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Rec Room - Featured Rooms (Community Builds) Game Jam Edition! - Week of Nov 17th


Rec Room - Featured Rooms (Community Builds) - Week of Mar 23rd

Rec Room's Game Jams are week-long events (not competitions) about making a game in Rec Room.

  • Game Jam 2020: November 2-8, 2020; theme: "Party Time!"; room tag: #gamejam2020
  • Game Jam 2021: March 5-14, 2021; theme: "Stronger Together!"; room tag: #gamejam2021
  • Game Jam GNG: September 13-19, 2021; theme: "Gather and Grow"; room tag: #gamejam-gng
  • Game Jam 2022 Spring: March 11-20, 2022; theme: "Save the world!"; room tag: #gamejam2022

Doors to room submissions can be found in ^GameJamHQ.