Rec Room Video AMA 2

Rec Room Video AMA 2

YouTube video by Against Gravity

Rec Room, "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) #2, with Gribbly

Hey! This is Gribbly. Back for Rec Room AMA video number two. Gonna do the same format as last time. We got a bunch of questions up-voted on the Reddit. I'm gonna go through as many as I can. Before I get started, I'm gonna say something I wish I'd said in the first AMA video. So, a question came in and it was like, “Hey, how can we give feedback, ask for things and try and get you guys to focus on something. I said, make sure you get it up-voted on the Canny. That's Talk to us on the Discord, talk to us on the Reddit, all that kind of stuff. That's all true, so definitely do those things. But, I wish I'd said one additional thing. That is, something we really look for is what are people trying to build. When we see people trying to build, whether it's escape rooms, PvP rooms, want to put on plays or whatever it may be. That's often really inspiring to us to be like, “Oh we really want to help make those creations better.”

We see people have energy and passion and excitement for building a certain kind of thing. So, we're gonna try and help fix the things that are standing in their way. Add the features they need, whatever it may be. So, I just wanted to add that onto my answer from last week because I didn't say that and I wish I did. You know, try and build it and if we see you trying to build it we're gonna try and help you. Alright, hopefully that makes sense. With that, let's jump into this week's questions.


All right. First question. Let's bring it up here. CallumTheClueless asks:

When will the level-cap be increased?

Okay, that's a good question. I know I've said a million times, “Oh yeah, we're about to up the level cap” and we always get busy and do something else instead. We've kind of been doing that again. We've been busy building a bunch of stuff for the end of the year. I think realistically early next year is when we'll hit the level cap. I was talking to BeeBoz earlier today. I know he's got plans in this area. But, we've kind of got a bunch of really cool stuff queued up for the end of the year that we hope you'll like. I think realistically we won't get to the level cap before early next year. So, there's your answer there.

Next question.


Okay, so this question is from DavidHallJr15, who asks:

Can we get some statistics of the game. Like registered accounts? Active accounts? Average peak time users? New users? Since PSVR?

Blah blah blah, Steam charts give one part of the total.

Yeah. Okay. So, I'm trying to think about what I can talk about. So, one thing is the Steam audience of the platforms are on. Steam is actually the smallest group of players that we have. We have a healthy number of players on Steam. But, our other platforms are actually a bit larger. So, that's kind of an interesting thing that might be surprising to a lot of players. What are some good statistics?

So, a milestone that we saw recently that we were pretty happy with was we saw Rec Room had been installed on a million VR headsets. So that was a pretty exciting number to see. It means like a million people out there have at least downloaded and tried Rec Room. So, that was a nice milestone. That's before we shipped screen mode. So we've seen some nice growth from screen mode as well. So, that's feeling pretty healthy there. What else can we talk about?

Another fun milestone actually was pretty recently we saw the 50 millionth, that's 5-0 million room session. So, that's 50 million people going to a room. Whether it's to play paintball. Whether it's to do a cooking show. Whatever it might be, just to hang out in the Rec Center. That's 50 million room sessions. That's a lot of people having a lot of fun. So, overall we feel good about Rec Room. We feel like it's really trucking along. We see some really interesting opportunities opening up next year. So, right, good question.


So this question is from Xecutioner, who asks:

Is there anything in the works for informing the main player base in-game about things?

If people aren't on Reddit or Discord they don't know about anything going on and there's nothing to point them towards those sources or info about things that are going on except other players.

So, yeah that's actually a great point and something we've talked about a bit on the team. Yes, sure only a relatively small percentage of players turn up on the Discord or on the Reddit. So, a lot of players that you meet don't go there. So, you're right, that's a problem. We do a lot of communication on the Discord, a lot of communication on the Reddit. I think we can do a better job communicating in the game. So, something we're planning to do very soon, in the next couple of updates, is in the new Rec Center we set aside an area for a community board. Where there'll be like announcements, a little more detail and things that are going on. We're also updating the event system a lot. So, it'll be more possible to share events with more details. I think we can do more targeted Q&A events and stuff in the game and stuff like that. Maybe it'd be nice to figure out a way to get these AMA's watchable in the game. That's just me thinking out loud. One thing I thought about is like, we could, this might be horrifying, but let me know what you think. One thing we could do is have a holotar that could pop up in the dorm room and tell you important announcements, stuff like that. “Hey we just did this” “Maybe you want to check out that” “We've changed that.” So, those are a few ideas. But, I think the next one that will do for sure is the community board and the community area in the Rec Renter. We definitely want to expand on that over time. Kind of have more community stuff showing up in the Rec Center. More ways that people can understand what's happening and what's new. But yeah, great point you're absolutely right.

Alright moving on.


KCoyote123 asks:

Will we ever be able to fill up cups?

Hmm, well, let's see if it works right now. Okay. Yeah, that's not really working is it. So, probably not that soon. This is the kind of detail that we'd always love to get to. It's always like there's a million little things that we could always improve. I think we're in a mode where we want to expand out and add more kind of, bigger features, new things for you to play with. Rather than going and making every detail perfect. I imagine in the fullness of time we will get to that. But, honestly wouldn't hold your breath for fillable cups anytime soon. Gotta use your imagination KCoyote. Okay.


All right. So, this question is from DuaneAA, who says:

I'm 61 years old and I mostly play paintball. I like the Twilight lighting in spillway the best as the bright skies and the other maps can be hard on my eyes.

Is it possible to make the time of day a menu option the individual users can choose?

I would like the option of a twilight lighting on all the various maps. And all the neon in the original laser tag course is also uncomfortable for my old eyes.

Well, first of all Duane, great to hear that we have an older paintball player. I'm sure we have a bunch of older players out there. Just want to say welcome, hope you’re having fun.

Yeah, I hear you on the on the lighting. {Interrupted by Coach} I should know better than to pick these rooms with reminders in them. Yeah, I think adding time of day to all of the maps is pretty tricky just because the way we do the lighting. We may have some more options to that opening up down the road. But, for now it's not really going to be an option to go and do a nighttime river or a nighttime anything like that. But, we might be able to do is add more of a brightness slider that we can make easy to adjust on the fly. We're going to look into that. Because, people come to us with all kinds of different capabilities. Some people are older like yourself, some people just maybe have sensitive eyes. So, we really do our best to try and accommodate everyone and make it welcoming for everybody. So that's something we'll look into as an option. See if we can make that adjustable for people and hopefully that'll help.


Alright, our next question is from Forbym and he asks:

How good does Rec Room work on the Pimax 5k+/8k?

Good question. So, my understanding is it works fine. I’ve not actually used one of these headsets myself. I would like to. Actually this question is prompting me to go shake the tree, see if I can find someone who's got one so I can try it. My understanding is if you have at least a 1080 in your computer, the Pimax headsets going to work fine for you with Rec Room. So, should work pretty well. If anyone's tried it, hit us up on the Reddit or the Discord, I'd love to hear your experience. All right, moving on.


All right. Let's see what we got here. So, next question is from BertIsTheWurd who says:

Do you have an estimate for when the new quest will release?

Well Bert, yes I do. I have an estimate.


Oh, actually I got a better estimate for you. I'll tell you when the new question will be released. It'll be as soon as everyone on Reddit figures out how to spell crescendo. Alright moving on.


Okay. So, a question from shaqwillonill:

Will the new quest use durability for the weapons or will they last forever like the other quests? Or will it be some other third thing?

Well, honestly I don't know. So, the quest team’s working on quest. They kind of hard at work creating all kinds of new and exciting stuff. I've done a little bit of play testing with them. What I've seen is being super amazing. But, the truth is I don't know, exactly which way they're going to go with that stuff and I don't think I'd tell you even if I did know. I think it's better for it to be a surprise. Here's what I will say. What I've seen so far is really exciting. I really love the direction they're going. There is some fun new stuff that you're gonna play with. So yeah, stay tuned and hopefully working.


Let's see what we got here. So, next one is from Hyperhexjoe. All right, there's a long question, I'm going to summarize.

I know this sounds silly, but would pets ever be a possibility?

It’d be fun to have a dog, cat or even a parrot.

Yeah, honestly that's something we've talked about. It's not on our roadmap currently. I think there's a lot of other things that we want to do first. But, definitely agree it would be super fun to have like a little Rec Room companion. My guess is, if I had to make a bet, my guess is that as we kind of build towards getting the creation systems good enough that you can build your own quests. I bet we get enough, kind of, gizmos and circuits and various other features in there that you could build a little pet. People have already done some very simple things with like, cats that'll watch you or watch a ball that you throw. But, we haven't really given people an ability to make things move around. So, I bet you'll see some pets in in custom rooms first. Maybe one day we'll do like a Rec Room companion or something like that. It would be super fun. But, not something that we're actively working on.

Now, let's look at this, this was a long question.

So, I have started talking to my friends on Discord through video chat using my Rec Room character.

Okay, you mean like you're in Discord chat but it looks kind of like I look now. Then you're asking for a camera. I'd actually like to know more about what you're doing there. That's kind of interesting. I mean have you tried using the streaming camera options that are in your watch?

If you go to settings, advanced, you can do the streaming cam. Then on your desktop you'll have some options about how to set it. That's only on the PC version.That doesn't work on PlayStation VR right now. But, that's an option. Let me know more about what you're doing there. It'd be curious to know, because that sounds like a fun thing. Like, I think it's kind of fun to talk to you as my Rec Room character. Yeah, I can see adding some features to make that kind of work better.


So, let's see MCW1012 asks:

How do you choose which rooms to feature?

Hmm, okay, that's a good question. So, well mainly we leave that to the community team. So, Mamamonkey will often choose the rooms. We look at the data a little bit, see rooms that people seem to be interested in. We will often pick rooms that we think are doing a good job using some of the creation features. So other people can kind of see a clever use of something and be inspired by it. Very often, probably most often, we we try and go for a theme. Recently in the Rec Center the featured door was pointed at the Mad Scientist contest rooms. So, we saw MythosLab, Colossus and a bunch of the other rooms that are really cool. So, that had a good theme. Speaking of which, we're actually kind of gearing up. We've seen a lot of chatter about this on the Discord on the Reddit. People getting excited for Halloween. Here in the states, it’s Halloween is coming up soon. So, just heads up, that's going to be a featured theme. So, if you want to have a good chance of getting your room featured. Start thinking about building something cool for Halloween. We're gonna have a few interesting features that will probably help with that, coming out in the next update. I won't say too much about that. Yeah, Halloween themed coming up. So, you might want to think about what kind of cool thing could you build for Halloween.

With that, I'm gonna try out the sniper thing that I've never tried. So, I'm probably about to embarrass myself. Let's give it a go here. All right, so this is explosive sniping. So you get to see how bad I am at shooting things.


Yeah! There we go!

Hey! All right, that's kinda cool. Whoa! All right, whoa! They’re still, they're still going. That's terrifying.

Okay next question.


Lgzr3 asks:

Who does the voice for Coach?

What do ya mean “who does the voice for coach?”

Well, I see Mamamonkey’s answered this one. “Coach, of course.”

There's your answer. Coach does the voice for Coach. Weird to say “does the voice.”


Boethiah555 who asks:

Could it be possible for the parents of junior accounts to be able to talk to them in game. And maybe select a handful of other people max that they trust to be able to communicate with them and no one else?

That way I don't have to open a Discord call every time I play with my kids.

Good question. Actually we have done a little bit of research on this topic. The short answer is yes, it is possible. So, I've talked about this a long time ago when we first were doing junior accounts. We need to adhere to a federal law called COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. That really kind of has a lot of regulations around what uses under thirteen are able to do online. With the goal of protecting their privacy. But, that said, we can allow things like parents to talk to their kids in the game. As long as we obtain really high-quality consent from the parent. So, that's the piece we're still thinking about. What that would look like. Honestly it would probably be a paid feature. To be to be frank with you. Because a verified credit card transaction is an example of a high-quality consent mechanism under COPPA.

So, yes it's possible. It's on our list of things that we want to dig into. But, because it's one of those things where we need to make sure we do it really carefully, it's probably going to take a little longer. It's a scenario we'd like to enable. We hear this request quite a lot actually. We’d think it would be really cool if you could jump in with your kids, chat with them. Maybe they've got some very carefully vetted friends that they can hang out with in Rec Room. I don't have a time frame on that one. Definitely a scenario that we're interested in supporting. Seems like legally and ethically and technologically it's something that we can do. We just got to measure twice and cut once on that one. We're going to be very careful and make sure we get it right.


Meme-Stealer-6000 asks:

What future plans do you have for art players, such as new types of brushes, canvases, stuff like that, a way to buy and sell “paintings” to hang in a room or in your dorm room was an idea of mine.

Yeah, great question. So, basically the plan is to continually add new features for creation in general. Including art like paintings and things like that. In the most recent update, when we did the game table, we added a paintbrush that can be recolored with the maker pens. So, if you haven't tried that I would go to the sandbox machine, grab the paintbrush out, try recoloring it with the make a pen, that gives you some additional colors. I think there might be some bugs that we will fix very soon with saving those colors. That's our bad, but we'll fix that. Yeah, we definitely wanna support that. Something I really want to get to is being able to bring your photos into a custom room and resize them so that you can kind of use them a bit like textures. I want to be careful about promising timing in any of this, we got a lot of stuff in the pipeline. Bu,t that's definitely something we want to get to. Generally speaking something that we're planning, and have started doing some work on, is savable and shareable objects. So, as a apart from just being able to save an entire room, you could also just grab a part of the room. Like just the castle or just a tree or just something else that you build, like a painting like you're talking about. Just save that and share, first you share it amongst your own rooms and then as a second step, share it with other players. So, all of that stuff is planned. Decent chunk of it will land before the end of the year Our plan is to just constantly be updating the creative tools.

All right. Next question.


All right. Let's see what we got here. Andrewman03 asks:

Can you tell us the max team size in CMB? (the new quest)

Thank you.

ILS changed the number up so does this one do the same or no? And if you can't answer directly can, can we at least know even or odd?

Well, that's an excellent guess. Yes, the number is even or odd. Yeah, can confirm.


All right, let's see what we got next. Serpher asks:

What was the reason behind making hair dyes last only a few days?

People were ok-ish with that.

Hey thanks.

They have to buy it, but it should be in the Dorm Room as an option from the start.

So, I think the idea with the hair dyes was kind of like, try it, see what I've seen, what it's like, see if people liked it. We definitely heard the feedback, “hey we want permanent hair dye.” We thought we'd start with temporary just kind of get it going. Definitely the plan is to add a permanent option So, when you buy the permanent hair dye that will appear in your dorm room with your other hair colors and you can then keep that hair color forever. So, that is definitely planed. So, we're gonna add permanent hair dyes. We're gonna release some more colors. All of that good stuff.


Okay, so our next question is from methrik who asks:

What is the future of room creation?

Surely you guys are doing more with the maker pen.

Yes definitely lots of improvements coming soon.

But are you doing things like giving us more space and more options. Like being able to change the lighting and more art stuff.

Yeah, like I said a couple of questions ago. Definitely planning to invest heavily in giving you more creation tools. I know people want more space, more ink in the sandbox machine. I think over time we’re gradually able to shrink that down and give you more space. We've got some pretty big architectural stuff happening that won't land until the new year. I hope that will actually give us a fair bit more space. So, stay tuned for that one. I wouldn't expect any major changes there this year. In terms of lighting, yeah, like definitely a goal, and something that I think we'll get to again on the same time frame. Probably won't land until the new year. But, definitely giving you dynamic lights for for custom rooms is on the road map. So, the ability to place some number of lights and kind of have them light areas. In the meantime just in case people aren't aware. In the maker room, if you base your custom room on the maker room, which I'm in right now, there are some simple lighting options. These are basically sky boxes and different lighting. If you go to sub room settings in the setup. You can step through a bunch of different options there. That's pretty basic I know, but it does give you some control over mood. So, that might tide you over until we get some richer lighting options in there, which is planned.


soimalreadygone asks:

Will the maker pen creation saving and storing feature be retroactive for things made before it's released? Is it going to utilize the grouping mechanism?

Good question. Yes, so, the answer is yes. It will use the grouping mechanism in the maker pen. Actually, before we ship the saving objects feature, we're going to do a pretty nice revision on the maker pen UI. To update the selection and grouping mechanisms. Make it easier to understand, make it easy to use. Kind of just generally require less tedious button pressing to do simple operations. That is planned. Not this update, I believe the update, the following update. Something like that. So, we're probably four to six weeks away from a pretty big update to the maker pen UI. Right after that we're gonna jump on the saving and restoring objects. So yes. To go back to original question, objects that already exist in your rooms, you'll be able to just select them, group them, save them, and take them into new rooms. You won't have to start from scratch.


Okay. Next question is from Virtuix_ who asks:

When will go-karts be added?

LOL! Well, I've been instructed to reply “the 32nd day of the 13th month.” So, that's the official answer. But, really I can't hear your question over this sweet Go Kart I'm driving right now. Perfect! It's finished. Look. How could it get any simpler and better than that?


Alright, another question from Forbym. He asks:

Could we have a mode such that whenever the last player leaves a (non-instantiate) room (and the room instance is about to be destroyed) the room is automatically saved in its current state?

Since that would bring us much closer to be able to create fully persistent custom rooms.

So, that's a really interesting idea and the honest answer is I don't know. But, that's something we're going to talk about on the kind of sandbox team. See if that's a thing that that makes sense. I definitely see what you're going for, like it's like. Alright I'm here in this room. I grab this, I kind of like move it, I put it over there very carefully, obviously. Now, if I was to leave, could we just autosave and next time I come back, everything's where I left it. Yeah, it's really interesting thought. We're just gonna have to think about that one. Because the short answer is I don't know. Good suggestion.


zombie878 asks, Question 1:

When we have enemies in custom rooms will be will we be able to control the amount of gold each player has and, if so will we be able to use the gold in any way (purchasing items)?

Good question. Don't know. We've got a lot of design to do before we get to adding both enemies and custom room economies to the rooms you can create. Definitely something we want to get to. We’d like people to be, as they design out their games, kind of have their own kind of gold system from lost skulls or even something more like the the frontier pass from Rec Royale. It’d be great if people could create those kind of systems for themselves. Yeah, I'd be making it up if I said I knew how all that stuff was going to work. We’ve got a lot of thinking to do. But, definitely the kind of thing we want to enable.

Then you had another question.Which was:

Will we be able to switch weapons enemies have (like give the goblin a bow)?

Yeah, definitely. When we when we do the enemies I think it'll come in two flavors. We want to be like, probably you'll want to just be able to pull out the existing quest enemies and just use them as is. Just plonk them in the world and off they go. But then, we'll also want to be able to have it so you can customize those enemies. Even make them out of your own maker pen shapes and give them whatever kind of attacks and various abilities that you want. Yeah, definitely planed.


Next question is from Forbym again. Forbym you've been busy.

Could we have an option for players to keep one or more stats when they change rooms?

Yes, just gonna figure out how it should work. This actually would be a great one to get on the Discord, get on the Reddit, maybe start up a thread. Let's talk about the kinds of things that people would want to do. Because that will influence how we want to design it. It should be, you know I'll get in trouble for saying this. It should be relatively easy to support that. Like some kind of like, you could imagine a chip that's like a persistence chip that you can kind of write data to. And kind of as you go through rooms you can keep a score or you can keep a level or whatever. Definitely make sense, definitely something we want to do. Got to figure out how to do it. In terms of timing, because we haven't designed it yet, it's hard to say exactly when that one will land. That's a maybe, before the end of the year. We're definitely gonna try. That one's on the roadmap for sure. I think that's gonna, kind of, is part of the next level of creating cool experiences in Rec Room, is being able to have some persistence between rooms. Good question.


Alright. Next question is from Jerryjfunk:

Is it AG's intention to have VR players and screeners continue to exist as two different types of players, or will there be efforts to make the differences between them less obvious (essentially making their movements and animated behaviors look closer to real life)?

So, yeah, we're been thinking about this a lot. So, here’s how we think about it. I don't think the goal is to make screen mode players and VR players identical. I don't think that's ever going to be possible, just because of how much more input we get from VR players, with the tracked hands, the track head. That said, our goal is to make screen mode players much more expressive and much more companionable. Like, better kind of playmates to hang out with. Whether it's in the Rec Center or whether it's when you're playing paintball or whatever. We think there's a lot we can do there and some of it is like you kind of alluded to a new question. Kind of giving them more animation, making the animation a little more natural. So, there's some fun stuff we're gonna try there. Really, the way we think about it is that this is kind of a pretty new thing that we're doing. There's not that many apps that are mixing screen mode players and VR players. Maybe there’s VR chat, there's us, maybe some others. It's a kind of an interesting new way of designing that is really interesting to us. So, we think there's really a lot of interesting new work we can do to make screen players delightful, interesting, fun to hang out with and give them in their own unique flavor. Rather than trying to make them completely identical to VR players. We'll see how that goes. You can expect to see us iterate on that over the next few updates. Give a feedback, let us know what you think.

Speaking of, I was gonna combine your question with one from TackyBoi:

Will they ever be an option to only play with VR players for everything?

Computer players kind of ruin the experience for me.

Well, yeah. So, obviously, sorry to hear that. I'm sorry you're not enjoying the experience of doing the one big happy family with screen players. I think next step there is, like I said, we want to make the screen players better companions. Give them more ability to express themselves. Make them feel more natural and see how that goes. We do support in some rooms, like ^paintball and ^paintballVR. There is VR only matchmaking available there. We haven't really thought too much about giving a VR only Rec Center, although, it's not like out of the question. We might do that. I think we just want to let things go a bit longer. Get a bit more feedback, understand more how people are interacting. See how far we can get screen players feeling natural and fun and then reassess. So, yeah, stay tuned. Keep giving us feedback. This is kind of a new frontier for all of us. So, we’ll see how it goes.


Okay. So our next question is from RR_chase_

Can we have a resizable screen, like the one in the Rec Center, for custom rooms to display selected images from our profile?

We could move it around and use it for art and decoration.

So, yeah, I love this idea. I think this is a really cool idea. I think a missing piece of the puzzle, when building rooms, is that currently there's no way to browse your photos when you're in the app. You can do it on in a web browser. But, you can't open your watch and go through your photos. I think that would be a really good addition if you could browse any photo you've taken, pull it out, resize it and then use it kind of like a texture in your room. I think that would open up some really interesting creative possibilities. I think it's probably not too hard to do. I don't want to say too much about when we might do that. We've got a lot of stuff queued up as I've mentioned a few times. So yeah, great idea. Really love it. I think even just for setting your room photo, I think you should be able to browse through your existing photos and pick one rather than our current, really terrible, take a photo with your watch flow. Which is a little bit crazy. I'm hoping we can get to that pretty soon. It's kind of thing that we might be able to sneak in while we're doing some other things. But yes, definitely on the list for us. I think that's a great suggestion. Thank you.


So, Virtuix_asks:

What's the reasoning behind the ^ symbol next to all of the room names? Doesn't it just make the room name seem harder to read, and make the interface as a whole seemed a little less clean?

Yeah, maybe. I think probably we're overdoing it. But, let me talk a little bit about what that symbol means to us. What we wanted was something that kind of made it clear when a word was actually the name of a room. So, just the same way if you go on Twitter or something, you know that @gribbly is a Twitter handle. That is my Twitter handle by the way. So, your @name and then you've got hashtag, you kind of know is a topic on Twitter and various other platforms. A lot of platforms have used that convention. There wasn't really a convention for, what is a room, you know. So, we kind of looked at the keyboard and we're like, well what symbols haven't really been used yet and are easy to access on most keyboards and on the phone and stuff like that. And we notice that the caret symbol or this, you know, this little upside-down triangle thing, wasn't really used for much. So, we thought, you know, hey it kind of looks like the roof line of a house. That could be like a room. So, we kind of use that as our room symbol. So, the goal is that anytime you see that symbol name you'll know, oh hey that's a Rec Room room. That said, we probably did overdo it in the most recent watch UI update where it's like a million of those things everywhere. We kind of went crazy with tags and room symbols. So, over time we'll tweak that and back it off a bit and make it look a little more less crazy. But, that's the reasoning behind it. We want one to just unambiguously want one to say that's a room name, as opposed to any other word. Probably the dumbest aspect, and this one’s on me, is that Reddit actually uses that symbol to do superscript text to make tiny text. So, often you go on our subreddit and someone tries to type a room symbol and it actually makes the text kind of small and float above the other text. Which is kind of funny, but also kind of dumb. If you want to avoid that, you just type a backslash in front of it when you're typing in your comment, you can go backslash room symbol and then it'll come out right. I forget to do that half the time myself, but if you want to make it look right that's how you do it.

You had a second part to your question. Which was, oh yeah:

What's the difference between paintball and paintballVR?

So, those are just two different room names. So, there's a room called paintball and that contains a bunch of sub rooms which are all the different paintball Maps. River and clear cut and quarry and all that kind of stuff. Paintball is the pickup room and by pickup we mean that teleport VR players play in that room, walk VR players play in that room and screen players play in that room all together. One big happy family. The default paintball room is just called paintball. It accepts all kinds of players. Then we have paintballVR which is just a copy of paintball and the only difference is that it doesn't allow screen players to join. So, actually it limits it to teleport only, so VR teleport only. So, we called that one paintballVR. It's identical in every other way. It's got all the different maps in it, all the sub rooms. But, you go to paintballVR and it's got the settings changed so that only teleport VR players can go there. That's so, you know, paintball was originally designed to be a teleport VR game, a lot of people prefer it that way, especially people who've been playing it for a long time. So, we wanted to make it easy to just go to that variant room and you could have the classic teleport only paintball VR experience. So, paintball pick up on one big happy family, everyone plays together. PaintballVR you have to be a teleport VR player to get in there and play with other teleport VR players only. Does that make sense?


Okay, so our next question is from FreestylinGoblin:

Will you ever be considering letting us use certain quest acts as custom rooms with no enemies?

Yes. Something we want to do. There's a few annoying technical things about the way quests are built that we've got to untangle. That'll happen, but definitely plan is that at some point you'll be able to pull out just the lava pit from golden trophy and have a party in there if you want. So, don't know exactly when. But, that's something we definitely know is possible. It's just a matter of doing some awkward and annoying work to make it work. Alright, good question.


Okay. Let's see what we got here. So, hmm, so from aussierecroommemer42. Right. A: nice to see another Aussie.

How soon you planning on adding more options for movement, for stuff such as vehicles and zero-gravity?

I'm gonna combine this with another question from felinegamer:

When can we have gripple/climbable materials in the maker pen?

I want to be able to climb and wall jump and do zip lines and stuff!!

Yeah, I want all those things too and I think in the last AMA I talked about our approach to locomotion is to stabilize the kind of teleport, walk VR, screen mode. Then do custom locomotions in the rooms. So, not sure on timing. There is some both, technical and design challenges that we got to figure out. If I had to guess, I would say it's probably going to be when we do an update to Rec Royale. Because, we'll probably play with some variant. I hope we'll play with some variant locomotions for that, and that often makes it easier to kind of bring that stuff over to the UGC rooms and put them in the sandbox machine. Hopefully, soon. I'm being vague because I don't want to make a really specific promise that you'll then get mad at me about. Because, we don't know exactly. There's, like I said, some technical issues that we got to figure out. But, it's definitely high on my list of priorities for something that I think would expand the vocabulary of creating custom games and experiences in Rec Rooms. So, I really want that. Okay. Next question.


Okay. All right, so. I'm really starting to run out of time here, as you can see. So, I'm gonna get through just a few more questions here. Let me see what I got. Meme-Stealer-600 asks:

Is there going to be anything special about the music in Crescendo of the Blood Moon?

Well, I sure hope so. Hopefully you'll think so when we're done. Actually, we do a something really cool planned for the music. I don't wanna say anything in advance. But, if it works out, I'll definitely share it with you after the fact.

Okay what else we got here. WhateverGreg says:

A large part of my enjoyment in Rec Room comes for the conversations they have

Is there a way to filter out users who don't have a microphone?

It's the difference between enjoying the game with a screener, and feeling like I'm playing with an NPC. I don't mean to exclude deaf players, by the way.

Yeah, sure. No, absolutely. So, something about microphone use, we see, last time I checked and it's been a while. I want to say like 20 to 30% of VR players choose not to use a microphone. So, that's definitely a valid choice that we want to support and respect. Actually something that's been on my list for forever and I'm hoping we can sneak in pretty soon. Screen mode players have an ability to type chat messages that appear in a bubble above their head. I wanna give that to VR players as well. So, VR players who choose not to use a microphone have a communication option. But, then yet on the flip side, like you said, I think something that would definitely improve the experience of hanging out with screen players is if more of them had microphones. So, we've been thinking about ways we can encourage that. One simple way we're going to do is just, when you log in on a screen, in the dorm room, if you don't have a microphone we're gonna say, “hey you should probably have a microphone.” So, just at least kind of like put the thought in people's head. I bet that bumps the percentage a little bit of people who use the microphone. Then we're actively thinking about ways we can encourage more usage. How to make the chat feature better. As I've said in other answers, just generally how to make screeners, screen mode players, a little bit more good playmates, good to hang out with. But yeah, I agree I think getting microphone usage up for screen players is definitely a target for us. So, yeah, good question.

Let me see what else we got here. Question via mamamonkey from the reddit-less, I guess she doesn't have a reddit account, Lil Kiwi:

Is there going to be any more Rec Room sports activities?

Yes! Yes, there is. Absolutely. I'm not gonna say any more than that. But, yes.

Okay what else we got. I think we might be just about done. Did that one, did that one, did that one. Huh, okay well, we may have. Okay, I think we may have covered everything actually. So, with that I'm gonna call it, 6:43 left to escape this room. So, I can go home for the night. But yeah, hopefully you got some good information out of this. We'll do it again next update. So, in about two weeks. Yeah, please keep the questions. keep the feedback coming and have fun out there.

All right.

See ya.

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