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View of the dorm room from the door to the Rec Center. The community board is in the center of the image.

Community board


The Dorm Room is your personal room where you can change and buy cosmetic clothing items, change your hair color, skin color, and facial features using the Mirror, inspect the current Weekly Challenge Reward, review the code of conduct, or browse the Watch Menu without worrying about the interaction with other players.

There are several objects in the room that you can play with, including a bucket, darts, a ping pong ball and paddle, a Basketball hoop, a punching dummy, a water bottle, a Radio and a Whiteboard up the ladder.

The community board includes information about currently featured creator, Featured Rooms, featured Instagram postings and YouTube videos. The buttons to the right of the board open the Privacy Policy and Help Center in your web browser.

The one door in the room leads to the Rec Center from where more doors lead to the #RecRoomOriginal games and #Community games. To go through the door, teleport into it or walk close to it and pull the trigger of your controller.

To the left of the door is a non-interactive campus map. Here is an interactive version:


Old mirror with 2 buttons


Dorm Room Skin UPDATE!

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.

The mirror has 4 buttons:

  • The "CUSTOMIZE" button allows you to change your skin color, change your face shape, change the appearance of your eyes and mouth, (de)activate ears, change your body shape, change and buy Hair, change your hair color and buy hair dyes, change and buy facial Hair, change and buy Shirts, Accessories, Hats, and Gloves.
  • The DORM SKINS button lets you Purchase, Get, And Spawn Dorm Skins.
  • The "REC ROOM +" button allows you to start the monthly paid subscription Rec Room Plus.
  • The "OUTFITS" button opens the saved outfits menu in the Profile Menu of the Watch Menu. There, you can save your appearance (including facial features, hair color, skin color) as "saved outfits" or activate one of these outfits.

Customizing Your Dorm Room


Decorate your dorm room walls!

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.


How To Rec Room- Customizing your Dorm Room!

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.


Invention Tower and Premium Dorm Room Skins

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.


How To Install A Dorm Skin

YouTube tutorial by Meagan_RR

Using the Maker Pen, you can customize your dorm room like any other Custom Room that you create. You can save changes with the "Save" button of the Details Tab of the This Room Menu of your Watch Menu.

Concept Art

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Update History

June 30, 2016 Early versions of the Dorm Room are debuted alongside Rec Room. It was split into two parts - the Starter Room and the Changing Room.
July 26, 2016 The Starter Room and the Changing Room are merged together into the Dorm Room. This also introduced the Zero-G Wardrobe.
August 2, 2016 Lighting Changes were made, alongside of the introduction of the Bulletin Board.
October 5, 2016 The tutorial function is added to the Dorm Room, starting when any player first launched the game.