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Props tab of Palette. 1st page of Dynamic Props.

Props tab of Palette. 2nd page of Dynamic Props.

Props tab of Palette. 3rd page of Dynamic Props.

Props tab of Palette. 4th page of Dynamic Props.

Most of the "Dynamic Props" in the Palette either receive or send circuit signals if their colored pins/arrows are connected to Circuits. There is no clear distinction between Dynamic Props and Other Gadgets: many of the items could go into either category.



The Beacon is a transparent beam/column, which can be used to highlight things - similar to the beacons in Disc Golf and Rec Royale. If the cyan input pin ("On/Off") receives 0, the beacon is deactivated. The Color ID on the magenta input pin ("Color") specifies the color of the column. The yellow input pin ("Beam Height") specifies the height of the beacon.



When the button is pressed, red pin will output a tick of 1. While holding down the button, the green pin will output a consistent 1. The blue pin will output a tick of 1 when the button is released. The button can be configured to output the ID of the Player who interacted with the button, instead of a 1.

Costume Dummy


A Costume Dummy allows the player to wear any custom made costume. To create a costume, spawn in the Costume Dummy in your Maker Pen by going to the Palette, Props ➡ Dynamic props, you should see it on the first page.

In its current state, (Unless It is an Invention), it will be empty. Go to your Maker Pen, and press Edit, then select the Costume Dummy, Next open your Palette from your Maker Pen and add any object from the shapes category.


The Costume Dummy sends the player ID of the player who is wearing the costume on the red pin. Otherwise it sends 0. The other pins on the dummy allows you to add this costume to any player in the map with a Player ID.

Creator Feedback Buttons


Creator Feedback Buttons!

[More information needed] From update notes: "The buttons are equivalent to tapping "Subscribe" or "Cheer" in the watch, but they are physical buttons you can integrate into your room design. Note that the first placement of the buttons doesn't cost ink (subsequent placements do)"

Dice Set


When a die of the dice set rolls, the connection outputs the value of the roll momentarily. You could use a pulse to steady conversion circuit or a copy value circuit to store the dice roll result.



A single 6-faced die that cannot be recolored and has not output pin. (Only the dice from the Dice Set have output pins; you might have to spawn multiple dice sets and delete the dice that you don't need.)

Disc Golf Goal

Disc golf goal.jpg

When a disc hits the goal, the red output arrow outputs a momentary 1.

Free Gift Button


Rec Room New Free Gifts button!

The Free Gift Button is a prop that can be placed in any Custom Rooms! You can buy any items (Excluding clothing) to put inside of the button, including Consumables and, some Item Skins. Anyone that can pushes that button can get ONE free gift ether every hour, or every week. Remember: This button is equivalent to gifting people through your Watch Menu, and thus will cost YOU the same amount of tokens! Feel free to watch the video to the right! ➡

Holotar Projector


The Holotar Projector is like a Sampler, but it records your movements as well as your voice. Push the red record button on the front to start the recording. Once you are done recording, push the save button, this will save your Holotar for anyone to veiw. As it is now, when people walk near your Holotar it will pop up and start playing. When the green input arrow on the back of the Holotar receives a non-zero value, the Holotar starts playback no matter what. When the red input arrow receives a non-zero value, the Holotar stops playback no matter what.

KO Cola Boost


If you have played Stunt Runner, then you will know about the infamous drink; KO Cola! This drink will boost every aspect of you, this includes but is not limited to; Running faster, Jumping higher, Sliding farther, and getting a higher boost from bounce pads. Spawn these into any Custom Room by, going into your Maker Pen menu, opening the Palette menu, and going to PropsDynamic, It will be on the first page. (See Maker Pen for more Information)

Leaderboard Projector


Leaderboard Chip and Projector

Displays per-player information that is specified with the Set Leaderboard Chip. [More information needed.]

Link Button


Link to a Player, Room, Club, Event, or an Invention using a Link Button!

Configure link button.png

The Link button can be placed in any Custom Room, use this button to give your visitors a way to easily find; A player, Another custom room, a club, or any invention. To setup a Link button, configure them by using the Maker Pen's configure tool.

*Remember, in order to configure the link button to any setting, the room, club, or invention has to be publicly available.*

Log Screen


CV2 Log Screen Tutorial

The Log Screen can be used in Circuits V2 to output (or "log") text messages.

[More information needed.]

Object Goal

Object Goals.jpg

There are three default sizes (Large, Medium, and Small), but goals can also be scaled. When an object passes through the goals, the red output arrow outputs a momentary 1.

Player Goal

Player Goals.jpg

When a player passes through the goal, the red output arrow outputs a momentary 1.

Room Door


Doors++ Update!

When the red input arrow is receiving a true value (any value other than 0), the door is locked. [more information needed]

Palette configure scoreboard.jpg

Scoreboard Projector

The scoreboard projector cannot be connected to circuits. It is controlled by the Scoreboard Setup Chip and the Game Rules Chip. Note:

  • After spawning the projector, you might have to turn it by 180 degrees to face its front and thus activate it.
  • If the "Start" button is missing on the scoreboard, reduce the "Team Count" of the active Game Rules chip such that all teams fit on one page of the scoreboard.


20- Sign.png

The sign can display one of 5 text messages that can be set with the Configure mode of the Maker Pen. The cyan input signal determines which message is displayed (0 to 4). Use "{R}", "{G}", and "{B}" in the text messages to display the value of the red, green, and blue input signals. Sign text is limited to about 19 characters.

Sign text responds to Unity's rich text formatting properties. To change text color, use <color=######>, replacing ###### with either the color name (e.g. red, blue) or a hexidecimal color code. To detach text from a sign, use <voffset=#>, replacing # with either an integer or {R}, {G}, {B}. Other text formatting properties are available here for reference. Formatting text is counted towards the message character limit, so formatted text usually must be very short.

To enter some text characters not appearing on the in-game keyboard (e.g. ö, ä) players may launch Screen Mode and input characters using their keyboard.

Showcase Poster


Rec Room Turtorial How to Showcase poster

[More information needed.]

Stage Light

Lamp operational.jpg

The stage light looks like a spotlight that creates a square pyramid of light originating from the source that gradually tapers off several meters away from the source. The cyan input controls the On/Off state with 0 being off and non-zero being on. The magenta input controls the color of the lamp using a Color ID. The yellow input controls the intensity of the lamp, with 0 being no intensity and 100 being max intensity.

The light cone passes through objects, so there are no shadows. The circuit stage light is an environmental object that is not influenced by physics.

StuntRunner Button


If you have ever played Stunt Runner, you will have noticed the end of map StuntRunner Button, this button captures your time + Who you are. This is very useful for making a Custom Room based off of Stunt Runner. To find this prop, go to your Maker Pen menu, and press open palette button. Next go to Props ➡ Dynamic Then go to the Last page. On the side of the button you can find two pins with the info about the run, Time + Player ID.

Toggle Button


Toggle Button

When the toggle button is pressed, the output remains constant, unlike the Button, which only outputs a signal when being held/pressed. Also unlike the regular button, the toggle button cannot output the Player ID.

The toggle button has 3 pins, the Red pin outputs when the button gets pressed, the Green pin outputs if the button is On or Off, and the Red pin outputs when the button is released.

Other Props in Circuits

Bowling Pin

Bowling pin.jpg

The bowling pin is the only Sports prop in the Palette that has output pins. The green pin outputs the angle from upright rotation (in degrees). The red pin outputs 1 if the pin is upright and 0 otherwise. Upright is defined as any angle < 25°.


The Radio is the only Toys prop in the Palette that has an input pin. For the list of songs, see the page about the Radio. For more information about controlling the radio with Circuits, see the description of the Ambience Radio.