How To Rec Room - Holotars

YouTube tutorial about Holotars

Holotar projector with "Configure Object" page in the Palette.

"Holotars" are recordings of a player's avatar and microphone of up to 15 seconds. The recordings are created and played back with a Holotar projector from the "Props" tab of the Palette (in the "Dynamic" category). To use a Holotar projector, place it somewhere in a custom room, then laser point the button to start recording your movements and voice.

Holotars are saved with a Custom Room, so any visitors will see them when they get close to the Holotar projector. For finer control of the playback, the Holotar projector can be wired to Circuits. Use the Configure mode of the Maker Pen to access further (playback) options and to delete the recording.

Notable examples of uses of Holotars may be found in the Custom Rooms ^RobbyRecla, ^HolotarDance, ^CircuitAcademy , etc.

In many cases, Holotars are used to design dramatic interactions. The book "Computers as Theatre" by Brenda Laurel provides a general discussion of dramatic interactions.

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