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Rec Room UPDATE - the “Living in a Material World" Edition

July 9, 2019 - magglerock

We're excited to announce that we've expanded the materials available in the Maker Pen from just Cardboard and Neon to thirteen different materials!

  • New options include: Cardboard, Wood Grain, Painted Wall, Painted Brick, Carpet, Wood Floor, Dirt, Linoleum Tiles, Cloth, Shiny Metal, Sand, Glossy Plastic and Neon
  • Materials now scale their textures so that they are always the same world-size. For example, a brick is always the size of a brick when making shapes
  • The Recolor tool in the Maker Pen now has the ability to apply different materials (as well as change the color of those materials)

Plus a bunch of bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug where room chat was getting cleared when someone else joined the room
  • VR players can now close the room chat menu (while it is open with the keyboard) using the point/expresso button
  • Some performance improvements on Oculus Quest, specifically in the Disc Golf: Lake map

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room UPDATE - the “Get a Handle on Creation” Edition

July 2, 2019 - magglerock

This update adds a (much requested!) new way to Manipulate objects in Custom Rooms.... introducing Maker Pen Handles!

  • Handles allow for you to perform actions such as Move, Rotate, and Scale in a single axis instead of all at once.
  • This update doesn’t remove the ability to Move in all axes at once, but simply extends the functionality.
  • The other addition here is local axis manipulation. After rotating an Object you can now move it in local space.

So what's changed with the addition of Handles?

  • Local axis movement (on by default). The top right most toggle on the Maker Pen lets you switch between local space, and world space.
  • The text for Snap and Align have been swapped in for icons. Align is the left most toggle, and the Snap toggle is the center between Align, and local space.
  • You should be able to use Align in screen mode
  • While using the Move, Rotate or Scale tool, you can click on an object to Quick Select it and the new Handles pop up.
  • Drag a Handle in the desired direction to Modify it in a single axis.
  • For the old functionality, grab anywhere on the Object to modify it.
  • If you go in and edit a Maker Pen shape, you can use the Scale tool to get the same functionality as the Manipulate tool.
  • While in the Move, Rotate and Scale tool, you can tap the trigger to select an Object, clearing the previous selection. To multi-select you must switch to the select tool.

We've also added some quality of life improvements to Circuits:

  • Circuit inputs now support default values - use the Configure tool to assign a constant. No Variable Chip required!
  • Improved support for tooltips and wiring of circuit groups

And a new Room Chat Menu!

  • Use it to chat with other players around you!
  • For VR players, the menu is on the underside of the watch
  • For screens players, find the chat menu in Quick Comms

Plus a couple of bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed an issue where the Circuit board "+" pins were pink
  • Fixed the KREQ Sign in Frontier Island
  • Added functionality to support up to 40 teams for custom games
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Fade World feature while in Edit mode. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed a bug where platform locked items could cause display issues

And finally, we're beyond excited to announce that PlayStation®4 players can now purchase Rec Tokens!

  • Find them in your Watch -> Store -> Get Tokens
  • Note that Rec Tokens purchased on PC and items purchased with Rec Tokens on PC won't be accessible on PlayStation® (and vice versa) - though earned items will always be available on all platforms!
  • Please direct any issues with real money purchases to; anything not due to a real money transaction should go to

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH for the “Rainbow Connection” Edition

June 28, 2019 - magglerock

  • Fixed a crash on SteamVR while playing Crescendo Of The Blood Moon and Curse Of The Crimson Cauldron. Sorry about that!

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH for the "Rainbow Connection" Edition

June 27, 2019 - magglerock

We’ve got another patch for ya, featuring a few updates and loads of bug fixes!

First, the updates:

  • We’re excited to announce that The Rise of the Jumbotron is now available for Oculus Quest players! Enjoy =]
  • There are now 5 Weekly Challenges! Complete any 3 to get the weekly reward
  • Oculus Quest controllers should now have haptic feedback
  • When given the option to invite your party with you to a new room, you are now warned if there are people in your party who cannot join you

Plus a BUNCH of bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed several crashing bugs on PlayStation®4
  • Fixed an issue where your mic would turn off automatically if you had it muted previously - sorry about that!
  • You can now use the Share Camera for Room and Invention photos
  • Fixed a framerate hitch when taking a Share Camera photo
  • Corrected the dark output from PlayStation®4 when connected to an HDR TV
  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation®4 VR where using the sharecam with the timer turned on could trigger dozens of photos at once, causing a crash. Sorry bout that!
  • Fixed issues related to players sending invalid text characters in messages
  • Fixed bug where Oculus Quest players could create and clone rooms based on locations they don't have access to yet
  • Fixed an issue where reflections in the Maker Room were sometimes inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug where holding a double damage potion and using a wand would cause avatars to spin uncontrollably
  • Fixed an issue where watches for remote players in your party were not shown with the correct color
  • Fixed an issue where faces were not always rendering in Share Cam
  • Tweaked the Maker Pen multi-select small size to have a smaller min radius
  • Fixed some invisible tables in the Bowling Alley near the vending machine
  • Added Move back into the Undo stack while working with the Maker Pen
  • Fixed flag throwing across the map in Paintball
  • Increased spawn invincibility in Paintball and Laser Tag from 1 second to 3 seconds to help reduce spawn killing
  • Fixed issue with grabbable objects sometimes not behaving according to their setting in multiplayer rooms

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

TechCrunch: "Against Gravity is building a VR world that won’t stop growing"


June 12, 2019

Announcement of $24 million raised in new funding

Rec Room PATCH for the "Rainbow Connection" Edition

June 11, 2019 - magglerock

Just a small update with a couple of bugs fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug where the Costume Dummy equip UI was constantly rotating - sorry about that!
  • Fixed some screens that weren't displaying correctly in Cyber Junk City
  • Removed an invisible wall on the red side base near the forest crane
  • Fixed shipping containers in CJC
  • Some angry librarians were upset with the theater kids stealing a bookcase in Golden Trophy, so we took care of that =]
  • PLUS Disc Golf: Lake is now open for business on the Oculus Quest! [announced in a reddit posting]

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Rec Room PATCH - for the "Rainbow Connection" Edition

June 6, 2019 - magglerock

Just a quick update to fix some things we broke with our last update =]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Screens players from reviving each other in Quests, Rec Royale. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Screens players from partying up with each other.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the scoreboard from opening at the end of Quest For the Golden Trophy.

Rec Room UPDATE - the "Rainbow Connection" Edition

June 4, 2019 - magglerock

We’re back! This is the first of what we hope are regular weekly updates now that we’re through the bulk of the “make Rec Room work on Quest” work we had to do in the first half of this year. We really appreciate your patience while we did that, and we're super stoked to get back into the swing of things =]

OK here’s what's new in this update...

First we have some Oculus Quest specific stuff:

  • Quest for the Golden Trophy is now available on the Oculus Quest!
  • We’ve improved lighting on the Quest… this will especially improve the appearance of neon objects in custom rooms.
  • Fixed an issue that would make your hands appear jittery… we just had something screwed up, sorry :-/

You can now purchase Hair Dye directly from the Dorm Room mirror appearance menu!

  • The Dorm Room appearance menu allows you to buy the items directly from it by popping the Store page
  • The menu shows a locked icon for the colors you do not own, and refreshes it once it is purchased
  • The Watch Store now properly filters permanent hair dyes with the potion filter

Lots of creation work in this update...

  • We've added 17 new Maker Pen Colors (and corresponding neons)! Just in time for Pride month =] There are now 33 colors total to choose from.
    • Find them in Maker Pen menu, along with all our original colors
    • We added tooltips to the color palette menu to help disambiguate colors
  • We found and fixed a color correction bug that was affecting all existing maker pen shapes. So, we fixed it. This may make the colors in your room appear more saturated (and maybe a little darker, depending on circumstances). Sorry for the unexpected change! Many of the new colors are less-saturated options, so you can go back and re-adjust if you need to.

Some other color-related updates...

  • There’s now a Recolorable Marker available in the palette menu.
    • This is a whiteboard marker that can be colored using the Recolor tool!
  • Stage Lights and Beacons can now be colored using the Recolor tool
  • Please note that we made a change to the Beacon object to align its color palette with other circuit-colored objects (lights, emitters). So they now all react to colors in the same way. This will change the color of your beacons, so you’ll need to re-adjust those too.

We made some updates to the Freeze tool:

  • There’s now an "Is Grabbable" setting on all objects! This lets you define whether an (unfrozen) object can be picked up by players who are not holding a Maker Pen. You can change it by using the "Configure" tool on any object. This means you no longer have to freeze objects simply because you don’t want players picking them up.
  • Provided a setting in Maker Pen menu to let you make objects grabbable (or not) by default. (Palette > Settings > Create grabbable objects)
  • Maker Pen Objects can now be unfrozen using the Select tool by double-selecting the object! Attempting to select a frozen object provides this as feedback.
  • Added better error messages when trying to connect/disconnect frozen objects. (Note: You are allowed to attach Gizmos to frozen objects)
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to disconnect wires connected to frozen objects
  • Fixed bug where trying to select a frozen object would sometimes drop your previous selections

We've also updated the Manipulate and Select tools:

  • We improved the Select tool to reduce frustrating deselects, and to provide a way to easily select volumes of objects
  • New Select Sphere - using the Select tool, click and drag to select or deselect objects inside a sphere
    • The size of the sphere depends on distance (to allow precise selection up close, and big areas far away)
    • You can adjust the size of the sphere in Palette > Settings
    • In VR the slider can be set to ‘analog’ to change size based on trigger pressure
  • To clear a selection, click and hold away from objects, or double click on a single object
    • Use Undo to get back the cleared selection
    • Double click any object part of a cleared selection to get the last selection back
  • Basic selection (tap and double tap) now works in the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools.

The Wire tool also got some love!

  • The Wire tool is now magnetic, making it easier to target pins
  • We now show an icon to preview what will happen if you complete the current wiring operation:
    • Circle = you’ll make this connection
    • X = you’ll remove this wire
    • Hand = invalid connection (nothing will happen)
  • You can now multi-select Chips or Objects to create multiple Wires in one operation!
  • The Wire tool tooltip has been replaced with a quicker info display:
    • We new show the pin info on both start and end connection.
    • We show the incoming or outgoing values.
  • Signals are now displayed for the user.
    • Quick pulse on the connection line As an outgoing value that stays displayed for a few frames

Plus a BUNCH of optimizations and bug fixes across all platforms, including:

  • Streamlined boot sequence!
  • You can now opt to show your password as you type while logging in
  • Improvements to LOD system (improves appearance of custom rooms - especially on PS4 and Quest)
  • Tweaked new lighting system to reduce lighting artifacts
  • Fixed facial features clipping in share cam pictures
  • We did a general clean up of the Maker Pen palette settings menu (just making it a little more sane)
  • You can now equip two gloves of the same type but different colors!
  • Share cam filters no longer show up in the preview (they were showing up wrongly previously), only in the captured picture
  • Fixed bug where screen players would see a revive teammate prompt before the teammate could be revived
  • Fixed bug where event creators were unable to instant kick other players from their event
  • Fixed bug where the "Disable Auto Mic Muting" room setting wasn't working properly
  • Fixed bug where holotars were facing the wrong direction
  • Fixed bug where samplers weren't playing correctly
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes not see a HUD when they were supposed to
  • Screens - Fixed bug where screen players could get stuck in the sprinting animation
  • PS4 screens - Fixed a bug where keyboard wouldn’t close when attempting to log into an existing Rec Room account
  • Dodgeball - Fixed bug where dodgeballs would appear to fly in weird paths for players not on court
  • Fixed a bug where sandbox buttons could become unresponsive if an item was dropped on it and then removed without touching the button
  • Fixed bug where gizmo-connected maker pen objects would sometimes shift for multiple players
  • Added setting to update an object's rotation when using object respawner
  • Fixed a bug that made Maker Pen colors affect Trigger Volume visibility and brightness (oops)

Please see here for convenient links to controls, tutorials, comfort options, etc.:

Thanks for playing Rec Room! As always, don't hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Patch for the Oculus Quest release! (from reddit)

May 27, 2019 - mamamonkey

We are very happy to share that our team has tracked down a very annoying bug that was causing some Oculus Quest users to go to a black screen while trying to log in (and other places while using the keyboard)! Please update Rec Room if you’re using the Oculus Quest.

As always, please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback =]

Oculus Quest details and update schedule (from reddit)

May 15, 2019 - shawncw1

Hey everyone!

Here are some more details for Rec Room on Oculus Quest. Partially edited from a post I made a few weeks ago.

Rec Room will be in the Oculus Quest store on launch day! For free of course just like everywhere else :)

Quest players will have the ability to buy tokens right off the bat since we already had the Oculus payments infrastructure in place for Rift + their approval. (We're still waiting on Sony for commerce approval on PS4, we know it sucks :( we thought it would have been approved months ago but here we are...)

Quest is fully cross platform - log in with your Rec Room account that you've already created on PS4, PSVR, Steam, Rift, Vive, etc. And play with anyone across any platform and any player type (screen mode or VR - you can play Rec Room on PS4 and Steam without a headset)

Initially Rec Room on quest won't include every Rec Room activity. Still unknown how many of them we are going to have ready for launch but we're trying our best to get as many of them ready (optimized and running at frame rate) as possible. Those that don't make it before launch will probably go out later, depending on the results we're seeing from the initial rooms when it comes to performance.

UPDATE, here's the list for launch:

  • The Maker Room and any player rooms built on the Maker Room, clones off of Maker Rooms, anything built on top of a template room or base room that started with the Maker Room, etc. Same thing for all of the other rooms listed below. Combined these account for 75% of all player created rooms, so 75% of all player rooms will be available at launch. You can also
  • Rec Center
  • Dorm Room
  • Paintball
  • Charades
  • Dodgeball
  • Paddleball

The new lighting update that just went out does work on Quest! In fact its that new rendering engine that allows us to move a lot of Rec Room onto Quest. If you have other QUESTions let us know!

Due to the way we have to manage Quest roll out we wont be able to push any updates to all platforms for a few weeks :( But the good news is we're building up a lot of new features and improvements here in the office that will hit once we are able to ship again. Sorry for the delay! However there should be a bunch of new really cool rooms hitting the hot list soon with the Time Travel 2019 contest about to enter the play phase: Be sure to check those rooms out by searching #TimeTravel2019 in the room browser or just scanning the live and hot lists once the play phase starts this coming Monday May 20th.

I hope that answers a few questions. Cheers!


There will be no quests on the Quest at launch, but Golden Trophy and Jumbotron are coming Joon™ sorry I mean Soon™

You can create inventions and rooms on the quest. Maker Pen works great. Initially you will only be able to build off of the rooms we will have at launch though. But almost everyone uses the Maker Room as their base anyway so this should cover most creators at launch.

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