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Some Skins in the game. (Not including camera skins, and the new maker pen skins.)

Item skins are a type of cosmetic item which will change the appearance of common Rec Room items. You can select any skins you have by using the Backpack Menu in the Watch Menu. When you pick up weapons / tools / Etc.. these fun decorations will appear

Item skins are divided into 5 categories: Sports, Paintball, Quests, Dice, and Others.

You are given a few skins by default. Most additional skins are earned by completing weekly challenges, but some have to be bought for tokens in the Store. For example; the purple maker pen for 900 Tokens. Other skins are also given out as rewards for contests, or placements in leagues. The contest skins are usually for the Maker Pen or the Share Camera, whereas the league skins are gold and relate to the league they come from. For example; The golden Laser Tag pistol is given to Jumbotron league winners, or Laser Tag league winners.



Rec Royale


Golden Trophy/Crimson Cauldron