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Inventions Tab of the Palette

Inventions are publishable groups of Maker Pen objects, gadgets, and props. They allow players to share Maker Pen creations without publishing a whole Custom Room, to transport creations between rooms, and to organise groups of objects within a room.

Creating Inventions

See the Make Invention button of the Maker Pen.

Editing and Spawning Inventions

See the Inventions Tab of the Palette.

Selecting a Spawned Invention

Once an invention has been spawned in a room, all objects, gadgets, and props that are/were part of it may be selected with the Maker Pen; see Select Entire Invention.

Finding Published Inventions


How To Rec Room- Customizing your Dorm Room!


Premium Inventions Try Before You Buy

See the Inventions tab of the Store Menu in the Watch Menu.

RecRoomOriginal Inventions

The Store Menu includes #RRO (RecRoomOriginal) inventions, which are accessible in the Inventions tab using the #RRO filter (the bottom, right button with the Rec Room logo). The following #RRO inventions are available as of January 2020:

  • Stunt Runner Start Gate: Includes four spawn points of official races!
  • Stunt Runner End Area: Includes a button, and leaderboard chip already wired.
  • Stunt Runner Bounce Pad: Better than a step ladder.
  • Stunt Runner Checkpoint: RecTv's official checkpoint arch used in Stunt Runner
  • Stunt Runner Commentator: RecTVs official commentator booth.