen Recolor tool
  • Trigger emission and control speed and size with circuits!
  • New Room Mood - "Spooky Night"
  • Fixed bug where whiteboards wouldn't always save maker pen colors correctly. Sorry about that.
  • Updates to screen mode players to make them more natural and friendly!
  • Note: ^LaserTagHangar and ^LaserTagCyberJunk have been merged into a new room called ^LaserTag. This now has the same "room rotation" behavior as ^Paintball. You can choose a specific map if you prefer.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Toys in the Sandbox" edition

September 14, 2018 - gribbly

We just released an update. Here's what's new!

  • You can now use a bunch of props from Isle of Lost Skulls in your rooms. Flintlock cork guns, rum jugs, cutlasses, and more! This also includes support for breakable sandbox props (you can choose whether you want stuff to break or not).
  • Added paint grenades to the sandbox machine
  • New gaming tables added to the sandbox machine. These are special tables designed for all kinds of tabletop gaming - the top is a drawable whiteboard surface with a grid pattern. There are small and large variants of the table, depending what kind of game you want to create.
  • New meeples in the sandbox machine. These are intended to be used with the gaming table. They can be recolored using the Maker Pen.
  • New paintbrush in the sandbox machine. This is like a whiteboard marker, but wider. It can also be recolored using the Maker Pen.

So that's some fun new stuff for creating various games in your rooms! But wait, ther

  • New Hair Dye potions available in the store. Choose from Butterfly Blue, Paula's Periwinkle, Mousebot Magenta, and Maker Mauve and get creative with your hair color!
  • We've activated the slideshow in the Rec Center. The screens upstairs in the Rec Center now show a feed of images from, a great way to see the variety of stuff that's happening!
  • New paintball merch booth in each paintball map. These are a convenient place to buy KO skins and other fun stuff.
  • New featured tab in the Play screen. With the new tag-based room model in place, we'll be experimenting over time to find the best ways to help players quickly find rooms - both #recroomoriginals and #communit rooms. Feedback please! We know this isn't perfect yet, and we'll be continuing to experiment here for a good while yet.
  • New Set Tag chip that lets you add/remove/reset tags on objects via circuit.

Plus some bug fixes and tweaks:

  • Re-added display of visits in This Room > Details.
  • Added rooms tab on Profile screen (so you can see all public rooms created by a this player)
  • Fixed the super-annoying bug where you're constantly grabbing couches/chairs in Teleport VR mode!
  • Gift boxes now show rarity.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room PATCH - for the ^RecCenter edition!

September 7, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed a patch that addresses some bugs and issues:

  • Fixed issue where Welcome Mats could spawn you underground in some cases
  • Fixed spectating in private ^paintball rooms
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with collaborative building (e.g., snapping not working correctly)
  • You no longer get the "pushback" effect when holding a Maker Pen. This means you can fly freely through objects when building.
  • Fixed issue where players could fall through the ground when playing dodgeball
  • Added ^DodgeballVR - this is a dodgeball room that only allows Teleport VR players. (^Dodgeball is pickup style)
  • Fixed issue where Oculus version could crash if you booted VR mode without wearing the headset
  • Fixed more issues with incorrect movement limitations in Quests (especially Isle of Lost Skulls)
  • Featured rooms updated in Rec Center
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't page through Roles settings
  • Game balance tweaks in Laser Tag
  • Forgot to fix the super-annoying bug where you're constantly grabbing couches/chairs in Teleport VR mode. Oops.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room PATCH - for the ^RecCenter edition!

August 30, 2018 - gribbly

The ^RecCenter edition was a major update where we changed a bunch of stuff. As a result it had a lot of annoying bugs. Just want to issue a blanket apology for that - our updates aren't normally that big or that broken. We'll do our best to avoid that amount of breakage in the future! We like to move fast and change stuff, but there is an upper limit to how fast we should go. We appreciate the patience and the feedback.

Also, we've created a new page that has convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

OK here's what's fixed in the patch:

  • Fixed smooth rotate - should be working again on all platforms, sorry about that! We also renamed this to "grip turn", because...
  • Added new smooth rotation option - there's a new "Smooth" option in Swipe Rotate settings. This means you can smoothly rotate with one hand (as well as the two-handed "grip turn" method)
  • Fixed issue where Aim walk players (e.g., PlayStation Move controllers) couldn't rotate with walking hand.
  • You can now select a specific map when going to ^paintball. To do this, tap the info button, then tap "Go To". This will open a dialog where you can choose the specific map you want. Thankyou for the... er... spirited feedback on this one =]
  • Fixed issue where Walk VR players weren't able to fly
  • Quests - Fixed bug that was causing players to die randomly, very sorry for that one :-/
  • Paintball - Fixed a bunch of bugs on paintball maps (especially Spillway) where you could get to invalid areas.
  • Paintball - Fixed issue where you could spawn without a paintball gun in Spillway.
  • Dodgeball - Fixed bug that enabled you to get on the wrong side of the court. This was a systemic fix that probably cleaned up a bunch of similar issues in other rooms.
  • Fixed issue where share cam photos were oversaturated.
  • Comfort - large personal space bubble is 50% larger, and players go fully invisible a bit faster.
  • You can now choose to disable your personal space bubble for Friends. (This was actually in the update, forgot to put it in build notes...)
  • There is now a speaker icon Watch > People so it's easy to see who's talking. (Also in the update, also forgot to put it in build notes!)
  • Roles system - please note there's currently a bug where paging isn't working in the Roles screen. The workaround is to expand to the large watch view, then you'll see all the settings.

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback


Rec Room - Trailer

Rec Room UPDATE - the ^RecCenter edition!

August 28, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed an update, here's what's new!

  • The Rec Center got a major upgrade! New layout, fresh paint, some nice big windows, etc. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • You can now buy donuts to share with your friends! Since the donuts are virtual, they are also gluten (and calorie) free =]

This update represents a big revision to how Rec Room handles rooms. Long story short, everything is now a room with a ^roomname. Paintball, Quest, The Rec Center, even your Dorm Room - they're all Rec Room rooms! This change unlocks a lot of new stuff in the near future (including customizable Dorm Rooms!), but here's what it means for this update:

  • Lots of watch UI changes for you to yell at us about =]
  • Greatly improved room search! Go to Watch > Play > Search and search by room name, creator, or tags. Speaking of which...
  • Rooms now support tags! There's a bunch of pre-defined tags, plus you can add your own to rooms you create!
  • All our rooms (Rec Royale, Paintball, Laser Tag, etc.) are tagged with #rro (for "Rec Room Original"). All community-created rooms are tagged with #community (for hopefully obvious reasons!)
  • There are quick buttons for filtering by tag when you go to Watch > Play > Hot. Tap the Rec Room icon to see only Rec Room Originals. Tap the #community button to see only community-created rooms. And so on...
  • Rooms now support "subrooms". You can now create multi-room experiences that exist under a single ^roomname. A visit or cheer to any subroom will go to the parent ^roomname.
  • Doors in the Rec Center are now "multi-doors". They essentially perform a tag search when you use them. For this update, several of the doors are limited to Rec Room Original rooms, this may change in the future.

This update also introduces some big changes to what we call "player type":

  • Starting with this update, you can play Rec Room in Screen Mode (i.e., without a VR headset) on PC and PS4. Both mouse and keyboard and controller are supported.
  • VR players can now choose between Walk and Teleport mode. This choice is offered during the new user tutorial, and you can change it (unless you're in the middle of a game) in Watch > Settings > Gameplay.
  • Walk VR can no longer teleport. They jump and clamber, and use doors/ladders by grabbing them.
  • Default matchmaking in all rooms is now "pickup" style. This means that all player types (Walk VR, Teleport VR, Screen) play together as one big happy family (hopefully!).
  • Rooms can optionally limit access by player type. For example, we've created a room called ^paintball for pickup paintball (all player types allowed), and a second room called ^paintballVR which is identical except that access is limited to Teleport VR players only. Same for ^RecRoyale (pickup) and ^RecRoyaleVR (Walk VR players only)

We expect to iterate on this system based on feedback, so let us know what you think.

But wait there's more:

  • Roles UI cleaned up and now aware of player types. Hopefully this should be easier to use and understand now.
  • You can now hide player names using the roles system.
  • Fix bugs which could prevent drawing surfaces (e.g., whiteboards) syncing correctly in some circumstances.

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback.

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Cyber Junk City" edition

August 11, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Fixed an issue where you get stuck and couldn't move after receiving a box
  • Fixed bug that was preventing The Lounge (and Custom Rooms based on it) from loading
  • Fixed bug that was causing all teleports to be "motion" teleports. Proper blink behavior restored in this patch.
  • Fixed issue with lighting in Soccer.
  • Fixed bug where some team members wouldn't get a team jersey (in Laser Tag for example)

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Cyber Junk City" edition


Laser Tag - Cyber Junk City Trailer

August 9, 2018 - gribbly

Welcome to Cyber Junk City, a once-bustling metropolis that is now struggling under the oppressive thumb of MetaCorp! Rival hacker factions vie for control of the bot-infested streets of this totally-radical-retro-neon-cyberpunk-cityscape!

  • Laser Tag - new map "Cyber Junk City" - with an emphasis on verticality and tight corridors, this takes Laser Tag to a whole new level!
  • Laser Tag - new power weapon: "Pulse Cannon"
  • Laser Tag - now supports up to 4v4
  • Laser Tag - now supports walkie-talkie style team chat
  • Laser Tag - new Laser Tag merch!

Note: Laser Tag is a VR-teleport activity. If you'd like to try it with walking locomotion or in screen mode, make a Custom Room version by opening your watch and going Create > Standard > Cyber Junk City, then This Room > Save.

We've also been working on some bugs/tweaks for maker stuff:

  • Added snapping behavior for object respawner
  • Fixed inconsistencies when snapping Gizmos
  • Fixed weird movement on frozen Gizmo objects hit with melee weapons
  • Fixed some weirdness that could happen when picking up circuit-enabled sandbox objects with the Maker Pen Move tool
  • Lots of bug fixes to improve behavior/reliability of sandbox buttons

(Under the hood) new Undo/Redo system. This is completely rewritten to support expanding into a "proper" Undo/Redo, although in this ship it basically just emulates the "Delete Latest" behavior from before (although it now works regardless of EDIT mode). In coming updates we plan to add as many actions as possible (hopefully all of them!) to the new Undo stack.

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room MINI-UPDATE - the ^recroyALL experiment!

August 4, 2018 - gribbly

OK this is really a patch, but we're excited so we've upgraded it to a "MINI-UPDATE"!

  • Rec Royale - Solos mode is playable again. The dust has settled on Squads launch so it's time to offer both modes.

There's now a room called ^recroyall that is experimental in a number of ways:

  • All kinds of players can play together in ^recroyall. VR walking players, VR teleporting players, and screen mode players can all freely join and play ^recroyall. This is the heart of the experiment - we want to see what it's like if we simply let everyone play together in a friendly "pickup game" style! Love it? Hate it? Let us know! But please play it first =]
  • In ^recroyall only, walking works a little differently. Walking players can no longer teleport at all. Instead, the teleport button becomes a jump button. There's also a simple "clamber" (jump into a climbable object while walking forward) so you can get on top of stuff.
  • To climb a ladder in ^recroyall walk mode, grab it!
  • Note that while ^recroyall is active, we've disabled the teleport-only Rec Royale activities. They weren't seeing many players, and matchmaking wait times were very long. Teleport players should give ^recroyall a try and let us know how it goes. (Alternatively, you could create a custom Rec Royale room and configure it to be teleport-only by changing the "Everyone" game role to disable walking)
  • Please note that these experimental features (such as mixed matchmaking and the jump/clamber experiments) only work in ^recroyall. The rest of Rec Room is unaffected.

Actually that's not quite true, as a side-effect of this experiment:

  • At least temporarily, you can enable the experimental walk features (jump/clamber) in custom rooms via Game Role settings. So if someone wants to make a 3D platformer, now's your chance! But please note that we may remove these features once the experiment is done (depending how it goes)

Then some bug fixes/tweaks:

  • Fixed more ladders in Isle of Lost Skulls and paintball maps
  • Corrected paintball teleport distance - we accidentally broke it when we shipped Roles.
  • There's now a shortcut for chat in screens mode - press "C" on keyboard, press the touchpad on PlayStation controller, or press the Options button on an Xbox controller.
  • We now show current "screen mode" in room details, so it's easier to get together when some friends are in VR, others are in screens.
  • For the same reason, custom rooms now default to "mixed" mode rather than isolated.
  • Fixed issue where gift boxes could sometimes appear without a pull tab.
  • Addressed a bug that could cause some players to disconnect when attempting to go to some custom rooms
  • Rec Royale Squads Mode - improved appearance of map in visitor center (winning squad shown properly)

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Rec Royale Squads Mode" edition

July 31, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed a patch to fix a few things:

  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking could get stuck in a bad state when a player crashed
  • Ensured that preview items in the watch menu no longer collide with the player
  • Repaired some broken ladders in Isle of Lost Skulls
  • Reduced the number of crashes on PS4
  • Restored missing reflections on PS4

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Rec Royale Squads Mode" edition

July 27, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed an update. Here's what's new!

  • Rec Royale Squads Mode - team up with your friends to take on Frontier Island in the awesome new Rec Royale Squads Mode! Squads can be up to three people.
  • We now do a better job of celebrating when you win Rec Royale! (See above =])
  • New radio voice chat allows you to stay in touch with your squad anywhere on the map. Your radio will automatically activate when you're far enough away.
  • New revive mechanic - teammate got KO'd by a paint grenade? Save the day with a handshake to revive them! But keep your head on a swivel... it takes a hot second and you're vulnerable to other squads.
  • We've made sprinting more reliable on all platforms!
  • Please note that Squads Mode replaces Solos Mode for the time being - this is to ensure no-one waits too long for a game. It's likely we'll bring Solos back and some point, but for now - squad up!
  • Chat system now supports Group Chats - now you can annoy whole groups of your Rec Room friends with a constant stream of inane messages! Like one-to-one chats, Group Chats work from to game, and vice versa.
  • Chat - we now show a timestamp on chat messages on
  • Note that you cannot message someone who has you blocked. Also, Junior Accounts cannot access chat.
  • Saved Outfits now include skin and hair color, and facial features. (Your whole appearance, basically)
  • We are now allowing any registered user in good moderation standing to access Screen Mode. We are actively working/experimenting on this, so if you have experiences positive or negative with Screen Mode we'd love to hear about them.

Lots of new stuff for room creators this update:

  • Introducing Room Moods - for Maker Room-based custom rooms, you can now go This Room > Setup > Owner and choose from a variety of "room moods" which change the sky and lighting for your room. We plan to expand on this system over time, so let us know what you'd like to see here.
  • Maker Pen - Rotate tool is now seperate from Move tool. You can now rotate in place, or move without rotation (try enabling/disabling snap at 1cm for more control)
  • Maker Pen - fixed a bunch of annoying bugs with snapping generally, and snapping with Gizmos especially. Sorry about that :-/
  • Role System - can now assign a Game Role to a Room on player join (this re-enables scenarios like "only hosts can fly", plus much more)
  • Role System - you can now configure voice rolloff per-player using a Game Role.
  • Many other bug fixes - huge thanks to everyone who reports them via Canny/Discord/Reddit/the Q+As/email or any other channel!

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "New You" edition

July 20, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed a patch that fixes a couple of issues:

  • Removed an object that was causing a crash in the Rec Center
  • Fixed voice chat in screen mode

Rec Room PATCH - for the "New You" edition

July 19, 2018 - shawn

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Game Roles - Fixed issue that caused game roles to reset when a new player joined the room
  • Screens - Added screens mode push to talk (Y on keyboard, down on D-pad on gamepads)
  • Screens - Added ability to eat and drink consumable items
  • Screens - Requirement for screens access is now registered players level 15 or higher in good moderation standing
  • Other misc bug fixes

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback you have!

Rec Room UPDATE - the "New You" edition!

July 13, 2018 - gribbly

This is a big update so strap in!

  • You can now customize your facial features - use the controls on the mirror in the Dorm Room to adjust your eyes and mouth! This new system fully supports the current faces, so if you want to keep the "classic" Rec Room face, you can do that!
  • There's now more skin and hair colors - and you can now have different colors for hair and facial hair!
  • Two new hairstyles and one new facial hair option.
  • Please note that facial features, skin and hair color are no longer saved as part of your "outfit". They are part of your Rec Room profile. We know that this may inconvenience some players (e.g., theater and D&D groups), if so - let's talk about it. We want to support those use cases for sure, but will likely do it in a different way.
  • Major upgrades to in-game messaging - you now have a chat history, can tag rooms and players in chats, and can chat in real-time between Rec Room and! Find the new chat UI in Watch > Messages.
  • We've updated the "Quick Snap" camera with a new UI that makes it easier to use. Bring it up with the quick snap gesture, then use the holo UI to quickly snap and share pics.
  • Rec Room now supports Screen Mode - meaning you can play Rec Room without a VR headset. Screen mode works on PC and PlayStation. You can use mouse and keyboard or a game controller. This is an experimental and limited release - only existing Level 30 players in good moderation standing can access Screen Mode. We'd love for you to try it out and tell us what you think!
  • By default, screen mode players will matchmake only with other screen mode players. I.e., generally speaking VR players won't encounter screen players, and vice versa. There's a new Room setting (This Room > Setup > Owner) that lets room owners control access to their rooms. The options are the default "Separate" (screen players are allowed, but only with other screen players), "Mixed" (screen players are allowed at the same time as VR players), and "Blocked" (screen players are not allowed).
  • This allows room creators to create rooms specifically for VR players, specifically for screen players, or for a mix of both. We're really interested to see how this gets used, and we'd love to hear your feedback - positive or negative - about how this works.
  • Rec Royale - improved matchmaking to reduce the likelihood of partially full games/long wait times.
  • Rec Royale - some visual ugrades, improved navigation (i.e., less places to get stuck)
  • Rec Royale - new outdoor area when waiting in Visitor Center.
  • Rec Royale - we are hard at work on some fun new stuff, stay tuned =]

But wait there's more! For our room creators:

  • New Roles System - we've totally revamped how we handle roles in rooms. This is now a much more flexible system that applies to both Room Roles (Owner, Host, etc.) and to "Game Roles". The latter lets you do things like dynamically control locomotion types/speeds in your game mode. We've designed this to be an expandable system, so let us know what other kinds of control you wish you had!
  • Note - this means sprinting is now supported in Custom Rooms.
  • New object respawner - you can now spawn tagged objects (it will grab distant and unheld objects), or spawn a specific object via it's object ID. You can optionally maintain velocity on respawn. So yes, you can make portals =]
  • Trigger zones now output object ID - you can feed this directly to the object respawner! Or to the new...
  • Object-to-Player Chip - that outputs the player ID of the object's most recent holder.
  • Wave Chip - greatly simplifies making cyclical motion with gizmos (e.g., a cloud that bobs up and down, or a pendulum that swings back and forth).
  • New Clamp Gizmo - allows you to rigidly attach objects together, then release one on a circuit signal. Bombs away!
  • New "move to target" setting for Rotator and Piston Gizmos. Feed in a target angle or distance, and your gizmo will go there!
  • LookAt gizmo now has a setting to look at either closest tagged object, or at the average position of all tagged objects.
  • You can now attach an SFX Chip to a Gizmo (for moving sounds!)
  • Audio Samplers now respect Circuit visibility settings.
  • Removed teleport restrictions in The Park, so you can build on cliffs, etc.
  • Improved snapping behavior for Gizmos and Trigger Zones.

We're also announcing not one but TWO new contests:

Lastly, we squashed some bugs:

  • Bows now work properly on PSVR
  • JumboTron - fixed bug which was setting ammo to zero between rooms.
  • Trigger Zones - fixed issue where you could get erronously get multiple signals
  • Rec Royale - fixed issue where certain paintball guns could bounce around crazily
  • Laser Tag - fixed many grenade bugs
  • Tweaked audio in Performance Hall so you can hear voices from across the room.
  • Printing photos now looks sane for remote players.
  • Circuit timing is now more consistent.
  • Piston Gizmo now works correctly with a negative max distance.
  • Improved support for Windows MR controllers - adjusted tool angles to be more comfortable (feedback please), and mapped "Sprint" to the left-hand grip button.

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Gizmos" edition

June 22, 2018 - againstgravity

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • We changed which games allow players to Spectate them, which was sometimes causing Rec Royale lobbies to break
  • Respawn Points in the Sandbox Machine now do a better job of positioning objects in your hand when you respawn
  • Frozen Gizmos now maintain their connections and movement, but make them unable to be picked up or interacted with using the Maker Pen
  • Gizmos no longer collide with physical objects
  • The Streamer Camera should now render properly in full screen
  • The Streamer Camera should now follow you more smoothly
  • The Streamer Camera now gives you the option to specify a custom frame rate

Thanks for playing Rec Room! We can't wait to see what you make with those Gizmos. If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to give us your feedback!

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Gizmos" edition!

June 21, 2018 - gribbly

Here's what's new!

  • New Gizmos system - gizmos make stuff move in custom rooms!
  • OsG4cMI.gif
    You'll find Gizmos in the Maker Pen. Gizmos work with circuits to make various kinds of programmable motion possible - everything from simple windmills to quite complex mechanisms are possible! We can't wait to see what you can come up with, and we plan to extend this system considerably so please let us know what you wish was possible with gizmos! I'll tell you one thing that's possible - horrifying animatronic clown faces:

You're welcome.

  • Gizmos are part of the Circuit system, so if you can't find them when building a room, go into This Room --> Setup and make sure "Circuit Visibility" is set correctly. Gizmos require at least one chip to turn them on and tell them how fast to move.

We're starting with three gizmo types:

  • Rotate gizmo - connect this to any object to make it spin!
  • Piston gizmo - connect this to any object to make it move in a straight line. Send it a negative speed to move backwards.
  • LookAt gizmo - this gizmo will continually track a tagged object.

Speaking of which...

  • new Tags system. You can now add #tags to any object in a custom room. This lets you do some really fun stuff! Track tagged objects with the LookAt gizmo, assign tagged items to players with respawn points, and use them to filter object triggers (so a trigger will only send a signal when an object with that tag is detected). Again, this is a system we plan to extend over time so let us know what other kinds of things you'd like to do with the tag system!

We're really excited to see what you can make with gizmos and tags! We've had a lot of fun playing with them during testing, and we hope you have fun too!

There's plenty more:

  • AUXWqjA.gif
    New Quick Snap camera gesture - hold up both hands like you're telling me how big of a fish you caught. Then pull both triggers! This will summon your camera and immediately take a photo.
  • There's also a new shortcut in the Expresso menu - press and hold the menu button, then move Down, Down.
  • We optimized our streamer cameras so they have less impact on the in-game framerate.
  • We added a new streamer cam view - 3rd person (face). This camera will always point at the front of your avatar.
  • We updated our new user experience to introduce players to some features we introduced recently.
  • We added a diagnostics screen for PSVR which displays the tracking quality of the headset and Move controllers. (Settings --> Advanced --> Diagnostics)
  • You can now push sandbox buttons using a short (~1m) laser pointer

And lots of bug fixes:

  • Rec Royale - addressed issues where players could hide inside rocks.
  • Rec Royale - fixed Frontier Pass bug where some weird stuff could happen when you hit level 50.
  • Rec Royale - tweaked sprinting on Vive to make it easier and more reliable.
  • Laser Tag - fixed missing respawn countdown
  • Custom Rooms - fixed trigger volume behavior when snapping is enabled.
  • Custom Rooms - fixed an issue where Holotar and Sampler data could get lots when you cloned a room (sorry about that :-/)
  • Circuits - circuit visibility now updates correctly when someone is promoted to host while already in the room.
  • Circuits - fixed RNG chip desyncing for remote players, fixed RNG chip getting stuck on a number after some length of time
  • Circuits - fixed cloning of chips not working for remote players
  • Circuits - fixed Player Hit chip not reporting damage
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to reloaders on Laser Tag guns (there are more, there's always more...)
  • We fixed a bug in how sticky objects connected that would cause those objects to incorrectly collide with each other. While this fixes issues users were having in certain custom ^rooms, it also removes the exploit where players were using strategically placed darts to generate continuous rotation. We hope that the new Gizmo system is an acceptable substitute for the exploit! Let us know if you disagree.

OK! Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback.

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Rec Royale" edition

June 8, 2018 - gribbly

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Preventing players from falling through the map in Rec Royale
  • Fixed a bug where the Scout Pass wasn't showing the correct acorn balance
  • Made the "Play Again" door work as expected when you're in a custom Rec Royale room
  • Fixed the Radio in the Sandbox Machine to bring back the missing tracks
  • Got rid of the annoying bumps when walking in the Dorm Room
  • Improved the visual ordering of names on the Visitor Center map
  • Sundry fixes and improvements to backpack skins

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback.

Rec royale teaser.jpg

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Rec Royale" edition!

June 7, 2018 - gribbly

We've pushed a new update! Here's what's new:

  • New game mode Rec Royale - get ready to do battle on Frontier Island! It's everyone for themselves in this 16-player battle royale mode. The only way to win is to be the last scout standing!
  • Note that Rec Royale does not support squads - we plan to add this in the future, but for now please listen to Ranger Roy
  • New Frontier Pass - this is a season pass that lets you level up and unlock rewards within Rec Royale! The longer you last on the island, the faster you progress...
  • Updated locomotion - walk/sprint locomotion now has gravity, so you can walk of the edges of stuff and fall in a horrifying way! (Note this works in all rooms)
  • Lots of bug fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks based on your feedback from the Alpha weekend! (Including greatly improved holstering)
  • For more information on Rec Royale, please see our detailed Reddit post

But wait there's more!

  • Lots of updates to the Streamer Cam - on PC only (for now), we now support smoother streaming views with wider FOV, third person modes, and plenty more:
  • New orientation challenges - learn the ins and outs of Rec Room, and earn tokens along the way!
  • New outfits available in the store
  • Quest - fixed issue where being out of bounds could revive you (oops)
  • 3D Charades - fixed issue where podiums could float away
  • Custom Rooms - Fixed trigger volumes randomly respawning players to spawn points when someone leaves the room.
  • Custom Rooms - Fixed objects not appearing or appearing in weird spots in the Sandbox Machine
  • Sampler - added "2D Audio" setting (so SFX won't be positional)
  • Sampler - removed "looping" setting (which wasn't working properly anyway). To loop audio, provide a constant circuit signal. Momentary signal will play the sound "one shot".

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback.

Rec Room PATCH - fix for OUTAGE

June 6, 2018 - gribbly

This morning we shipped a patch build that fixed an issue that was causing the game to be unable to connect to the RecNet servers.

We apologize for the downtime.

Please note that in-game store functionality will be somewhat limited until tomorrow.

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Rec Royale Alpha" edition

May 26, 2018 - gribbly

We've pushed an update!

  • New game mode - Rec Royale! All right scouts, get ready to do battle on Frontier Island. It's everyone for themselves in this 16-player battle royale mode. The only way to win is to be the last scout standing!
  • This is a preview release... Rec Royale is not finished yet. You can play Rec Royale this weekend (5/25-5/27), after which we'll switch it off for adjustments and tweaks based on your feedback! So be sure to let us know what you think...
  • You can choose play Rec Royale with or without walking (smooth locomotion) - choose the mode that suits your comfort level. There are separate lobbies for both.
  • New hang glider flying mechanic - that's how you get onto Fronter Island! If flying makes you uncomfortable, try the (very experimental) "TV Mode Vehicles" setting in Watch/Settings/Gameplay/Comfort Options.
  • New holstering mechanic - attach items you find on Frontier Island to your hip for quick access...
  • New backpack gesture - grab your map by reaching over your shoulder

There's also some new stuff for Custom Rooms:

  • New programmable Disco Lights to bring the party to life!
  • All sandbox objects now fully support cloning (with all their settings intact) and moving with the Maker Pen.
  • Make Pen shapes now have sane density settings - choose 1, 10, 100, 1000, or 10000 kg/m3.
  • Circuits - RNG chip now supports a momentary output mode.
  • We fixed several issues with trigger volumes - they are now much more reliable.

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Shopping Spree" edition

May 16, 2018 - gribbly

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Custom Rooms - Fixed issue melee weapons didn't do damage in sandbox games
  • Custom Rooms - Fixed issue where you'd be unable to fire paintball guns (and similar) in some situations
  • Note we are aware of some "throwing weirdness" on the Vive, we are looking into it but don't yet have a solution...

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Shopping Spree" edition

May 15, 2018 - gribbly

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Fixed issue where remote players could push buttons on watch/sandbox machine when they shouldn't
  • Fixed issue where Expresso "Let's Play..." option could break watch
  • Fixed issue which could cause a crash on PSVR

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Shopping Spree" edition

May 11, 2018 - gribbly

We've released a patch that fixes a few things:

  • Fixed filter buttons in "Other" section of Store
  • Fixed issue where Friends list kept jumping to first page
  • Fixed a bug where watch could break and you'd be stuck in a room :-/
  • Fixed issue where junior players couldn't see profile pages in watch
  • Quest - fixed issue where you'd hear the sword swinging sound endlessly
  • Paintball: Fixed a hiding spot in the red base in Spillway
  • Custom Rooms - made it so you can stick physical maker pen objects to other objects again.
  • Custom Rooms - rooms in sandbox mode turn off the "push back" anti-hiding feature (from Paintball/Laser Tag/Quest). We'll likely make this an option soon.
  • Maker Pen - fixed issue where sometimes "Environment/Physical" mode wouldn't set correctly
  • Holotars - fixed a circuit issue that was causing some misbehavior
  • Flying - fixed issue where players would jump forwards/backwards when they stop flying
  • Walking - fixed issue where you could walk unexpectedly when you released the teleport button
  • Fixed issue where held objects could "fly off" when dropped (very noticeable when flying)
  • Fixed an issue where remote players would see giant rez effects when someone put their minitar back in the watch
  • Fixed bug where finger guns could block dodgeballs =]
  • Fixed issue where you heard incorrect teleport sounds in Crimson Cauldron
  • Custom Rooms - fixed dropdown menu for room restore

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Shopping Spree" edition

May 9, 2018 - gribbly

We just shipped an update!

Before we get into what's new, we have some new web pages:

OK! Here's what's new with today's update...

  • There's a brand new "Store" section in your watch. You can now browse every item in Rec Room in the comfort of your own Dorm Room (or anywhere, actually!)
  • The Store includes five star items!
  • Introducing "KO Skins" - this is a new type of item that replaces the default "KO Marker" in Paintball and Laser Tag. You can buy KO Skins in the Shop!

Note that the new Store works alongside the Merch Booth, the Laser Tag store, and the "Swash and Buckle" store in Isle of Lost Skulls!

  • Watch - there's now a maximize button you can use to detach and enlarge any view. Press the button again to re-attach the watch to your wrist. Some views look a little goofy in large mode... we'll clean that up over time.

We've made some changes to how your profile works:

  • New Bio page - you can now enter a bio for yourself via the watch or! This is a great place to tell others who you are, what you're into, etc. Note that Junior accounts cannot have a bio.
  • New Pointing gesture - when your hand is empty, tap the menu button to make the "point" gesture. (Same button you hold for Expresso...) Point at a player and use the grab button (trigger) to pull up their profile page so you can check out their bio!
  • Favorite Friends - you can now mark friends as "favorite", and they'll be shown first in your friends list! You'll find the favorite button in your friends profile page.
  • Please note that moving forward display names will be limited to English "keyboard characters" and to 20 characters in length. If you want longer information/exotic characters - that is what the bio is for! These limits will be applied to new display names, and we are planning to retroactively apply them to existing display names in the next few weeks. You'll get an email from us if your display name needs to be updated.

We've also got a bunch of new stuff for creators:

  • Sandbox games now support up to 16 teams
  • Sandbox games now support Paintball-style "Out" behavior when health drops to zero (drops items, greyscale screen, can't walk/teleport). Setting health back to something >0 resets.
  • New "Player Stat" chip - you can now use circuits to get and set player "stats", which currently includes "Health", and 6 generic stats you can use for whatever. Stat 1 will show up on the scoreboard.
  • New "Player/Team" chip - with three modes: Convert player to team/index, Convert team/index to player, and Set player team.
  • New "Player Event" chip - it'll output when a player joins, leaves, or switches teams
  • Get/Set Team Score chip - Now takes team ID as input, so it's not just red/blue anymore
  • Message chip has two new inputs, so its current inputs are "Send to All", "Send to Player", and "Send to Team"
  • Cloning an object will now clone its settings as well
  • Trigger volumes can now be cloned
  • Trigger volumes support grid snapping
  • You can now set the density of individual Maker Pen shapes (to this, EDIT the object, then use the Settings tool on the shape you want to change)
  • Snap rotation now has 15-degree increments

(We also fixed push-to-talk Expresso option for PSVR!)

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Spring Cleaning" edition

May 1, 2018 - gribbly

  • Improved respawn locations in Paintball
  • Fixed issue where objects in a custom room would disappear when the room was loaded

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch ( with any feedback you have!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Spring Cleaning" edition

April 29, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixed bug where watch could get stuck in a unresponsive state, very sorry for that :-/
  • Fixed issue where Laser Tag pistols had incorrect tuning
  • Fixed issue in Custom Rooms (e.g., PVP rooms) where players would spawn incorrectly on game start.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Rooms where stuff could end up in the wrong place.
  • Fixed issue where room population limits weren't properly enforced
  • Fixed issue where photos weren't getting tagged on
  • Fixed issue where Paddleball music wasn't playing
  • Fixed issue where "Goblin Work Song" was missing from the Sandbox Radio!
  • Fixed issue where paintball Coach VO sounded weird
  • Made it so custom game rooms don't say "Sandbox Mode engaged!"
  • Fixed dodgeball audio ("hit" and "out" were reversed)

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch ( with any feedback you have!

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Spring Cleaning" edition

April 27, 2018 - gribbly

This update is mostly about fixin' stuff! We had accumulated a lot of bugs over the winter, so it was time for some SPRING CLEANING!

That said, we did manage to sneak in some cool stuff:

  • Fancy new dorm room - we've given the Dorm Room a fresh coat of paint, with a more spacious layout and a larger mirror so you can truly bask in your own magnificence!
  • Updated watch layout - we're gradually making larger browsers for the watch. This update is a partial step towards getting the watch to handle much larger collections of stuff (hundreds of friends, rooms, etc.). In this update, the watch always defaults to the home screen, and will automatically detach when you tap a button. We plan to make this optional next update, so don't yell at us too much =]
  • Maker Pen - added invisible triggers. You can now add resizable cubes that trigger circuit signals when a player or object is present, and are invisible when circuits are invisible. Find them in the "Shapes" section of the maker pen.
  • Maker Pen - added grid visualization helpers and fixed a bunch of bugs with grid snapping. We think that grid snapping is much better now - let us know if you disagree...
  • - you can now create an event on If you say you're attending the event, you'll get a watch notification when the event is starting!

Then, looooooots of bug fixes (many thanks for the community testing feedback that helped us prioritize what to fix...):

  • Fixed bug where objects could fall through the floor (same bug was causing major issues in Paddleball - e.g., allowing the ball to fly out of the court).
  • Paintball - fixed that one spawnpoint where you could spawn without a paintball gun.
  • Paintball - made it much, much harder to hide inside rocks, etc. Please let us know if you find hiding spots, we now have a pretty good technique for preventing this.
  • Paintball - added "push back" code that keeps you out of geometry (ported from Laser Tag and Quest)
  • Paintball - ladders now respect teleport cooldown
  • Paintball - fixed issue where paint grenades never came back if you shot them. (Also fixes same issue in Laser Tag and JumboTron)
  • Curse of the Crimson Cauldron - fixed issue where you couldn't knock witch projectiles back with the sword very well (turns out this was mainly on the Vive)
  • Matchmaking - tries harder to avoid players you've blocked.
  • Reduced jitter on all held objects when walking.
  • Sandbox - Sampler - fixed bug where negative pitch would cause an error. Negative pitches will now play the sample backwards! The range is -500 to 500.
  • Sandbox - New button - fixed a whole host of issues... should now be 870% more reliable.
  • Sandbox - replaced duplicate track with the much-requested "Goblin Work Song" from Crimson Cauldron
  • Maker Pen - fixed bug where you could delete frozen objects
  • Maker Pen - collision on pyramid and wedge should more closely match the visible shape.
  • Circuits - made chips spawn in a more convenient orientation. Note that this doesn't break old placements (we thought it might, but it turns out nope).
  • Circuits - fixed bugs with respawn chip.
  • Circuits - SFX chip now has "Tie Game" VO
  • Custom Rooms - fixed bug where the "flying" permission slider could go crazy
  • Custom Rooms - everyone present is respawned on room save, to ensure what you see is what actually got saved.
  • - you can now delete custom rooms via
  • Watch - fixed issue where laser pointer would stop working
  • Watch - fixed issue where you would get accidental double presses sometimes
  • Clothing - sci-fi visor is now categorized as "glasses" (used to be a hat)

We rely on your feedback to make Rec Room as awesome as possible! So please don't hesitate to get in touch [] with any feedback you have!

Creators Contest 2.0


April 24, 2018 - Shawn (via discord)

Creators Contest 2.0 starts today! Get to building! (older rooms can enter as well)

  • 1st place room (1 winner) - Choose any currently available Rec Room avatar item and we'll build you a one of a kind version where you can choose your own colors. All lower level prizes as well.
  • 2nd to 6th place rooms (5 winners) - Wood and gold maker pen skin (contest exclusive)(photos in link). All lower level prizes as well.
  • 7th to 30th place rooms (24 winners) - Happy trees shirt (contest exclusive)(photos in link).

If you have questions about the contest (AFTER reading the entire contest page :]) please post them in #custom-rooms [on discord] and we will try to answer them shortly.

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Pizza and Potions" edition

April 14, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixed bug with Custom Room saving... sorry about that :-/
  • Fixed issue with new sandbox button circuit connection
  • Increased max sampler recording length to 15 seconds

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Pizza and Potions" edition

April 12, 2018 - gribbly

We're back after hunting down a very nasty crash bug! Here's what's new in this update:

  • Visit the merch booth to buy fun shareable items like pizza, potions and more. Perfect for hanging out with friends!
  • Find and user your items via the new "Backpack" button in the Profile section of your Watch
  • Added two new hairstyles
  • We did a big pass on fixing and stabilizing Custom Rooms - you should now encounter far less weirdness with them...
  • Speaking of custom rooms, be sure to check out our Creator's Contest Winners by visiting ^contestwinners[], where each creator has decorated the door in theme with their room. It's really cool!
  • As part of this we tweaked the sandbox resource limits. This means that some rooms that were using the "freeze looophole" will now be over-budget. You can still visit them, and you can now grab a Maker Pen from the Sandbox Machine even if the resource bar is full. So you can use the pen to optimize your room (you may need to simplify some sections). We continue to work on this, and our goal is to let you build ever more stuff in rooms. As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with feedback, questions, concerns, etc:
  • New Sampler sandbox toy - works kind of like an audio-only holotar. Use Circuits to trigger the recorded sounds, change pitch, etc.
  • Maker Pen - you can now clone objects with the Clone tool.
  • Maker Pen - grid snapping should now work in world space
  • - you can now cheer images!
  • Circuits - new Selector chip
  • Circuits - added "advanced mode" to Comparer Chip
  • Circuits - more optimization when visibility is off
  • Circuits - new Button sandbox object with outputs for press, hold and release. Old button will still work in existing rooms, but please use the new one going forward...
  • Mute gesture now defaults to off for new players (you can toggle it on in Settings)
  • Improved performance when you get tokens... you'll no longer lag out a room when you get 500 tokens!

As always, let us know what you think. We rely on your feedback - positive and negative - to make Rec Room better. Hit us up:


Video Announcing the Winners of the Creators Contest (from reddit)

April 6, 2018 — Shawn

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Please share the page or video ( it with anyone you think would be interested. We want to get the word out about custom rooms. The contest page has a ton of links and tutorials on how to get started making your own rooms if you ever run into anyone looking for all of these resources in one place:

Happy Friday everyone!


Rec Room VERY MINOR UPDATE - the "Wait for it..." edition

April 5, 2018 - gribbly

This update was meant to include all kinds of exciting new stuff for you! Instead, we hit an incredibly tough-to-find crash bug that took us a week to squash. It's a looooong story!

So this update is, er, a little thin:

  • Fixed bug where avatars could get naked
  • Fixes issue where Rec Center could crash when people monkeyed about with certain items

Yup, that's it... but wait for it! All the cool new stuff will be in the next update, and the things we had to do to fix the crash have some very nice side effects that we'll talk about next update. Thanks for your patience, it's been a tough week for us at Rec Room HQ but we soldier on! As always, let us know what you think by getting in touch []. We appreciate all feedback positive or negative!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Locomotion" edition

March 16, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixes issue where circuit-controlled doors weren't working
  • Fixes issue where discs weren't hazarding correctly on Disc Golf: Lake
  • Fixed issue where host-restricted areas weren't applied

Some misc bug fixes

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Locomotion" edition

March 15, 2018 - gribbly

  • This update adds smooth locotion - we call it "walking" - to Rec Room! It's turned off by default, so if you want to try it out go to Settings --> Gameplay and enable it there.
  • PLEASE WALK WITH CAUTION! Some players find walking-style locomotion quite uncomfortable, and we don't want you getting motion sick. If this is you, leave walking turned off. If you're not sure, we recommend trying small doses of walking before going all in. Please be aware that motion sickness can affect you after you've taken your headset off, and can linger for a while. So take it seriously and don't make yourself sad.
  • Teleport remains fully supported everywhere in Rec Room. There's no reason you have to walk. We've designed walking so you can freely mix it with teleport. You can walk, then teleport over a gap or ledge, then keep walking. Or you can just teleport like always. We have several players on the team who prefer not to walk, so please know that we've got your back if you're not a fan of this type of movement. As of this update, we've also got your back if you are =]

As with many of our features, this is somewhat experimental so please let us know what you think! Here's some more things to know:

  • Walking works in the Dorm Room, Rec Center, Disc Golf, Soccer and and all Custom Rooms. It is not currently supported in Paintball, Laser Tag, or the Quests (although you can experiment with walking in these modes via Custom Games).
  • Walking respects your teleport bubble setting, so walking players can't get closer than that (unless they roomscale).
  • On all platforms, press and hold the Move button (A/X on Rift, thumbpad on Vive/Windows MR, Move button on PSVR) and you'll move in the direction you point.
  • On platforms with joystick-style controllers (Rift, Vive, Windows MR) the joystick is supported for walking.

OK so that's walking! We hope you enjoy it... we certainly think it opens up some very interesting possibilities for games and activities, and we're excited to hear what you think.

But wait, there's more:

  • Introducing the Maker Room - many Custom Room creators have asked us for a "blank slate" room. Well, here it is! The Maker Room starts as a very basic Dorm Room style room. But it goes beyond that - you can delete all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor to get to a straight up, somewhat horrifying void that you can fill with just the stuff you want! The only thing you can't get rid of (yet) is the Sandbox Machine. We want to retire this, but haven't gotten their yet. So... you gotta deal with that for a bit longer.
  • This update sees the return of Custom Games - you can now create a Custom Paintball room, tweak the settings so everyone spawns with a Quest Bow, save that room (with a ^name) and publish it. More than that, you can create a Custom version of any activity. You can now tweak things like time and score limit for most of the games where that makes sense. Custom Game settings are in Watch-->This Room-->Game.
  • There are now Spawn Points in the Sandbox Machine! You can combine these with the new Spawn Chips to create more advanced games - e.g., paintball-style games where players are respawned on hit, etc. We'll make a HowTo Video to explain how to use these, and publish an example room. In our testing, it's now possible to make really fun games!

There's a bunch of tweaks to the Merch Booth:

  • Tokens now come in packages!
  • You now get tokens for leveling up!
  • Merch booth now sells 12 items at a time (was 8)
  • You now get tokens when finishing an activity (sometimes...)

Plus a bunch of smaller adds/fixes/tweaks:

  • As George R.R. Martin famously said: "Spring is coming!" - it's time for the snow to melt in The Park. It's still there this update, but we're planning to remove it next update. If you've used the winter version of The Park as the basis for a custom room (look at you ^frozen!) and you really want to keep the snow, get in touch with us and we'll discuss options.
  • There's now a Host setting to disable vote kicks in a Custom Room (if a Host is present - otherwise normal rules apply)
  • Precise control of comfort settings - you can enable/disable vignetting (tunnel vision) separately for teleporting, walking, flying, smooth rotation and swipe rotation.
  • Added more sound effects to the SFX chip!
  • New "ambient radio" that lets you have a custom ambient sound loop (e.g., birds chirping, or spooky cave) in the Maker Room.
  • You can now press buttons with held objects =]
  • We polished our support for Windows MR controllers... the various angles, button mappings, etc. should be much nicer now. Please let us know if you disagree. BTW we don't currently plan to support "press forward to teleport" as it's so different from other platforms, but we're willing to discuss if you feel strongly.
  • Out of bounds is no longer enforced in sandbox mode. Go wherever you want!

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Isle of Lost Skulls" edition!

March 5, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixes a nasty bug with custom rooms. Long story, but rooms with large objects could cause a cascading networking issue that could manifest a variety of symptoms: Failure to join the room (dumped back to Dorm Room with -6), players looking frozen/desynced, other weirdness.
  • Fixes behavior of filters when browsing Custom Rooms
  • Removes insistent "looks like you're the first one here..." for custom rooms based on The Lounge.

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Isle of Lost Skulls" edition

March 3, 2018 - gribbly

  • Adds circuit control for holotars!
  • Fixed issue where maker pen creations looked "shiny" (we messed up the normals, sorry)
  • Tweaked "Enable Watch Notifications" setting so you still get prompted for infrequent/non-message events like "Do you want to take your party with you?"
  • Circuits - Delay and Timer chips now accept times in 1/10th of a second increments (previously one second). Note that this will screw up your times in existing circuits - you'll need to multiply your values by 10 (sorry).
  • Circuits - fixed issue where deleting a connected chip could put room into a bad state
  • Circuits - fixed issue that could prevent a custom room from loading
  • PS4 - fixed issue where buttons weren't showing up for Custom Room --> Details

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Isle of Lost Skulls" edition!

March 1, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixes bug where buttons weren't showing up for Custom Room --> Details
  • Fixes issue where holotar voice recording wasn't working on Vive

Rec Room UPDATE - for the "Isle of Lost Skulls" edition!

March 1, 2018 - gribbly

Get ready for a V-ARRR adventure with our new, pirate-themed, Quest: "The Isle of Lost Skulls"

Your merry band are captured en route to the Isle of Lost Skulls, on an adventure to claim its legendary treasure. You'll need all your wit and skill to make it to the Isle, defeat the fearsome guardian that awaits you, and escape with the gold!

  • Like all our Quests, The Isle of Lost Skulls is hard and best played as a group. Up to three players can play together. Party up!
  • This Quest comes with its own themed Merch Booth in the Quest lobby! Gold found by anyone is credited to the whole team, but you need to escape the Isle alive to keep it and spend it on fancy pirate duds!
  • If you are defeated, you'll drop your gold where you fall, and it'll be waiting there for you on your next run (in the same Rec Room session... if you quit, your gold is lost forever...)

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it! Let us know what you think (unless of course you hate it, in which case please keep that to yourself and/or lie to us)

But wait there's more!

  • The Rec Center Merch Booth is back by popular demand! We heard lots of positive feedback so it's staying and we'll keep developing it to be more awesome! This update we've tweaked how many tokens you get, how much stuff costs, etc. Expect this to grow and change over the following weeks and months.
  • Note: We've removed pretty much all random package drops starting with this update. It's the end of an era! No more random boxes when you finish a paintball game... (at least for a while - we have some ideas for a cooler variant of this down the road). *No more duplicate gloves at the start of every session! Anyway, pour one out for gift boxes sad violin music Seriously, with the new Merch Booth we felt like random packages were no longer needed. Holler if you disagree.
  • We did a big update! Amongst many other things, the front page now features the "What's New" feed, which is a constantly updating stream of stuff happening in Rec Room! Be sure to check it out at
  • You can now subscribe to another Rec Room player. When you're subscribed to someone, you'll see any rooms they create in the "Following" tab of the Custom Rooms screen in your watch. The Following tab also shows any rooms you've bookmarked (it used to be called "Bookmarks" =])
  • You can now add Holotars to your custom rooms - find the Holotar Projector in the sandbox machine. Place it in your room, then laser point the button to start recording your movements and voice! You can record up to 30 seconds. Holotars are saved with your room, so any visitors will see them!
  • Note: There are a couple of limitations with Holotars v1 - they don't yet record your facial animations, and you can't yet trigger them with circuits. We almost got that in, but couldn't quite squeeze it in this update. Next update...
  • Maker Pen - you can now recolor placed shapes with the Recolor tool! Use it to apply the currently selected color to shapes (when in EDIT mode). Speaking of EDIT mode...
  • Maker Pen - EDIT mode now has its own button: "Edit Shapes". Previously you had to go into Settings for a maker pen object, then tap "Edit". Tap "Done" to leave EDIT mode. We've tried to make this a little more obvious, as OBJECT/EDIT mode is still a bit confusing. This makes it slightly less confusing. We hope to make it even less confusing in the future!
  • Maker Pen - Maker pen objects can now be set to "Environment" (this is the default) or "Physical". Environment objects have collision, but don't move. Physical objects move, have gravity, etc. This helps reduce the cost of maker pen stuff, which is an ongoing project for us! We want you to be able to make as much stuff as possible... we know you want that too.
  • Custom Rooms - you can now Clone a room. Room owners (including co-owners) can now create a clone of the room they're in (you'll be prompted for a new name) via the This Room button.
  • Custom Rooms - you can now restore from a history of the past ten saves. You'll be prompted to choose when you hit This Room-->Restore. By default, you'll restore the most recent save, but you can go back further in time using the incredibly attractive drop down menu we've provided.
  • Custom Rooms - you can now choose to start a new instance of a Custom Room (if it supports instancing). Tap "Start Instance" in Room Details. Instances you start this way will be private/invite-only.
  • Circuits - there's now a random number generator chip. Guess what this does!
  • Circuits - there's now a sound effect chip. Use this to trigger sound effects with circuit events. Limited selection for now, we have a plan to expand! If there's specific sound effects you want, let us know.
  • Circuits - you can now connect the sandbox dice to circuits! I guess this is another kind of random number generator =]
  • Saved outfits - more slots for your sweet pirate outfits!

Then of course there's some bug fixes!

  • Fixed loads of bugs with maker pen objects and saving/loading rooms. This remains a big focus for us... we love what people are building in their custom rooms, so we're striving to make the tools as reliable as possible.
  • JumboTron - fixed a bug where JumboTron was reluctant to shoot at you. We docked him a couple of weeks pay for laziness.
  • Settings - made "enable watch notifications" fully suppress all incoming watch notifications when turned off.

OK phew that's quite an update! As always, let us know what you think. We rely on your feedback - positive and negative - to make Rec Room better. Hit us up:

Rec Room Creators Contest

February 26, 2018 - PTBLDUFFY

Rec Room now has custom rooms! Custom rooms let you create your own environments, games, clubhouses, escape rooms, art exhibits, and whatever else you can dream up. If you build a really sweet custom room, you win prizes, like a Nintendo Switch.

Full contest details are here:

Rec Room PATCH2 - for the "Merch Booth" edition

February 22, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some custom rooms to fail to load

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Merch Booth" edition

February 16, 2018 - gribbly

  • Fixing issues where doors and radios could be missing from the sandbox machine
  • Fixing issue with new "Flapper" dress avatar item
  • Fixing minor error with joining a Laser Tag session
  • Additional logging/error handling for room save/load
  • Addressed some misconfiguration with token dispensing

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Merch Booth" edition

February 15, 2018 - gribbly

A new build of Rec Room is live! Here's what's new...

  • There's a new Merch Booth in the Rec Center - after experimenting with the ticket system in Laser Tag, we're expanding the experiment to the Rec Center!
  • You can now earn Rec Room tokens by completing daily challenges and for playing your first activity each day.
  • Spend tokens at the Merch Booth. If you've played with the Laser Tag Merch Booth, you'll know how this works. Basically, laser point an item to buy it (you must have enough tokens).
  • If you already own the stuff on display, consider buying a "star box". Each star box will contain an item that you don't already have.
  • This is a limited time experiment - our goal is to "see how it goes" and learn. So give it a try and let us know what you think, how we can make it better, etc. If this goes well we'll likely make this the main way to get stuff (i.e., the random gift boxes would mostly go away, and you'd get tokens instead).

But wait there's more!

This one is for our Custom Room builders:

  • New Circuits system - you can now add logic and behavior to your Custom Rooms (e.g., build simple games) by wiring things together with Circuits.
  • You make and edit Circuits using the Maker Pen. There's a new "Chips" menu, and a new "Connect" tool that do the heavy lifting. You can also use the "Edit" tool to customize various settings inside chips.
  • Circuits are visible only to Hosts by default. The owner of the room can set them to "invisible" or "visible to everyone".
  • We'll be sharing how to videos and setting up some Q+A opportunities for those who want to dig into Circuits. Please note that Circuits are not yet for the faint of heart! This is an early version, so there'll be bugs and incompleteness. We absolutely apologize for any frustration this causes!
  • There's new stuff in the Sandbox Machine
  • Many items can now be connected to circuits (e.g., all the goals). You can lock and unlock doors, or control the Boom Box. There's a button (it's like the Charades button, but improved and you can connect it to a circuit...). There's a sign that you can drive with a circuit. Yes the goals still say "goal!" every time you hit them. Yes we'll fix that =]
  • We're just getting started on circuit-enabled stuff. Let us know what else you need to build the things you want to build.
  • Custom Room Backups - We've started automatically keeping up to 10 backups of your Custom Room saves on the server. If you encounter a bug restoring your room, get in touch with us ( and we can help restore from a backup. Soon, we plan to make this self-service.

Thing a lot of you have asked for:

  • New ambient volume slider in Settings - you can now individually control the level of ambient sound in any room. This is for our players who dislike birdsong and the gentle tinkling of fountains.

A nice thing for PS4:

  • We changed the way we handle whiteboards/sticky notes/etc. This change should make them look much more readable (i.e., higher resolution) on PS4!

Bug fixes:

  • Paintball/Laser Tag - fixed a bug where grenade hits could be attributed to the wrong player.
  • Quest - fixed a bug where potions could kill you!
  • Quest - fixed a glitch with the mini-witch projectiles
  • Disc Golf - fixed issue causing on team disc to malfunction
  • Fixed a bug where your face could go missing in selfies :-/ We apologize for the loss of face.

OK that's it for this update. We've got lots more exciting stuff on the way, including the much-anticipated Isle of Lost Skulls. As always, let us know what you think:

Rec Room Patch - for the "Pirate Quest Preview" edition

February 2, 2018 (no Steam news)

A patch was released, which addressed a few issues (according to developers on discord):

  • Maker Pen - freezing objects in Edit mode is possible again
  • Quests - the option for flying was disabled
  • Bow - the bow was slightly patched to restore the previous feel
  • Etc.

Ag pirates quest1.jpg

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Pirate Quest Preview" edition

February 1, 2018 - gribbly

We just pushed an update... here's what's new!

  • The new quest is getting close! So close that you'll be able to try an unfinished preview of it RIGHT NOW! The preview is open until the end of this weekend (2/4). To try it, find your way to a room called ^lostskulls...

Be sure to check the preview out, and let us know what you think!

There's also lots of other new stuff...

  • Maker Pen - new laser pointer for precise control, even at a distance. Once we tried this, we wondered how we ever lived without it!
  • Maker Pen - new move tool with spiffy laser pointer. Great for moving stuff from across the room.
  • Maker Pen - you can now scale objects made with the Maker Pen. You can make things larger. Or smaller. We handle it all.
  • Maker Pen - we fixed a bunch of bugs... jittery objects, weird states where you couldn't edit things for some reason. We added feedback when you try to edit an object that someone else is editing, etc. Should be much less crazy now!
  • Custom Rooms - you can now fly in custom rooms! This is a host option, so if a host allows it everyone in the room is able to fly. This is not intended as a primary locomotion method, it's intended to help when you're building stuff with the Maker Pen. That said, it's pretty fun and you're allowed to just mess around with it if you like =]
  • Flight controls - point your hand up and hold down the teleport button until you take off! Keep teleport held down and point where you want to go. The more you stretch out your arm, the faster you'll go. When you're done flying, get close to the ground and point your hand down. Teleport back onto the ground.
  • Custom Rooms - there's now a "Welcome Mat" object in the sandbox machine. This lets you control where visitors spawn in your room - they'll spawn on the mat instead of on the default spawn points. You can EDIT a welcome mat with the Maker Pen so that it only works when people are coming from a specific ^roomname.
  • Custom Rooms - you can now set custom cleanup points for any object. E.g., maybe you made a shooting gallery and you want the targets to reset themselves after a delay? To do this, put the target object where you want it, then EDIT it with the Maker Pen to set the cleanup point and delay time.
  • Custom Rooms - you can now set a custom room photo to give people an idea what your room is all about!
  • Custom Rooms - you can now bookmark custom rooms you like!
  • Updated photo flow - we revised how your camera works with Registered users can now tap the "Share" button on the camera to share photos directly to Photos are set to "public" by default, but you can go to and manually set them to "friends" (only your friends can see them) or "private" (only you can see them). Note that any older photos on are set to private - you can manually set them to be public if you like!
  • Dorm Room - we revamped the bulletin board... it now contains info about weekly challenges, rewards, and featured ^rooms.
  • Boomboxes - You can now set boomboxes to loop a track, to shuffle, etc., via a watch-style pop up UI. The boomboxes ino the sandbox machine now have a wider selection of music, and your settings are saved when you save the room.
  • Moderation - we revised a bunch of moderation flows. Briefly - reporting and vote kicking are now separate actions. The UI has been updated to be clearer, and reporting is more tied to the Code of Conduct.

We couldn't build Rec Room without your support and feedback, so please keep it coming!.

Rec Room UPDATE - the "" edition!

January 18, 2018 - gribbly

Welcome to our first update of 2018! We are ringing in the new year with:

  • - a fancy new website! If you're a registered user can now manage your profile and share your Rec Room pics on! To go to your user page, login at

We also did a bunch of updates to the Share Camera (you can find it in the Profile tab of your watch):

  • Share Camera - you can sync photos you take in Rec Room to your profile with the tap of a button!
  • Share Camera - added "tripod" button so camera will stay put where you drop it (even in mid-air). This makes it easier to frame the exact shot you want! In tripod mode, tap or laser point the camera screen to take a picture.
  • Share Camera - printed photos are now correctly saved/restored in Custom Rooms

Speaking of Custom Rooms, this update bring some new features:

  • Shared ownership of Custom Rooms - You can share your custom room with as many "roommates" as you want. Co-owners can visit a private custom room even when you're not there. They can also freely save/restore the room. So only grant co-ownsership to players you trust! To make someone a co-owner, go to the room, then find the player in the People screen of the watch, and tap the Roles button.
  • Custom Rooms - Watch->Custom Rooms->Browse now does a better job of sorting rooms. Rooms with more cheers and visitors will be sorted higher, so it's easier to find the cool stuff.
  • Custom Rooms - can now be set to Public, Private, or Unlisted. Unlisted rooms are only accessible via sandbox doors.
  • Custom Rooms - please note we have temporarily disabled the ability to publish non-sandbox Custom Rooms. This is a very temporary change as we re-think how we want to handle this scenario (the current method was pretty broken).

Plus an update to the Maker Pen:

  • Maker pen - The maker pen now supports grid snapping in Edit mode when creating, moving and rotating shapes. You can set the grid to 1cm, 10cm, or 100cm.
  • Maker pen - added "pyramid" shape (kinda like a cone).

And now the misc category:

  • Whiteboards are now considerably higher resolution, and won't accrue visual artifacts as you save/load a room over time.
  • Crimson Cauldron - fixed some misbehavior in mini-witches!
  • We are also including a small gift for players who registered their Rec Room account before the end of 2017! Thanks for being part of the Rec Room community, we love you!

We couldn't build Rec Room without your support and feedback, so please keep it coming!. Happy new year, and here's to a fun 2018!

UPDATE: We had to roll back the "" update

January 13, 2018 - gribbly

Really sorry about that, we hit an unexpected issue and had to revert to the previous build... everyone was getting stuck on the loading screen.

Will update when we have more info. In the meantime the previous build is back up and running normally.

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