^Hobbits Trailer (Rec Room)

^Hobbits Trailer (Rec Room)

YouTube trailer for ^Hobbits

Fanart rooms usually showcase creations that are inspired by popular fictional universes, e.g. Pokémon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. If the creations are original, the room is usually considered an Art Room. Fanart rooms can be Hangout Rooms or any kind of Player-Created Game at the same time; thus, there is no clear borderline between them. As fanart rooms are related to known stories and characters, they are often used for roleplaying.

Examples from 2019Q2 include: ^RecRoomBirthday, ^MrsPuffsRecBoatingSchool, ^MosEisleyCantina, ^IAmYourFather, ^GreenRunDiner, ^ValleyOfTheDark, ^castleRECskull, etc.

Examples from 2019Q1 include: ^ChamberOfSecrets, ^Hobbits, ^DarkSoulsShowcase, ^Opportunity, ^PrideRock, ^TempleofTimeBOTW, ^RecDeathStar, ^DragonBallHunt, ^REescape, ^ObraDinn, etc.

Examples from 2018 include: ^DunderMifflin, ^PokePark, ^StarWars, ^SouthParkLand, ^CarlFredricksenHouse, ^XWing, ^FrozenCastle, ^RetroArcade, ^Hoth, ^Quidditch, ^RecFormers, ^RickAndMortys, ^PokemonSnapDEMO, ^RadiatorSprings, ^MillenniumFalconSW, etc.

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