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Profile Menu of a level 50 player.

Profile Menu of a level 30 player.


How To Rec Room - Leveling Up!

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.


Rec Room Leveling Up!

YouTube announcement of level increase by Rec Room Inc.

You can see your current level on the Profile Menu of the Watch Menu. Players can currently reach up to level 50 in Rec Room. Your progress towards the next level is visualized by the closing line around the level number in the Profile Menu. (Note that this closing line is updated only when you start Rec Room.)

You can earn experience towards the next level by logging in each day, playing #RecRoomOriginal Games, visiting #Community Custom Rooms, completing Challenges, or by socializing in the ^RecCenter.

Whenever you level up, a item box will appear, granting you a Consumable Item or Cosmetic Item. More details are provided in a developer blog article.

You need to be at least level 15 to be able to gift Cosmetic Items to other players.

Rec Royale has its own leveling system (called "tiers").