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Rec Room PATCH - the "Rec Rally" edition

October 13, 2021

Circuits V2 Updates

  • The GetPartyOfPlayer chip that returns the party of a player was added to the beta!
  • No more randomly lingering wires after you saved your room. So long, unintended space noodles!
  • Also in beta, you can now use the Add Currency chip as often as you want! Currency may not be awarded instantly, however. Smash that money button!

Trigger Handle in Beta!

The Trigger Handle is a new way of getting input in Rec Room! While you're holding the Trigger Handle, pressing the button you'd use to shoot a paintball gun on your platform will output a CV2 signal. Make sure to turn on the beta flag in your room so you can find it in the palette! Inside the Trigger Handle object board gives you access to four events: Primary Action Pressed, Primary Action Released, On Pickup, On Release. Think of all the cool non-violent stuff you can make with it... flashlights, PEZ dispensers, squeaky toys, airhorns...

The config menu supports turning off the sound you hear when you pull the trigger.

CV2 Leaderboard Chips

Additionally, we have added CV2 compatible Leaderboard Get/Set Stat chips!

CV2 Variable Home Values

Have you ever wanted to set a CV2 variable's value via the config menu instead of manually setting it via circuits? The wait has come to an end! You can now set the value in the config menu of the following variable types: Int, String, Float, Bool

Setting the value in the config menu will also be the value that the variable resets to on room reset and when you load in!

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We now exclude Maker Pen from trigger volume detection. I'm sure this has broken some gameplay out there for someone, and we're sorry.
  • Buggy wheels will no longer go inside other vehicles or objects while in motion, and vehicles will now avoid going inside other objects while being moved. Please keep your buggy wheels inside the buggy at all times!
  • Sometimes Rec Rally Buggies wouldn't behave nicely at the race start. We gave them a nice little talking to, and they've now agreed to behave.
  • Fixed an issue where swinging a melee weapon while sitting inside a Rec Rally buggy can make the buggy go crazy. We didn't realize how much you all wanted buggy fights!
  • Tools should no longer get stuck in the environment when held by the player.
  • Fixed a bug preventing link buttons from being cloned. Just in time for Rec Con... next year!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.: We love to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

Rec Room PATCH - the "Rec Rally" edition

October 5, 2021

Bit of a smaller one this week - the team is wheely tired from releasing Rec Rally.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • The "Cloud Data" settings tab mysteriously disappeared. We tracked it down, and put it back in the Room Settings tab bar.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented NavMesh from baking in rooms based on certain maps (including Park and Clearcut).
  • Fixed a bug in ^RecRally which would result in lingering vehicle sounds if somebody left the room during the game start countdown. No more ghost cars!
  • Made it so you can't grab other players' vehicles during ^RecRally games.
  • Made it so you can't grab vehicles while in a seat.
  • The wheels on the buggy go round and round, but will no longer go inside other vehicles or objects.
  • Players will now be locked in their seats during the starting countdown in ^RecRally.

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

We love to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Rec Rally" edition

September 28, 2021


Okay Racers, start your engines! Today we're excited to introduce Rec Rally! Rec Rally is the six-player off-road rally race where you boost, bump, and powerslide your way to the finish line! For the first time ever in Rec Room, jump into the driver's seat and put the pedal to the metal as you cruise around an all-new environment showcasing the beautiful sights of Rec Room's dusty southwestern countryside. Hop in, buckle up, and welcome to Pioneer Peak! (You can finally stop asking for Go Karts in every AMA!!!)


Rec Rally Clip from Ship Notes

In addition to a brand new course to race around with your friends, we're also releasing our Rally Buggy into the Maker Pen Palette as a Beta feature. The Rally Buggy works great right out of the box no matter what platform you're playing on, and it comes with all kinds of tunable, Circuits-integrated features for you to experiment with and create your own unique driving experiences! We expect it to be "buggy" so we wanted to play it safe and include the Beta flag because we expect more work will be needed to make it extra awesome.


Race Track Template!

The Rally buggy holds up to three players at once. Everyone in the Buggy, including the driver, can pick up, throw, and use tools, just like you can everywhere else in Rec Room. So you and your friends can count on using the buggy for so much more than just racing games!

The Rally Buggy is yours to dress up, customize, and overclock to your heart's content. We can't wait to see and experience your creativity in new and exciting ways! If you want to build a race track of your own, checkout and clone the new race track template room.


FYI: VR players will have the ability to switch between two distinct driving modes in the Rally Buggy. Check it out in the gameplay settings and use whatever you're most comfortable with!

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • VR players can now select room tags to search without having their watch detach automatically.
  • Added "Interact Labels" for VR players. These helpful bits of UI explain how various objects work. For example, when reaching for the steering wheel of the new Rally Buggy you will see a "Drive" label appear. You can always disable these labels in the Settings Menu under Gameplay by un-checking the "Show Interact Labels" checkbox.
  • The "View/Leave Comments" button makes its glorious return! Now you can once again tell a room creator "i like ur room."
  • Circuits V2 Beta Releases: Bit AND, Bit OR, Bit XOR, Bit NOT, Bit NAND, Bit Shift Left, Bit Shift Right, Bit Pop Count (number of ones), Bit Leading Zeros, Bit Trailing Zeros, Bit Rotate Left, Bit Rotate Right, and Quaternion has been added to port configs.
  • Fixed issue where chips with white ports wouldn't work consistently like Add Velocity or To String.
  • Fullbody costume performance has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the "Use" text on the consumable buttons in the backpack would disappear. Non-consumable consumables are just no fun.

Beta Changes

New Circuits V2 chips: Show Local Subtitle, Clear Current Subtitle, Raycast

As always, thanks for playing Rec Room!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

We love to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Best Friends Forever" edition

September 21, 2021

Room Consumables

Creators can now sell consumable items in their rooms using the new consumables button and chips. Consumables can be anything you can imagine, if it can be done with CV2 it can be activated by a consumable. Players are able to purchase consumables repeatedly and then activate them from a new tab in the backpack. Each use of a consumable "consumes" one instance from the player's inventory.

For now, creators will need to enable Creative Tools Beta Content in their rooms in order to use the new circuits. We expect them to be fully out of beta before the end of the year.

Here's how it works:

  • Create new consumables from the Room Settings menu. Give it a name, description, image and price (RR+ members only)
  • Add a Consumable Store Button to your room from the MakerPen palette. Configure it to the consumable you want to sell. This is where players will be able to buy your consumables.
  • When a player uses a consumable the "Consumable Used" event will be fired in CV2. Listen for that event and when it is triggered you want to apply the effect of your consumable.
  • Immediately after you apply the effect of the consumable you need to mark the consumable as active using the new ActivateConsumable chip. This consumes one instance from the player's inventory.
  • Once your consumable effect has worn off (which may be immediately after taking effect or sometime later) you can deactivate the consumable with the new DeactivateConsumable chip.

Look for a post on our Community Commerce page for additional details. Have fun and let us know what you think.


Forever Friend Fest

You all enjoyed Friend Fest so much that we've decided to permanently reward you for referring your friends

  • Similar to Friend Fest, both you and your referred friends will have to verify your accounts with a valid phone number to qualify. You can do it on your watch (Profile --> Phone) or on
  • Juniors can now get rewarded! Verify your account with your parent or guardian's email in your watch or on
  • Choose from a selection of 3 random options (which can include tokens!) for each reward you earn.
  • You can see which of your invited friends have joined Rec Room, and if they've verified their account.
  • Access the new page from your watch --> Invite button.
  • We'll still have events like Friend Fest where we'll stack on even better bonus rewards!

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a search bar to subpages under the Play menu.
  • We've brought back the launch argument that lets PC players log into their account directly, without having to hit "Play" on the title screen. Just add +username:MyUsername to your launch args. (This will only work for accounts that you have logged into previously and are set to remember your password.)
  • Really long room names will no longer look bad in the UI. Time to make a new \^Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!"
  • Called in a service technician for the malfunctioning Friend-O-Tron machine in the Rec Center. It will no longer open other players' watches when used.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the first brush stroke on a brand new canvas from being saved when there were no other brush strokes. Just like golf, every stroke counts!
  • Fixed an issue where turning off beta content in a room would result in an infinite loading screen for everyone who tried to go to the room. Your rooms are open for business again!
  • MicrophoneWarning.jpeg
    There is now a continue prompt before microphone access confirmation (no more skip option).

As always, thanks for playing Rec Room!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

We love to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

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