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Front facing view of the Jester set


The backward view of the Jester set

The appearance of the Jester Set is a Mardi gras Jester which is dressed in Green Purple and Yellow Attire Wearing a Ruff and formal wear wearing a Jester hat with 3 Circular bells


The Jester Hat was purchasable from 2/10/21 to 3/3/21 and costed 7500 tokens. The Torso and gloves were later added as a purchasable bundle which included 3 variants each costing more and giving more tokens. The bundles were on sale from 3/26/22 to 3/28/22. in 2022 Jester hat returned from 2/28/22 to 3/7/22 For 7500


  • The Torso and Gloves were added almost a year after the release of the Jester hat making it the longest set you would have to wait for in rec room
  • The creation of the rest of the set may hint to the Jester hat coming back on sale for Mardi gras for 2022
  • This is the first set that in order to obtain the full set you had to both spend in game tokens and real life money