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Isle of Lost Skulls was the 4th Quest to be added to Rec Room. It is a pirate-themed quest.

In the #RecRoomOriginal room ^IsleOfLostSkulls, anywhere from 1 to 3 players play through a total of 8 acts, ending with the boss battle of Ghost Beard.

This room is a #pickup room, i.e., teleporting and "walking" VR players as well as Screen Mode players may play in the same room.

A mini-update in December 2018 introduced checkpoints that allow players to continue a quest from the last checkpoint (unless all players leave the quest). This update also added back holsters to the game allowing players to carry a weapon in each hand plus one on their back.

Community Gameplay / Tutorials


Isle of Lost Skulls Solo Tutorial

YouTube solo tutorial by Boethiah


Act 1, Galley

Players spawn trapped in a jail cell within the galley of a ship. Using a stool leaning against the wall, players break the lock and escape into the vestibule of the ship. Here, players use items such as Cutlasses, stools, and brooms to defend themselves against Swashbucklers. After the vestibule is a gate, which leads to the kitchen of the ship. Here, a new enemy, the Bottle Thrower is introduced, along with three new weapons, respectively the Plush fish, Bottle, and Frying Pan.

Act 2, Pirate Banquet After killing two waves of Swashbucklers, move to the next room where you will face the first Jug Skeletons. Don't try blocking their explosive jugs; just kill them quickly. Be careful of the Bottle Skeletons that spawn on the ceiling beams. When you reach a staircase, pick off the Bottle Skeletons and be careful about the Jug Skeletons standing at the top of the stairs. You can also go up an elevator shaft to surprise the skeletons from the back.

After going through the gate, you will find yourself in a bar fight. This is one of the most difficult parts of the quest for new players. You can find a good shelter behind the bar, but don't stand too close to the Swashbuckler Skeletons, as their sword can reach you even through the bar. Pick off as many of the skeletons upstairs using projectiles as you can before heading up and attacking them with melee weapons.

Act 3, High Seas You will find yourself on the deck of a ship with some enemies ahead of you. Be sure to take care of the Bottle Skeleton up the mast quickly, and the Jug Skeleton that will spawn near the wheel. Once the enemies in your ship are defeated, more will spawn in the other ship. Man the two cannons and take care of the Cannoneers before hitting the target that lowers the bridge. Defeat the waves of enemies using the cannons, watching out for the Pirate Captains, as they have very good aim. After the enemies are defeated, move to the platform which will open the way to the beach. There are no enemies here, but plenty of hidden gold chests.
Act 4, Port Plunder Using the flintlock pistols and plenty of cover, take care of the numerous enemies that will spawn in the harbor. There are a lot of green explosive jugs in the first boat, which are also very helpful. Once you're done with the first wave of Captains, throw as many flintlocks as you can onto the first ship. It is advisable to bring as many pistols as you can to the gate, as the shootout in the alley can be very tense. Use plenty of cover and watch for the Captain on the roof. When you reach the town, there are many enemies in the roofs. After defeating the enemies, there are many gold stashes in the town.
Act 5, Gibbet Jungle You will spawn in a jungle and face your first Gibbeted Skeleton. Grab the bombs he throws at you and fling them back, as this enemy only takes explosive damage. The next area can be quite difficult, so use plenty of cover and defeat the Jug Skeletons as quickly as you can. There are lots of pistols and explosive jugs to help you. After defeating all the enemies, climb up to the bridge and cross it. Before going down, try to defeat the Gibbeted Skeletons using the explosive jugs. After the gate, enemies will spawn as soon as you step into the water. First, they will spawn on the platforms to your right, and later on the high platforms to your left. Use the pistols on the ground and the upturned boat as cover. Bring as many pistols as you can into the cove, as they will be very useful. As soon as you go down, enemies will spawn in the platform right ahead of you. Defeat them and the enemies ahead, including a Gibbeted Skeleton and Jug Skeleton. When you reach a broken bridge, use the available planks to repair it and walk across. Grabbing some pistols before getting on the platform is always a good idea. A viable strategy is to spawn the enemies and fall back to the bridge in the first half of the level.
Act 6, Caves You will find yourself in a dark cave, with a torch nearby. One player must grab the torch and lead the others through the cave. Before the first gate, if you climb the cliff ledge, you can turn around and see some boxes and a Mice Bot from The Rise of Jumbotron. The good news is that there are no enemies until after you pass the first gate. When you reach a room with a "Not Heavy" box, climb on top of a platform behind the skeleton and pick up some extra boxes. Pile three boxes on top of one another in front of the skeleton and use a fourth box as a ladder to climb onto the other three, from where you can teleport up and keep making your way forward. After the gate, you will face the first enemies of the stage. The person with the torch must keep in mind that the others can't see without him and that he has the advantage when fighting enemies, so he is mostly responsible for the safety of the group. A Gibbeted Skeleton will eventually appear, which you can defeat using the many jugs. Moving up, more enemies will spawn, including a dangerous Bottle Skeleton on a lower platform to your left. Moving forward, you will arrive at a bridge. Pick up some pistols or projectiles, and be very careful not to fall down any holes (if you do, you will have to either leave and rejoin the match, or walk out of bounds to kill yourself and have the other players revive you, though this may be patched later). As soon as you go over the first large gap in the bridge, an enemy will spawn on a platform on both sides, so defeat them quickly using the ranged weapons. Moving forward you will not face any more enemies, you simply must male your way through the cave, using the platforms to help you.
Act 7, Sunken Ship Head underwater and through the tunnel, where Swashers will spawn. You can use the swimming fish as weapons if you did not bring any from the cave. Ahead will see several mines, which will explode when you come close. You can throw objects such as swords to destroy them, just make sure you are far enough. After going through the mine field and out of the water, you will face several enemies. It is a good idea to defeat the Jugger up in the platform quickly. Before going through the gate, you must find the two missing puzzle pieces, in addition to the one sitting on the platform. Go down through the water hole where you will see a sunk ship. Walk carefully past the mines (or destroy them), and you can find one puzzle piece on the ship. Moving forward, the second piece is held by a skeleton near a ladder. Go up the ladder and out of the water, where you will face many enemies. Use the pistols and cannon to defeat them. Bring the puzzle pieces back to the gate and place them on the correct slot, which will open the door to the boss.
Final Act, Ghost Beard's Gauntlet You must first clear the enemies in the ship. Standing on top of the bleachers to the right is a good place to pick off the Cannoneers and Captains. Try not to crowd together, as an unlucky cannon ball could take out multiple players at once. Once the ship is clear, pick up some pistols and head into it. The boss will now appear. To defeat him, use the cannons to shoot him, as this is the only weapon that will do damage. Waves of Swashbucklers will spawn on the bridges leading to the ship, but the vast majority of these can be taken out by skilled players on the cannons, leaving only a few to be fought in melee combat. As you fight the boss, watch for his own cannon shots, especially if you are distracted by the other enemies or sitting still at a cannon. You must hit the boss three times to defeat him, the first time with the cannon on the rear of the ship, the second with the cannon on the front, and the third with either cannon. The reward chests will appear on the pile of gold. (The boss will drop a hook that can be picked up as an object, which makes for a nice picture) Note: A good place to hide is in the rear hole of the ship. Ghostbeard will not shoot if you're hiding there when he spawns in. Note that a slightly easier but more frantic way to defeat Ghostbeard is to hit him with the same canon three times. This method takes a shorter time but you have to deal with greater waves of Swashers.



To fight the most common enemies, the Swashbuckler Skeletons, you should first block their attack. This stuns them for a second, during which you can attack them with one of the melee weapons. Weapons break after a few attacks but most of them do not take damage when used to block attacks.

Cutlass, broom, and stool

Cutlass: dropped by Swashbuckler Skeletons or found throughout the stages. They become damaged as they are used to attack enemies and break after 5 uses for attacks. Deals one damage.

Stools: Good for blocking attacks from enemies, but break quickly when used to attack. If thrown they deal 2 damage. They are one of the best tools to block bullets from the Skeleton Pistoleers.

Brooms: Have long range, but break after three uses to attack. Deals one damage.

Paddles: Can be found in several places, usually near boats, deals 2 damage and last 3 shots.


Fish: Can be found hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen or "swimming" around underwater. They deal 1 damage if you swing or throw them.

Pan: Found in the kitchen, has very small range, but deals 2 damage, lasts 5 hits.

Torches: Found near cannons or in the cave, not great for blocking nor attacking. Deals little damage, and takes a couple of hits to kill a single enemy.


Bottles, jug, and grog mug

Bottles: Thrown by Bottle Skeletons or found throughout the stages. They can be thrown at most enemies. Deals one damage.

Jugs: Thrown by Jug Skeletons or found throughout the stages. Similar to bottles, but explode when they break, which sometimes happens even when they are placed down gently. Their explosion does friendly damage. Deals one damage from the explosion, however, if the jug hits the enemy directly, it will deal another 1 damage, usually killing the enemy.

Pirate Plates: Found in the kitchen and the bar area. Deals one damage.

Grog Mugs: Found in the bar area and throughout the stages. Deals one damage.

Coconuts: Found in the town. Deals one damage.

Coconut Bombs: Look like coconuts and are thrown by Gibbeted Skeletons, take about 4 seconds to explode, during which they can be grabbed and thrown back at enemies. Deals one damage.


Loaded and unloaded flintlocks

Flintlock pistols: Dropped by Skeleton Pistoleers or found commonly after the beach, need to be cocked before firing, and can only be fired twice. To cock a pistol, either throw and flip it upside-down, or hold it in one hand and move your other, free hand over the hammer of the pistol, then pull the trigger of the controller of your free hand to cock the pistol. A headshot will be a instant kill.

Cannons: Found in ships, have a small turning radius but their explosive shells do a lot of damage. To fire them, grab a nearby torch and bring it close to the fuse of the cannon to light it.

Blunderbusses: Unlike a Flintlock pistol, the Blunderbuss deals more damage to enemies and lasts 3 shots instead of two. They can only be found in Act 6. The blunderbuss, like any other shotgun, is effective at short range.


Swasher: This enemy attacks with a sword. To defeat them, block their sword swing using a melee weapon. This stuns them for about a second and allows you to hit them. You can also hit them from the back while they are busy with other players or throw projectiles at them.

Point Value: 500

A stunned swashbuckler

Bottle Thrower: These will throw bottles at you, which can be blocked using weapons or grabbed straight from the air. Defeat them by throwing their bottles back or attacking with any other weapon.

Point Value: 500

ILS Bottle Thrower.png
Jugger: Similar to the Bottle Skeleton, but their jugs are explosive. They can however still be blocked with a weapon or caught mid-air. Killing these enemies as quickly as possible is always a good idea.

Point Value: 500

ILS Jug Thrower.png
Pirate Captains: These enemies use flintlock pistols against you and have very good aim even from a long distance. They take a couple of seconds to aim and fire, and have unlimited ammo. Makes a growling noise upon spawning.

Point Value: 500

Gibbet: These enemies fight from within a cage and throw bombs at you. The only kind of damage they receive is from explosions, so either throw their own bombs back at them or use the green jugs.

Point Value: 1,000

Capture cage.PNG
Cannoneers: They use the cannons on ships against you. Their cannonballs are highly explosive and can take out multiple players at once, so kill them quickly. Their turning radius is very small, however, and they never leave their cannons.

Point Value: 1,000



Getting this is a big success!

Update: Scoreboard have allegedly broken for the "Gifting Edition" update and have revealed the score values for defeating enemies in the quests. I have added the point values above to each enemy for reference. The scoring system seems to mimic that of Golden Trophy and Jumbotron. Killing Ghost Beard awards 10,000 points while a player death removes 1,000 from the overall score. And if all players die, the combat score will reset to 0.

Which means that if all players die in act 3 or any following acts, S-rank is impossible to achieve.

There are two different scores involved in this quest, gold and rank, which are independent from one another.

Gold can be found in chests and is sometimes dropped by monsters, but it must be picked up quickly as it disappears after a few seconds. If all players fail during a quest, you will each drop all of your gold on the ground and be transported back to the starting lobby. If you do not log out, even if you change rooms, the gold will still be lying there for you to pick up. When you complete the quest you keep your gold, which you can spend at the shop to buy any clothing reward item except the S-rank set. The number of gold does not determine the rank you get. The limit of gold achievable in one run is 1600. Even if you pick more , only 1600 will be added to your account at the end.

There is also a scoring system that is hidden from the players which determines the rank received. Similar to other quests, each monster kill gives a certain amount of points to the players that did damage to the monster, and each player death takes away points from the player killed. As these points are not shown, it is difficult to determine how many maximum deaths are required for each rank, but it has been generally observed that up to 9 deaths will usually yield S rank.

The clothing rewards are randomly picked from categories based on the rank received:

  • C-rank: Belts or wrist pieces
  • B-rank: Belts or shirts
  • A-rank: Shirts or hats
  • S-rank: Any piece from the S-rank set

Ranks A, B, and C may give duplicate items, but an S-rank will always give a new item, unless the players already has the full S-rank set, in which case his reward comes from the A-rank category, etc.

Update History

February 21, 2018 A teaser trailer is debuted on Rec Room's Youtube
March 1, 2018 The quest is officially released to the public as Rec Room's 4th quest
December 5, 2018 An update to the quest introduced holsters and checkpoints, subsequently resulting in levels becoming harder and more timely. This also included minor bug fixes.