Rec Room AMA 4

Rec Room AMA 4

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

Rec Room "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) #4 with Gribbly

Hey! Gribbly here; back for Rec Room AMA video #4. This is going to work basically the same as the previous ones. We got a bunch of cool questions on the reddit thread. I've sorted them by upload order, and I'm just going to get through as many as I can, so let's go.

First question here is from dotcommer1, who asks:

Any thoughts about bringing into Rec Room?

The ability to browse the feed, your feed, save/remove photos, share with others, etc. etc.?

Yeah so definitely in stuff like that it is as you kind of mentioned in your comment tricky to bring the whole browser in just you know wholesale and make it work but definitely top priority for us is making sure you can browse and select from your photos when you're in the app so like when you want to like add a photo to a room that you're publishing or if you want to just you know change your profile pic being able to like pull up all your images browse through them without leaving the app pick one update stuff like that we think will make it much easier to like manage your profile pic manage your room photos all of that kind of stuff so I think that's probably what we'll do next and then yeah over time we definitely want to pull in you know more and more of the stuff from make it available in game as well as continuing to upgrade generally all right great question

okay next question is from Thetsizzeler who asks

Can you add a more advanced party system?

for example you can go into the watch opp to joining a party and you'll see a new button

apply some good design here yeah so yeah obviously that's not something we've been thinking about for a while I agree I think it would be cool to manage your parties a little better like you know be able to see who's in there be able to manage stuff like that so I'll give you a kind of definitely interested in that feature sounds like a good one seems like there's a fair amount of interest in that too based on the number about put up words that got so that's something we'll look into I wouldn't hold your breath that we're gonna do it like next update or anything like that but yeah we'll look into it think it's a good idea

okay this question is from Beautiful_Bryan who has two questions actually alright. In the area of the Rec Center where the ... all right ...

How about popcorn so you can throw popcorn at your friends' faces as a consumable?

that's a really fun idea and actually that's something we've been to think about on the team I'm trying to think through what the next kind of fun consumables we can do are I think popcorn super high on the list really fun idea we love it you know apart for anything else it seems great if you encounter some kind of unfolding rec room drama you can just be like eating some popcorn and enjoying the show so yeah great idea that's a fun one so I think you can expect popcorn sometime in the near future

then the second question was

Could we ever see an implementation of individual volume sliders for players?

yeah so I think someone got back to you and mentioned that you can mute individual players so if you go to people and you know nearby and your watch it'll show everyone who's with you you can tap on them and mute them there you can always always use the talk to the hand gesture if you want to quickly pop up a shortcut or laser pointer and do it that way individual volume sliders is an interesting idea that's something we'll look into that could be that could be interesting like someone who's not maybe being like completely obnoxious but you know their mic volume is just maybe a little louder than you care for that's interesting one so we'll look into that one and they're generally speaking yeah there's we kind of have some ideas for managing you know there are you know the occasional player who likes to blast really loud noises through there Michael whatever you know we wish people wouldn't do that but humans going to human every so often have some ideas about how maybe to manage that a little better so yeah great suggestion Thanks

this question is from PhotogamerGT who asks

What is the next big thing for Rec Room?

Another PvP mode? Another quest? Maybe something bigger like an RPG or a larger open world style adventure or more creative tools?

so the next thing the next big thing that's coming you know as in literally the next big thing is definitely in the creative tools category so the last thing you mentioned there we're gonna do you know an update on the smaller side is coming next very soon that's got a few tweaks a few fixes a few things that we need to do and then the next major update coming before the end of the year is is going to be the inventions edition and so inventions are kind of a really big deal on the creator tool side this is what we've talked about in past AMAs as the ability to kind of package up objects save them and then bring them into other room so in this update you won't yet be able to share them with other users that's going to come soon afterwards but you will be able to like package up objects bring them into other rooms kind of make copies of them and when I say package up objects that means make up in shapes it means props it means circuits and gizmos and the connections between them everything basically so you can make a fully functional something save that as an invention and then kind of go somewhere else browse it pick it out and like not have to recreate it from scratch in the next room and then like I mentioned the next kind of tick of that clock is being able to share your inventions if you choose with other players and even in the inventions update if you are co-owners of a room you you know any co-owner of a room will be able to like grab an invention out of that room and take it to a different room so you can kind of share if your co-owners and this is a reminder so when you if you're a creator of a room and you have co-owners remember that that is a high trust relationship like you go to trust your co-owners because you know they could delete everything in your room or change everything so make sure that you know the people that your code is where the people that you are in communication with and that you trust each other because especially once we start doing inventions you know people we are to just grab things from the room take them and put them somewhere else so yeah just be aware you know we think of room ownership and room management is kind of an active responsibility it's something that you should pay attention to so you'll want to think about who you co-owners are as we roll out inventions

this question is from Poseidon-SS who asks

How soon will the pool table be in order?

so yeah so they are talking about the pool table here in the bowling room which has been out of order since we ship bowling so yeah when might it be in order so a good question so truth is we kind of added this on a whim it was kind of like a little side project you know they're obviously the main focus was was getting bowling to work but we thought it'd be kind of fun to like play around with a pool table kind of ran out of time to get it working properly it's sort of almost working so this is a long way of saying like I don't actually know when it's gonna work it'll be when that developers no yet time to kind of finish it up and put the final tweaks on it yes you know you know maybe he'll get some time we keep asking him to do kind of other stuff so it'll pop up sometime let's call it like a nice little surprise it'll just be kind of one day it'll just suddenly work because ste Torino had some spare time and yeah so I wish I could give you a hard answer on that one I can't but at at some point

here we got a question from Grisdon who asks

Will we eventually get more game mechanics in custom rooms such as health bars, weapon holsters, scores displayed on the HUD, etc?

so yes definitely in fact one of those things will be coming out in the next update I think it's literally the next update if not the one after that which is holstering weapons for well objects generally doesn't have to be a you know oversized comically oversized grenade or anything like that yeah you'll be outed like use the whole swing system very soon in your rooms like in like the next update and then here on the HUD stuff like new game mechanics generally yes that's definitely something we're going to do on the HUD stuff yeah what we're thinking about and we gotta do some design work on this is basically what we want to come up with is a unified design between something like the wreck ray I'll slash laser tag HOD which kind of behaves like a visor or a helmet that you wear so when you're in VR you get the kind of stuff in your peripheral vision basically getting that to match a screen mode implementation of that so those kind of health files or numbers or scores or whatever you're showing I'm kind of shown on the screen instead we got it I think it's a fairly simple design that we got to do but I want to make sure that when you use a HUD thing you know in a custom room it'll pop up correctly both for VR players and for screen players so yes that's definitely something we want to do you know getting more game mechanics into the custom rooms remains a very high priority and that's that's something we'll be working on both end of this year and early next year so yeah for sure and as for holstering yeah that's that's literally next on the list and now let's throw a comically oversized grenade

all right moving on. okay now we have a question from VoltZ_Quantum who asks

Will we be seeing any decorations for the holidays?

no absolutely not there will not be any Christmas decorations or anything of that kind in rec room for the holidays sorry but you know we just can't have that kind of thing

all right so this question is from FreestylinGoblin who asks

So what are the lyrics for the Rec Room song from the PlayStation Rec Room trailer?

well okay so I think we had this question in a previous AMA and I think well my goal is to string this out for as long as I can possibly make it so I think the last time I confirmed that the opening lyrics were rec room baby as in babies so maybe I can give you a little bit more rec room baby rec room and then then it says won't you play with me won't you play with me like an invitation hey what you want you come play with me so yeah I've heard all kinds of variants of that but it's actually won't you play with me all right and I think there's a little bit more to it than that but that's all I'm saying for today

so so this question is from Cmdr_RedWolf who says

Since we have vehicles such as the hang glider, will we see the return of go karts and maybe some other sort of vehicle?

so yeah I mean I've mentioned this a bunch of times and I know I have a tendency to say things and make it sound like it's coming in a month and then it comes in like three months or six months but yes vehicles is 100% on the list you know there are I saw some discussion in the reddit thread I can't remember exactly you know who or what but like yeah there's no there's not really any technical barrier to adding vehicles to record should work just fine so yeah it's really just a matter of like us kind of you know getting to it figuring out the right time to do it the right way to do it I think I mentioned in the past that like definitely something we're thinking about for a wreck or a season two is getting a vehicle in there and so we're still figuring out the timing of that you know like always were always working on a million things at once so yeah it's always like tricky to figure out exactly when something's going to land but but yes vehicles are definitely coming that's that's something we really really want to see people able to build you know really real vehicle games in their customers you know the experiments that people have done like the the amazing costume beasts go kart in this room here amazing experiments and people have been doing some truly incredible stuff like using the the fairly limited gizmos and things that we've we've we've provided so far to simulate things that are kind of vehicle like but yeah for sure there's a way to do real vehicles where you can attach the player drive things around fly things around and we definitely want to get there so I think you know like I mentioned we're gonna do some other stuff like inventions and stuff in custom rooms first but yeah vehicles are coming

all right this question is from rr_cricut who asks

Will the mini-mes ever come back?

so yeah what our our crack cut is referring to there is you know we used to have these things we could um holotars where you could you know you can still see them I'm not sure if or this actually show up on the camera or not see my collet are they're my little mini guy you used to be able to kind of grab them out and put them in the world kind of play with them a bit more we're kind of like backed off from that for perf reasons like when during a whole nother version of you for the fairly limited usefulness you got out of out of the holotars was not super useful but yes I think you'll see them come back in some form eventually like the the most common way we talk about them when we when we like ponder you know how we would bring them back is actually in the context of chat so as well as being able to send text messages with you to be really fun to be able to do something kind of like a holotar where you kind of record yourself and record your voice and like blah it would be real cool to to send like a voice mail but it's like a little you know mini-me holotar thing that you can like you know receive and like it's me talking to you like hey so ya know no specific timeline for getting that done but I think that's the form we would bring them back in you know as for using them for measurement which I saw some discussion around that I think you know we want to like just provide better measurement tools in general for customer rooms that's something that we've heard a bunch from creators they would like to be you know get specific measurements of things so I think we'll come up with a different solution that isn't using your enemy but yeah I would expect them at some point to come back in the form of fun little messages you can send to each other but I don't have a specific timeline on this

question is from Jerware who says

Hypothetically if you were developing Rec Rroom for Oculus Quest, how would that be going?

well you know hypothetically if we were hypothetically developing rec room for a hypothetical oculus quest I guess it would hypothetically be going really well but of course I'm speaking purely hypothetically about a hypothetical so thank you for that hypothetical question

all right this question is from Slash330003 who asks

People have been soloing the latest quest, CBM, and have gotten the s-rank instead of S plus. Will this be fixed?

so sure I'd say yes it's so S Plus has been a little bit more difficult than we intended I think there was a little miss tuning in there I'm not the expert on this stuff you're welcome to kind of ping us on the discord and Reddit and ping for more details but yes the big picture is it was a little harder than the intended was technically possible but harder than intended so in the next like smaller update that's coming out next week that'll be adjusted to work as intended so apologies for that but yeah we'll get a little easier and more possible to get s plus

so this next question is from dotcommer1 who asks

Saving and sharing maker pen objects when?

okay well I kind of alluded to this in an earlier question so we're gonna call this function inventions and it's coming next update so not literally next update we're doing a kind of a mini update that is kind of a bug fixes tunings and a couple of little exciting things that I won't spoil but then the next major update is the inventions edition that is saving and sharing make up in objects including circuits gizmos all that kind of stuff with yourself and with co-owners of your room and then shortly after that it'll be in the new year but shortly after that the kind of next step of that is a proper kind of publish and share mechanism or anything you built so yeah Merson that's been a high priority for us over the last like month or so we've been working on it so that is coming real soon

okay okay question from EnyaGamer:

Any word on custom / public dorm rooms? It would be nice to decorate your room for Christmas or something like that

yeah absolutely I know I've mentioned this a lot of times and said it's on our roadmap and so yeah unfortunately it's not going to make it by Christmas but yet totally agree it's something that we really really want to do we think it's really valuable and actually so this is kind of evening we decided to prioritize the invention system so they're kind of savable and shareable objects that is coming soon as I've mentioned and as we've been playing with that I know I personally have been really really craving putting those inventions that I create in my dorm room so that they're there when I kind of boot into the game and so yeah I think it's a pretty natural fit that once we get inventions going which like I said is is the next thing you know we're going to want to put them in the dorm room so that I think that'll be a bit of a forcing function to get us to focus on that excuse me and then yeah the other part of it is you know inviting people to be in your dorm room with you there's one little technical hitch with the way we handle basically the clothes and everything spawning that's that's standing between us and that but it's actually not too much of a job to get people you know just obviously the people you want your friends to be able to visit your dorm room so I don't want to make any bold claims about timing because I tend to be a little over optimistic but high on the list there's no kind of major roadblocks between us and now that we have the inventions coming I think it's like it's just one more reason why we want to do that so I think it's fair to expect that but you know we'll come up with a more specific time when we're a little closer to implementing it but yeah great question we're right there with you we want that too

so this question is from JayOnRR who asks: this has been suggested quite often but I would like to know your opinion.

What do you think about Rec Room getting a survival mode? COD zombies-styled?

that'll be pretty cool I think probably a bunch of you can predict what I'm going to say about this I think our goal is for that kind of is to like allow the PvP rooms to evolve and have more complex mechanics and more varied mechanics so a zombie style game would be perfect candidate for that so I think what you'll see us do is like continue to evolve the mechanics in the custom rooms so that you or any other kind of button game gives out there who want to you know make a custom room and rec room and share it can implement like a zombie style game and and share it with everybody so yeah I think that's the most likely way you'll see a COD zombie style game in rec room anytime in the near future

all right let me burn through a bunch here I'm starting to run out of time a little bit so I want to answer as many as I can so first we got Scouter_Egg asks first of all I love rec room Thank You scattering appreciate that it's a fantastic app blah blah blah great love it second of all

Could we expect some dorm room customization?

yeah just mention that a couple of questions ago with inventions coming online real soon we think that's going to be super compelling with the dorm room so yes and then when we could we expect CBM props into the make up in menu yeah not sure I definitely won't take us as long as it did for ILS the delay there was we didn't really know how to handle breakable objects now we do so yeah it's probably time to put the whip and some whip traversal stuff into the sandbox browser so yeah great suggestion thank you

what else we got here dwalin-rr asks

Will there be more custom outfit slots in the watch?

no probably I well maybe seems like there's quite a few sorry I'm kind of like so there's nine need more than nine let's talk about on the reddit not currently planned we could make it page and add more I guess that people want that thanks for the question

all right Joemicmoey_365 says two questions first one:

Will we see a new custom room mood for the holidays?

um not sure I know a couple of the devs have been talking about it I've seen some chatter on the slack about that um certainly think it'll be fun so I'll give you a hot maybe on that one so we'll see shouldn't be too hard to add I don't think so hopefully but yeah we'll see about that one and

Is there any way you can make a growth potion?

bla bla bla be tricky go in a city you drink it boom you're a dry and then a shrink potion

yeah that sounds like fun no idea to be honest we'd have to look into what it would take to scale up the players you know we're still kind of recovering from making it so you can scale all the props and all that kind of stuff so I guess what you could do is scale the city down to be tiny relative to you be a fun suggestion the honest answer is don't no not currently working on that but it's a it's a fun idea

let see so we got rr_cricut again what are your plans for the future of rec room modes for instance

Will VR players and screen mode players always be combined by default? Also, will Rec Room Original games like paintball always be a combination of movement methods?

so yeah interesting question so actually in the next update that's coming we're gonna tweak their matchmaking a little bit and provide an option along the lines of try to try not to matchmake me with juniors that option we're going to provide that for try not to matchmake me with screen players we're still working out the details of how exactly that's going to work and it won't be a hundred percent we guarantee you'll never see a screen player if you're a VR player and vice versa but it will do some work to kind of you know if that's what you'd prefer we'll try and keep you in instances that are you know VR dominant or screen dominant so provide a little bit more optionality for that because yeah we've definitely heard feedback that that some players would prefer that um so yeah you can expect to see us experiment with some additional matchmaking options for screens versus be are the standard record originals will remain pick up so if you just go to like room symbol paintball that'll be a pickup game with all of the player types one big happy family you know we know some players you know would prefer something different and I think we've got enough options for that but generally speaking we want to kind of keep all the players together you know so that it's quick to find games everyone's got games to play and generally like you know we want everyone to kind of get along with each other not take things too seriously if you do want to take it really seriously use events custom instances invites and all of the various tools we give you to like create you know really specific level playing field games you know like the people League does this other players do this for their you know when they want something really specific so hopefully that answers the question and yet next week we can I'm sure there'll be some interesting discussion around the the tweaks we're making to the matchmaking to support you know players who would prefer to play mainly with other VR players or other screen players

okay let's look here from allmyfrndsrded - oh man that's a kind of a bummer of a username I'm sorry to hear that

In Rise of the Jumbotron, the entire movie projector space scene at the starship level shows what looks like somebody flying into a jumbodome model, and just recording their vision. Any chance that model can be used for anything?

well we used it for that video and do you mean maybe putting it in the sandbox browser so you can pull it out good question I don't know idea what the status of that that model is what I will say is that that video is clearly a cinematic masterpiece so thank you for noticing

all right from FX_Steampunk: I know the answer is motion sickness and whatnot but

We have flying and walking and jumping, why don't we have vehicle movement?

yeah I kind of mentioned this a little earlier on the kind of go-karts question I should say the traditional go-karts question yeah there's no actual there's no technical reason why we can't do vehicles we know some people will struggle with it from a motion sickness perspective but you know there's only so much we can do about that you know our kind of policy these days is you know like a lot of people like smooth locomotion and walking in VR and we provide teleporting as the kind of you know first-class option for those who struggle with smooth locomotion and you know we're going to continue to support teleport make make it available make sure you can play certainly all of the rec room original games as a teleporter but yeah vehicles absolutely can be supported there's no technical reason it's just a matter of you know timing and prioritization as I mentioned it's definitely something we want to get to we want it both for rec or our season 2 and we want for customer room creators to be able to build and configure and tweak their own vehicles so again don't want it you know make too many hard promises about timing but certainly on the roadmap and that's something we really want to get to so yeah thank you for that question

what else we got here Filtrep:

As a developer, what have been your favorite RR bugs (funniest/only-in-vr/most satisfying to track down)?

uh-huh so the I think the funniest one recently was was POC Dracula well he shipped crescendo over the Blood Moon that one was completely baffling to us if you didn't see that one it created some very fun photos and videos on wreck net and Instagram and YouTube of people just going to the park or any customer room based on the park and all of a sudden there's a giant you know 12-foot Dracula floating around shooting fireballs at you rather alarming not what you generally want when you go for a relaxing stroll in the park that one was completely baffling we're just like how on earth could that ever happen long story I'm looking at main names here one of our wonderful beloved developers kind of just straight-up left Dracula in the park by accident it's a long story so we kind of patched that out about 24 hours later but yeah that one was definitely the the source of much head scratching and hilarity in the office when we started seeing like videos and reports of like I'm in the park and Dracula's attacking that was a funny one so that's probably the most recent one that comes to mind is there's been a bunch of we had another fun one recently where for some reason you would go to like quest or to dodgeball and you would spawn with like five paintball guns that would all fall on the grounds though that was a bizarre one there's always something so yeah thank you for that question

let's see Boethiah555 - hope I'm pronouncing that correctly - says: I'm flowing through every square inch of every quest, paintball field, and laser tag room

Where are the easter eggs?

well maybe you just haven't found them yet

uyamari asks

Will walking and teleporting ever be combined in one option?

probably not it used to work that way I'm sure a bunch of you remember that you know we currently have no plans to recombine walking and teleporting for all of the reasons we kind of talked about back then you know because we do want to support pickup game play where different play player types play together we want to kind of make it so that you can count on if you see someone teleporting they're always going to teleport if you see someone walking they're always going to walk and we don't really want to cross those streams I guess it's possible we could support it in a customer in context down the road but I think it's unlikely that we'll make it like a default movement option so like you know you go to the rec center and you can you can do that so yeah thank you for the question


Will there be any new activities like fishing or even baseball?

yeah probably you know like we don't know exactly actually what the next what the next activity will be you know we kind of still be like you know just finished crescendo of the Blood Moon so yeah your fishing is one that I think would be really really fun I think that one is good candidate for custom room building actually so yeah we'll have to say we're not sure yet

beta bear asks oh did I mention it was nonsense one did I mention it was nonsense one one one who asked about the activity sorry nonsense I didn't mean to skip you

betabeta2 asks

Can you make it so others can see what's on your camera?

yes pure performance thing we were getting some crashes on some platforms this is basically like when you when you get your camera we want it so others can see the back of it you can see the viewfinder in real-time used to work that way we pulled it out because it was causing crashes we haven't gone back to it we'd like that to work again against a matter of priorities and optimization so yeah as I've mentioned in previous AMAs we've got a bunch of optimization work going on that's going to take you know several months for us to land so a lot of these things will kind of get revisited once that optimization has happened

how do I ... rr_cricut asked about


I think I talked about that

Filtrep: how did you and your team decide to me well I mean I've been talking too long

How did you and your team decide to make CBM?

what is your creative process like and where do you get inspiration

so a great question I so I know the the quest team you know clearly you know crescendo the Blood Moon is a little bit of an homage to Castlevania so I know they're big fans of that as am i you know it's a really fun classic game and you know is that like that we see the quests as kind of like you know via adaptations of some fairly classic you know video game types that are just you know timeless classics and so you know certainly CBM is one of those but also I think the other big thing was you know we wanted another you know kind of VR first mechanic and we thought the whip would be a really fun and interesting thing not just as a weapon but also for traversal and moving around and yeah sure enough I think the team did a great job with that the whip was immediately a really fun interesting thing to play with and you know so obviously a lot of a lot of that quest is is centered around using that that new tool so I think yeah I think like all mosh to to a classic game you know something that felt differentiated from the previous question or something that felt pretty fresh and then yeah having a new mechanic in the whip I think were the three things that really win into choosing a crescendo of the Blood Moon also I really wanted to make pipe organ music so that was a component as well

all right wrecker out we'll grenades everybody able to blow yourself up shooting one in your hand feels I'll sir this is from grey771:

In Rec Royale will grenades ever be able to blow yourself up?

shooting one in your hand feels a little silly and it's kind of Opie especially for teleporters

yes so what what gray seven seven one is referring to here is currently in rec or Al and I think in other game modes to probably you know you can kind of like blow up a grenade that you're holding and it won't hurt you it will hurt others it will like take them out of the game yeah really that should work that should that should take you out as well it's just a bug but it doesn't so that's just a bug we got to fix

all right let's see your few more here zombie878: two questions

If we don't get quest bosses in sandbox will we be able to scale enemies to different sizes?

not sure but I will tease this you know we've talked many times about you know you know people have asked us like hey can we put enemies into our into our custom rooms and I've said yes we definitely wanna do that happy to say we've made some concrete progress on that we have some internal prototypes running now so the you know the kind of sticking point was just purely about how they navigate through a space you know when we build a quest we obviously know you know how that levels laid out so we can kind of tell the AI hey you can go here you can't go there and so we weren't quite sure how that was going to work in custom rules where you know people can put stuff wherever they want turns out there was good solution and so we actually have it running I maybe can even put a little preview video to show you what that looks like don't have exact timing for me we're going to release it but we are getting real close so yeah that's definitely high on our list we think that'll be a really fun moment for custom rooms when people can start populating them with AIs so that's going to be a real fun Oh

Can we ever see an official RRO survival map or a hang gliding course?

maybe maybe

VoltZ_Quantum asks

Will we be seeing any teasers for the upcoming Rec Royale season two?

yes absolutely when that's getting close you'll you'll see teasers for that for sure

Calamari-rhyhorn asks:

Is there any way of fixing the whip for the fog level so the whip won't go down as the whip goes forwards in other levels?

yes, calamari I'm assuming you're playing on psvr and I think yeah the fog level is the one place in psvr where we've not yet optimized it enough to keep the framerate so that the whip doesn't kind of have some some bad behavior so very sorry about that that is definitely a performance issue on our end as I mentioned we're doing some kind of longer-term optimization stuff so I'm sorry to say I doubt it will get better in the immediate term but we we very much you know we're aware that we kind of need to do some optimization and we have been doing that in in little bits and pieces but we've got a big chunk coming and so yeah hopefully that'll get better once the performance gets better so please accept my apologies and I recommend the blunderbuss in the short-term


When will we be able to spawn enemies in our rooms?

so look someone answered for me grimly said in one of the other AMA bids they hope to have this in before 2019 yeah we still hope to have it done before 2019 as I mentioned just then we do have a prototype running now so it is actually no it's possible maybe we'll sneak it in before the end of the year you know as I've admitted before I'm sometimes a little optimistic with my timing predictions but yeah we're getting close on that one it's high on our list it's kind of like hey next as I've said a few times inventions is like the literal next thing but the new AI stuff is is getting real close so I'm very excited for that I think that's going to be a really cool thing

see cheese Pete asks: hey there!

Will we be seeing more creative rewards programs in the future?

the idea is great and you can make the conscious blah blah blah

yeah so I mean so we haven't actually got through the next greater reward thing yet so for those who don't know we've been creator rewards monthly for I think probably the last six months or so don't hold me to that I haven't checked but something like that where our creators who create our most popular rooms like ie the rooms that people just spend the most time playing in get get tokens so at the end of the month they'll kind of come into the game and they'll get a box with you know like a whole bunch of tokens in there as a way of saying hey thank you for making a fun room in rec room that people like this December are so starting in like a couple of days for the first time we're doing actual cash rewards so on top of the tokens you'll actually get a cash reward maximum of 500 bucks that'll be paid to the owner of that room you know and I think it's the top 50 rooms something like that I come in maybe top 500 rooms I honestly can't remember I'd have to check with Sean but it's that whole top whole whole bunch of rooms I think the top three get 500 bucks and then it kind of like there's a sliding scale from there but yeah but that's the first time we're experimenting with like you know paying out rooms with actual money that you can actually spend so that's an experiment it's gonna be real interesting so I think the next thing is let's go through that one together let's see how that goes and then you can you can expect to see us continuing to experiment with that for sure

alright so I thought I was kind of getting close to done there but I kept scrolling and there's just more questions so I'm gonna keep going I get a few few more minutes here so let's hammer through as many as we can sorry if you're still watching I'm still answering so let's go dotcommer1 asks

What is the hesitation to releasing neon, self-illuminated textures?

yeah basically doc comer is asking for more variety and textures like with things like self-illuminated textures transparent textures those kinds of things in the make a pen again no real reason why they're not there yet just a matter of priorities and when we get to it you're right should be fairly easy to add most of that stuff so yeah 100% sure when we get there let me put it under the category of you know when do we put the CBM stuff in the in the browser it's the honest answer is when we get to it it won't be too long

Und3rsc0r3d_ asks

What are your perspectives on rec room clans?

you mean like groups the group's feature not sure you know honestly I mean thinking about it too much we put groups in there we haven't seen a ton of use of it people do use it but not a ton so it has a link top of mind for us so yeah happy to chat on the forums about what we'd like to see in the evolution of that feature what we could add to make it better what we could change so yeah let us know


Will they make a separate lobby to meet up with people interested in doing quests?

they? yeah I'm not sure as I mentioned we're going to play around with matchmaking in the next update that's more about like you know matching VR with VR screen the screen and less about quests specifically but you know always interested in tinkering with the matchmaking and trying to balance the various goals of like you know making sure that rooms fill up quickly but then also making sure that you know the the right people are you know getting together so that they're likely to have fun playing together etc

so yeah I don't know how to answer that one we're not planning to make you know specifically a hey hang out to play quest lobby you know I think something that's always in my mind is like I want to keep improving the event system to make it way easier for people to just quickly create an events like hey I want to play quest and just get people to sign up and just go all right let's go play quest I think the the interface for doing that is probably still a little bit complicated and and clunky so maybe we will look at that next like maybe the making the event system much more streamlined and easier to use

okay bigmike9564 says

Since there seems to be way too many performance issues with PSVR supporting stream cams

yes so what Big Mike is referring to there is we briefly like so I'm using the stream we came here so you can see me and I can talk to you unfortunately right now we only support this on the PC we did briefly enable it on PS VR and it wasn't so much perfil though that is a challenge like it definitely the framerate you know it's it's a little hard to sustain but we wanted to provide it as an option if people chose to use it the the real problem was that it disabled all of the built-in PlayStation system-level social sharing features and we don't know we don't yet have a solution for like having a streamer cam available and the Sony system share my stuff available so in the short term we've kind of just turned the streamer cam off again so that we can kind of take another swing at it later so yeah so that's kind of the status of that one

oh yeah:

Could we put a mirror in the watch menu?

yeah maybe like you mean in the in the browser so maybe yes definitely we actively think about ways where you can kind of see yourself more often in in VR if anyone's good ideas for that like the the mores can be a performance issue and like I said we're kind of focused on optimizing right now so I think we'll do that optimizing first and then you know maybe we can provide some better mirroring options

okay nobody-wants-to-know what an ironic name for asking a question

Could we get a crank or a lever?

so yeah I'm assuming this is for custom room so like we have the buttons that you can push you know we definitely want to get to like levers you can pull and knobs you can twist and things that like sind you know values into the circuit system so that you can do things like turn the knob to speed things up or like pull a lever to like you know you know raise and lower things you know kind of rather than just on/off they have like values in them so yeah well do that for sure

LokeForce says the music and rec room is incredible well thank you

The crescendo soundtrack is awesome and I want to know which music program you made it in

I tried Reason 10 but it was too hard

I got bad news for you local force the music for Crescendo of the Blood Moon and in fact most of the music and rec room is made in Reason 10 so I would say practice Reason 10 it's an amazing program it is you know fairly complicated I guess but like it's a super amazing so yeah a lot of the record music is made in in Reason 10 incredible music program

alright Noctauto

I've been starting to draw on the whiteboards and was wondering if it would be possible to put them into the Maker Pen so we can bring them into other rooms?

yeah we really should do that and yeah get rid of the borders in the wheels yeah well well overdue bringing that stuff into the make up in menu thank you for the reminder we should do that you know now that you can resize all of that stuff I think it's kind of like you know a bit more flexible and fun to use so I think having a whiteboard that doesn't have the Rolly stuff should be pretty easy to do so yeah again I'll put that on the list with the CBM items and the other thing that I claimed we're going to put in at some point that I now can't remember but yes yeah that stuff will come

SolidNicorasu asks

Any discussions upon adding a color wheel to the Make Pen, Marker, or Paintbrush?

so as an FYI in case people haven't noticed the paint brushes you can use the recolor tool on the make up in will probably do something like that with a marker as well so you got a recolor a bull marker because you've actually got more colors on the maker pin and you have Marga's it's unlikely that we'll do like a full color wheel where you can just pick completely arbitrary colors because you know we like to to kind of like have a rec room aesthetic that permeates the custom rooms as well as the stuff that we make and we know it's a balance between like making it flexible enough so that you can build anything without it kind of getting you know completely out of control where it just looks like you know totally random stuff but yeah definitely more shade something we've talked about and I'd love feedback on is he's doing colors and then allowing me to kind of brighten and darken the colors so you've got the same kind of number of colors but you can kind of brighten them up and get more variety that way so I think we're probably experiment with something like that next before you know doing it like a full color wheel um another question on the hypothetical quest and how hypothetically how I think it will do hypothetically performance-wise well purely hypothetically I think it'll be hypothetically great

user27182818 asks

Do you plan on leaving custom rooms as they are or making them very complex but very customizable?

I would say the answer is kind of neither we're definitely not going to leave them like they are we're going to keep making them you know more advanced and you able to build more and more interesting things with more variety but I don't think we want to say that that is necessarily we want to make them more complex certainly some aspects will get complex you know circuits and things like that are already pretty complex but actually what we want to just keep making things easier and easier your the way we see it is that you know people who want to make custom rooms and rec room are obviously interested in kind of game development or something very like it and we'd love you know them to kind of be able to make you know real games in rec room and it'd be a really good way to get started in game development you know I think we're part of the way there with gizmos and circuits and the make a pin you can kind of do 3d modeling and you can do logic and programming you know programming the circuits is very much like actual programming you know like you're not typing in code but you are kind of wiring things together in logical sequences it's got a lot in common with with how you structure a program so yeah so I think you can just continue you can expect us to continue evolving custom rooms to be more and more capable I would put it so yes some complexity will come along with that but we also want to make sure that it they just you know able to express more and a wider variety of ideas all right thank you for the question all right I think I'm gonna have to call it after this one

JollyDogRR asks:

What happened to integrated circuits?

promised since day one of circuits yet they never happened

hey well Nevers along too a longtime jolly dog but yes so first of all mayor copper I'll accept that you know I do I do tend to get excited and say hey we're gonna do this we're gonna do that and then those things can take longer than I expect so I apologize for that I try and contain my excitement I'm trying to get better at that but you know I still get excited and say all kinds of stuff but yeah like that that feature is still playing so I wouldn't say never it's it's not it's not that it's never going to happen it just hasn't happened yet and actually as I mentioned a few times in this AMA and I'll kind of land on this point the next major update is going to be the inventions edition which is all about selecting a bunch of stuff and packaging it up into one thing so that's a big step towards that goal so yeah we will absolutely get there it's on our roadmap so yeah Never Say Never

all right so I think I'll call it there I think I've got through a bunch of stuff there were more questions thank you for all the questions I was really pleased to see how many people asked this time I'm sorry I couldn't get through more but yeah we love you all thank you for playing rec room and we'll talk to you next Q&A

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