Rec Room Video AMA 1-0

Rec Room Video AMA 1-0

YouTube video by Against Gravity

Rec Room, "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) #1, with Gribbly

Hey, this is Gribbly with the very first Rec Room video AMA. This is something we're gonna experiment with and probably start doing on a regular basis. Idea kind of came from chatting with players on the Discord, who were like, hey, do you know the Q&A is great but we don't tend to go very in-depth in there and it's hard to get into them. So, you know, after chatting we kind of came up with this idea of maybe a AMA video format might be good where I get questions in advance and then I can kind of go through them and talk about them in a little more depth. So, that's what we're gonna do today. So we gotta a lot to get through, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. What I am gonna do though is I'm going to go to a new room for every question because, why not. So, come with me and let's get to question number one.


Okay, here we go question one. So this is from Gobbleglobble.Question:

Since it's pretty clear at some point the game will be monetized in one way or another, is there any indication you can give us when and how this will happen?

Sure, yeah. So, we've talked about this a few times at the Q and A's. We've had some info on our steam page for a long time. But the basics are, you know A: we think of ourselves as a social app, so it's very important to us to gather as many players and make the community as big and as robust as we can. For that reason, Rec Room will always be free. You'll always be able to download it and play it for free. But, yes, we do plan to start charging for things at some point. The question asks about timing, you know so probably you can expect to see us experimenting with this next year. So, early in 2019. Like everything we do it'll be very experimental. We'll start small, try a few things. The kinds of things we're likely to do is maybe charge some money for tokens maybe, let you spend money to buy things directly. Something like that you know. So it'll be like cosmetic items stuff that like let you look cooler. Yeah and you know I know some people get distressed by the notion of microtransactions. Our take on that is, you know, microtransactions are not inherently good or inherently bad. It's really about how you do them. So one of our company principles is, it's a small world, and what we mean by that is we always think in terms of long term relationships. You know, whether, it's with players in the community or whether it's with partners that we work with as a company or whether it's people who work at Against Gravity on Rec Room. We always want to have a long-term relationship with with those people. That means not doing anything exploitative or crazy in the short term you know fall for a really short term gain. So, you know, when we do get into monetization, you know, please hold us accountable to doing it in a way that is not exploitative and that is reasonable. You know the thing that we're looking for is we don't want anyone to regret spending money in Rec Room. So, you know, if you put a few bucks into Rec Room we want you to feel happy about that choice and feel like you're putting money into, you know, a hobby that you enjoy, a game that you love, a community that you love. You know, so you're happy to spend a little bit of money on that because it's something that you're choosing to do. If you felt tricked, or upset, or you know, cheated out of money after you spent that money, you know that's a failure on our part. So, that's how we think about monetization. Probably in the new year you can expect some experiments with that. But, there'll always be a free tier of Rec Room that anyone can download and play for free. Okay, that's question one. So come with me let's go to question two.


All right. Question two. Let me bring up the question. This one's from Star Centurion.

What will the big theater screen in the new Rec Center be used for? Or is it just there for decoration?

Okay, so no it's not just there for decoration. Plan for that, step one is, that's going to be a slideshow of some of the photos that come in, in rec net. So, each photo that comes through be like a, you know, slideshow that stays for a few seconds and check out some of the latest stuff that's going on in rec room. You'll be able to like interact with that photo to go directly to that room. So, it's kind of a way of highlighting some of the new stuff that's being created. You know, having more players find out some of the cool stuff that's going on. Now, people always ask, you know, could we maybe livestream the Q&As or other events to that to that screen. That is definitely something we'd love to do and something we're kind of looking into. We don't really know how to do it from a technical standpoint. Getting good performance for everybody. But, it's definitely something we're interested in doing. But, yeah, first thing first, you'll see that become a slideshow. Hopefully in the next update.

Okay let's go to question three.


All right next question is from Forbym, who asks. Question:

When will we get NPCs in custom rooms?

So, the hope is, and what we're trying for, is that you'll get that before the end of this year. So, in the next couple of months, in the next few months. You know, we've heard many many times from players, you know, chatting on the Discord or just chatting after the Q&As. That, you know, there's a strong desire to be able to make your own quests. So, something like Golden Trophy or Jumbotron. Frankly, we want that too. We think that would be really really awesome. You know, we've had some really really cool multi-room experiences built already that are just incredible. Using the circuits and the gizmos and things like that. Definitely, you know, something we need to add is AI, like the goblins or the flying screens and the ability to create things like that. So, that's obviously, you know, a big job. A lot of complexities and details to work out. But, we're confident we can do it. Yeah, so our goal is that by the end of the year you'll be able to bring NPCs into your own rooms and create things that are very much like our quests. So, that's what we're shooting for. You know, we'll see how close we get, but that's the goal.


Okay, next question. So, this one's from Lyuda6732, who says,

Are you being pressured by your investors to get more players, is that the reason behind screen mode?

So, no. No, screen mode is something that we really believe is additive to Rec Room as a whole. So yeah, let me talk a little bit about why we're integrating screen mode. Why we think it's a good idea. How we see it kind of panning out. So, there's a few reasons we're doing this. So, number one, definitely we want more players. You know, we've never been shy about saying that. We think of Rec Room as a social app, first and foremost. We want it to get as big and as strong and to take over the world as much as we can. So, you know, we think opening up to a screen audience is a great way to achieve that. So, yeah, that's that's definitely a reason we want, we always want more players for Rec Room. The second reason is that, you know, we've increasingly been providing creation tools for people to build their own rooms in Rec Room, to build their own experiences and games in Rec Room, and honestly we've been nothing but blown away by the stuff that people are able to build. You know, the tool set has been pretty limited. You know, we've been developing it which means it's got bugs and it's pretty frustrating to use, you know, a lot of the time. Yet people come up with these incredible rooms and share them. People come and they have fun and you know, some of, some of the best experiences you can have in Rec Room are in you know rooms that have been built by the community. So, we see screens as a really interesting way to dramatically expand the audience for our room creators. You know, so the dream is you can build something, you know, you can have your VR headset, you can build a custom room and then you can share it with your friends who don't yet have VR, and they can play the game you've created on their existing console, on their existing PC. That's just a really interesting and amazing thing that hasn't been possible before. So, we think having screen players in the app is really interesting for that reason as well. That kind of like is related to the third reason, which is, you know, we know there's a lot of people out there who are interested in VR. But first, you know, whatever reason haven't yet got a VR headset. Maybe it's too expensive, maybe it's too complicated, maybe they're just not quite ready to take the plunge, for whatever reason. So, we think of screen mode for those people as a really interesting way that they can dip their toe in the pool of VR using the existing console that they have, the existing PC they have. They can just download rec room as a free app. They can jump in kind of see what's going on. Get a taste of it and then you know maybe that inspires them to come and join the VR party. You know, adds more VR players to Rec Room. So, actually an interesting stat that I can share on that, is, you know, since we've had screen mode live for about, you know, just over a week. We've seen so far 7% of players who we see first on a screen. So, if their very first record in session was as a screen player. We see seven percent of those users come back for a later session as a VR user. So, something like seven percent of screen users are coming back as VR players. So, no, we don't know if they're rushing out to buy a VR headset or you know, maybe they just tried Rec Room on a screen first and then you know dusted off the headset they already have. But, either way, that seems like a really interesting signal that screen mode can be a gateway drug to get you into VR Rec Room. So, yeah, those three reasons. Definitely we want more players for sure. You know, we're never going to be shy about saying that. We want to expand the audience for creators and create a really new way of creating experiences to share with your friends and your family. And to be a gateway drug, to get people to like be able to get a taste of VR using their existing hardware and hopefully bring them into the VR family. So, hope that makes sense, but that's why we're doing screen mode.


This one is from Zombiepete. Who says, observation and questions, though relatively new to Rec Room I couldn't help but note that the reaction to the changes made in the past two weeks were full of passion and emotion.

Yeah, you could say that.

It says a lot about what you've created. I skipped a bit here. Questions are,

What have you learned from the community's reaction to the recent big changes, and what do you wish you had done differently in hindsight (if anything)?

That's a great question. So yeah, definitely you know the Rec Center update put together a bunch of big changes. You know, so we change the Rec Center obviously, that's why we call it the Rec Center Edition. We changed up a bunch of how locomotion worked in the game. You know, gave the walk players a jump button and you know, split out teleport mode. We brought in screen players and made them officially supported. You know, we relayed out a bunch of stuff in the watch. That's a lot of change, and so I think, probably the biggest takeaway for me is that probably what we should do is space out those changes in the future and not kind of pile everything in on top, pile everything on top of everyone quite so fast. Because, it's just a lot to take in and I kind of understand people going “Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa, is this still, you know, the Rec Room that I understand.” You know, “I'm not sure about these changes”, “I don't like, you know, I like some of them, I don't like some of them.” You know, so I think in retrospect, was probably us moving a little bit too fast. You know, to talk about that a little bit. You know, we're pretty small company Against Gravity, were a pretty small company. You know, we really try and punch above our weight in terms of, you know, the scope of the things that we built. We really think of our superpower as a small company is we really kind of try and move fast, do a lot of experiments and kind of develop the app really really quickly. Because, you know, we think VRs a huge space. We think social VRs a huge space. You know, for sure we're going to be competing with all kinds competitors. The thing that we can do hopefully better than anyone else is move really quickly and develop things really really quickly. That said, there's probably such a thing as too fast and I think the Rec Center edition probably did pack too many changes in all at once and didn't kind of bring people along with us step by step. So, that's probably what we'll do differently in the future and that's probably the biggest lesson from that. Then I think we had a second part to this question from Zombie Pete. Yeah, oh,

What can the community do, aside from just being vocal on social media, to help influence the direction of the game? What are the metrics that AG is really looking at (e.g. what rooms are used the most, how many/what kind of games are abandoned mid-game, etc.) that really drive change and the direction of the platform?

So, let me think about that. So, yeah, so definitely being active on the social media helps. Talking to us on the Reddit, on the Discord, the Canny we do look at all the time to kind of see what bubbles to the top and what the top priorities are. So, all of those are important. We do look at metrics and I think it's pretty simple, you know, one thing we kind of try and keep an eye on is, you know. Excuse me, um sorry my nose is itching. Okay, all right. I'm back. You know, stuff that we keep an eye on is community health. You know, how many people are getting kicked from rooms and stuff like that. We keep an eye on session links within a room. You know, like how long are people playing various games. You know, obviously how many people are playing the game. So yeah, we keep we keep track of all the basic stuff that you would expect. But yeah, like so I would say the most direct way to have an impact is probably, you know, upvote things on the Canny, add things to the Canny. We definitely use that to kind of plan our various sprints. You know, as we're going to be doing a lot of work on the creation tools for the rest of the year. We're definitely using the Canny as a major input into our planning for that. So, I think that's probably the number one way is, is get active on the Canny. Make sure that your issues that you care about are reflected there. By all means, hit us up on Reddit, hit us up on Discord. I'm going to be doing these AMAs on a regular basis. So, kind of get your questions in there, up for questions in there and we can talk about them. You know, because as well as me answering questions, by seeing the questions that are coming in I can kind of understand, you know, what people are passionate about, what they want to know more about, etc. So, hopefully that answers the question. All right, moving on.


All right let's bring it up here. This one is from VoltZ_Quantum. Question

Do you think you would ever bring back hybrid locomotion outside the PvP areas of the game? And if not any reasons as to why?

So, what Voltz is talking about there, is, you know, up until recently when you were in teleport mode. Sorry, I'm sorry when you were in walk mode as a VR player, when you press what is now the jump button you would do like a little mini teleport. So, that means like you could walk and then sort of teleport to get over things, or up onto things. Frankly, a lot of people like that. It was kind of a, you know, so fairly neat way to move around. We've definitely heard feedback that now that we've changed that people are like, “Hey I like that, I preferred it to jumping. You know why don't you bring that back?” So, let's talk a little bit about that. So, to answer the question directly, we might bring it back. We are definitely actively thinking about it. You know, but let me talk a little bit about the reasons why we changed it to begin with. You know, it's just something that we're trying to do is, you know, support VR players who then split into, you know, VR players who prefer to walk and VR players who prefer to teleport. So, that's already kind of two pretty big differences right there. Then we also want to add screen players. Some of whom were on a mouse and keyboard, some of whom were on a controller. Down the road you know we want to keep adding platforms. So, we're really dealing with, you know, a pretty broad spectrum of different types of players. We call it a heterogeneous device mix, you know, different kinds of players coming in on different devices with different preferences. You know, wanting to play all kinds of different experiences. So, it gets pretty complicated pretty fast in terms of a matrix of combinations of things to handle. So, really what we did in the Rec Center Edition was kind of a big clarification and simplification which boiled down to, all right, you're going to be one of three player types. We may add some additional player types down the road but, that's for another AMA. You know, right now you're one of these three player types at any given moment. You are a walk VR player, you know, so you're in VR but you like to use smooth locomotion or your teleport VR player. You're in VR but you preferred a teleport. Whether that's because you just prefer that locomotion or very commonly it's because your player who gets motion sick from smooth locomotion. You know, which is there's a significant number of people who really struggle with walking locomotion and we want to make sure that they are fully supported in Rec Room. You know, Rec Room is a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. That includes people who struggle with motion sickness a little bit. Then screen players. So you're one of those three things, walk VR, teleport VR, screen VR. So, what we learned from various experiments especially in RecRoyallvis that, you know, if we want those three player types to play together, which we do for various reasons, we can talk about I think that's coming up in another question. You know, it was really important to not kind of mix and match teleport and walking because in order to kind of play together properly, in order to predict what someone was going to do in a kind of PvP game, it was really confusing if you saw someone walking and you're like, okay I'm gonna you know I'm going to get my paintball gun, I'm gonna splat them, but then they suddenly would teleport. You're like, whoa wait a minute are they teleporting. You know, versus if you see someone teleport you know okay well I gonna you know treat them like a teleporter, I aim at them a little bit differently, I can predict what they're gonna do. But then they suddenly start walking you're like, whoa whoa whoa, and you know because in a in a game like Rec Royal or paintball or something like that you need to make many split-second decisions. Even one second spent processing, like whoa, you know what kind of player is that is two many, is too much. So, for that reason we kind of said, all right, walk players only walk, teleport players only teleport. That was kind of a big simple thing that we could do to make the movement models comprehensible, no matter what device people were coming in on. That works, I think for PvP games, we can have a discussion about that, I know people have strong opinions about aspects of that. But, yeah, but the question is, you know, do we have to do that outside of PvP game. So, if I'm just hanging out in the Rec Center or I'm here in like you know Val Art Academy, you know, shouldn't they be able to mix walking and teleporting.Yeah, the answer is maybe. So, what we're at right now is we feel like we've just done a bunch of changes. We sort of want to let the dust settle on that a little bit, make sure everything's working as we expect. Kind of gather a bunch more feedback.Then we'll make an assessment about whether we want to bring back a hybrid teleport for walking players. It's definitely a possibility. One possible way we might handle it is, you know, we're looking into, as I mentioned a couple of times we're planning to do a lot of work on the creation tools for the rest of the year. One of the things we want to support as part of that is variant locomotion in custom rooms. So, you're not limited to just walking teleporting ,we can also handle things like flying in vehicle and all that kind of stuff. So, as we build out that system, that is likely going to give us lots of options for how we could give walking players a teleport variant. The details get kind of technical. So, all I would say is, you know, Voltz and other people who are like “Hey, I really like the hybrid walk teleport,” let me ask for your patience. Let's let the dust settle on this one a little bit. It's certainly not a hard no. We're kind of open-minded about bringing it back. We don't want to do it right now just because, you know, like I said a couple of questions ago. We just brought in a ton of change, we don't want to kind of whiplash people too much. So, but yeah please know that we're hearing that feedback. We have people on the team who you know prefer, you know, the little teleport to jumping themselves. So, that's a very active discussion for us. So, yeah, what's the space on that one let's keep talking about it.

Alright next question.


Let's bring it up here. So, this one is from JerryJFunk. He says. Hey Gribble thanks for doing this!

You're welcome.

You guys continue to be top tier in terms of community interaction and feedback. We try. I have a couple of questions, pick whichever you like. So, I pick number one.

What would you say is the dev team's biggest indicator of success in the short term, specifically is that total active users overall positive feedback and reviews or something else?

So, I'd say it's a combination of, you know, users and positive sentiment. So, you know, we definitely are trying to grow the app, that is no secret. We want Rec Room to get big and strong. But, not at the cost of a positive community. So, you know, as we've kind of been experimenting with bringing in screens for example. You know, we've kind of always said that, you know, if things get really really out of control, we'll pause, and kind of regroup. You know, make sure things are stabilized before we kind of go to the next level. So, that's what we're trying to do. We, you know, definitely keeping a close eye on, you know, all the feedback we're getting from recent changes. You know, trying to make sure that screen players are integrating well into the community. We know that we've got a ton of work to do there. You know, so feedback we've gotten is that, you know, screen players for example can be you know a little bit weird to hang out with relative to VR players, like as you know, VR players are very expressive. Have very natural body language. Screen players are less so. So, that's something that we're kind of working on and thinking about. But yeah, so, our metric would be we definitely want to see that the app growing, you know, which we do and we're very grateful for and so thank you to everyone who's playing Rec Room. We love that. But yeah, not growth at all costs. That's, that's not how we do business. I mentioned earlier our kind of it's a small world principle. We want a long-term relationship with everyone who plays Rec Room. You know, we hope that you enjoy yourself here. You make friends here and you want to stay and come back. So, yeah, come to your question, I think it's a little bit of both. Use account and positive sentiment, we want both those things.



Next question. So, this one is from FX_Steampunk. Question one.

When will the RecRoyale glider be added to the sandbox machine?(And the Isle of Lost Skulls items)

Ok, so, let me take that backwards. So, the Isle, so a bunch of the Isle of Lost Skull items are going into the sandbox machine as we speak. Like right now as I'm recording this video. One of our Dev's is working on putting them in. So, next update there'll be a bunch more stuff in the sandbox machine. The RecRoyale glider will probably take a little bit longer. That one's a more complex object. We don't have anything exactly like that in the sandbox machine right now. But, we definitely plan to add it. I mentioned before, we're kind of starting to look at proper vehicle support. So, you can expect over the next month or two, to us adding support for the glider and bunch of other vehicle type things. So, that is definitely coming. Now FX steampunk had some more in his question.

What will you do as a team to reduce toxicity with the influx of new players?

So, yeah, so basically the same things we always do. Like we keep a close eye on that stuff. You know we have a bunch of systems in place. If you haven't checked out all of our moderation and comfort options, I encourage you to do that. If you go to the Reddit you'll find that at the top of the page there's a pin link with good links to all of that stuff. So, please be aware of all that the talk, the hand gesture, reporting, kicking, all that kind of stuff. So yeah, we, I mean really what we do is what we've always done keep a really close eye on how many reports we're seeing, vote to kicks, all those various things, we monitor all their systems really closely. You know, we try and promote a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. So, what I encourage people to do is use the report features.You know, please be proactive in educating new players about how to, you know, be a really excellent member of the Rec Room community. Yeah, and if we think if we see things, you know, really getting out of hand, we'll make changes to kind of tamp that down. You know, it's really important to us that Rec Room remain a positive community and a place that people really feel welcomed and want to come back to and spend a lot of time in. So yeah, just we'll be working at it like we always do okay

When will punch-out be added?

Well, user called Velp made a room called boxing. I have actually publicly called them out for a boxing match, which they have not responded to because I think they're scared that I will defeat them. So, I think that's as close as we're gonna get to punch up in the near future. Velp if you're out there, I challenge you!


Alright. So, next question is from Forbym, who asks question

Who of the AG team is able to explain to Gribbly that PST is different from PDT by one hour and that it is therefore important to use the correct time zone?

Okay, well look I included this question. Thank you Forbym for educating me. I have lived in Seattle for many years now. I literally didn't understand that those were different, those were different time zones. But, I thought it'd include this question and answer, so like, you know, as you're wondering who keeps making all these dumb decisions about Rec Room. I thought it's important that you know who you're dealing with. I really am that stupid. So, yeah. Thanks for thanks for the tip Forbym. I will use the correct PDT in future when talking about Q and A's and events. I am ashamed.



So this question is from Scipio_Wright who asks,

What are your long-term goals for Rec Room?

Well, I think I covered a little bit of this earlier. But, yeah, just to kind of restate it. You know, we think of Rec Room as kind of a next generation social app. You know, a community creation app. We basically want to get it as big and as cool as we can. We want it on as many devices as we can get it. We definitely have an aspiration to be, you know, as VR grows, we want to be one of the default social VR apps. You know, like as a free app with like all kinds of fun stuff to do, we hope. You know, we want it just be no reason to not have the VR app on your headset. Just like you know if you would, you know, walk up to a random person and look at their phone you know they're gonna have one of a handful of social apps on their phone. You know, whether it's Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter whatever it may be. You know, our aspiration is to be that for social VR. To kind of keep growing out the creation tools so that, you know, this is a great way for people to express their creativity. Share what they build with friends, you know, whether it's in VR or whether it's on a screen, whether it's any combination of both em in one big happy family. But yeah, we want to take over the world. We're not shy about that aspiration. So, yeah, that's the long-term plan.


All right next question. Let's pull this one up. So, this one is from AJackDaniels not the Jack Daniels this is AJackDaniels.

When can creators expect the ability to create textures and set transparency/glow?

So yeah. So, this has been a common requests from creators. We talked about, a little bit about this in the last Q&A. So, transparency I think is the easiest of that group and I think you can expect that pretty soon, as I've said a few times we are embarking on a pretty big push on the creation tools to close out the year with like some really big advances in the tools and the kinds of things that you can create up to and including your own quests. So, transparent makerpen shape so you can do things like windows, it's pretty easy for us to support. So, that one I don't I don't have an exact date for you, but that one I think you can expect within the next few updates. Glowing, like so just setting an emissive texture I think is similar. I shouldn't give any specific promises, I have to talk to the art team, make sure we've actually got a plan for that. But, I'm pretty confident saying that that one's coming definitely before the end of the year. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Then, what was the other one, hang on. I have to look at the doc again. Oh, create textures yeah. So, that one's kind of, it so this one we're kind of, so that so, I think the desire is that you can create shapes and put textures like a brick wall texture or a, you know, a pattern of some kind as opposed to just the flat colors that we do right now. Or you know maybe you can take a sandbox object like a couch and put different fabrics on it and stuff like that. That is definitely something on our roadmap. We're kind of like bundling that together with like, we've got a whole bunch of work to do, where we've got to optimize the app for some devices that we want to get out get onto next year. I can't talk too much about that specifically. But, we kind of got a big chunk of work ahead of us to kind of do a bunch of optimization. Which should yield a bunch of nice improvements for our custom rooms, including the ability to switch out textures and stuff. So, it might take a little bit longer. Like this one might leak into the new year. But, it's kind of coming alongside this big push for optimizing the entire app. So, hopefully we'll have more to say about that towards the end of the year, early next year. But yeah, we know people want it, we want it too, and as soon as we can possibly do it in the right way we will do it.

Alright next question.


This one is from MightyBigMinus, who asks

What happened to go-karts?


All right next question.


Let me bring this one up. This is from milkandcookies21 who says, well they've got four questions. Well, okay, so. One:

Is there a chance of getting a new RecRoyale map?

I was playing with someone that mentioned making a large city with a base similar to cyber junk would be awesome and I tend to agree.

Does sound pretty awesome. So, RecRoyale. RecRoyale. Yeah, so basically the next step for RecRoyale is we're going to do a season two. Basically timing-wise, I don't want to get too specific because, you know, things might shift a little bit one way or the other. But, basically what we're doing is first we're working on a new quest. Spoiler warning, you know, for the questions that are coming in a few. People who want me to reveal what the next quest is going to be. No, I'm not going to do that. But, we are actively working on it. I think it looks super cool. I'm hoping you'll all love it. So, we're looking forward to announcing that. Then once we're done with that quest the next thing in the queue is an update to RecRoyale. So, stay tuned for that.

What's the next question? Next question is

Will it be an option to teleport while walking again?

As I said in the earlier question, maybe. Right now we're just kind of collecting data, collecting feedback, letting the dust settle on a pretty big change that we made. So yeah, if you're one of those players who really wants to have the hybrid walking and teleport, please be a little bit patient with us. Keep giving us the feedback and we'll revisit this in a few weeks.

RecRoyale leaderboards? Kills, wins, revives?

Yeah that'll be cool. So, I think the most likely scenario for that is that we will roll leaderboards into the season update for RecRoyale. Then the last one

I know a lot of negative feedback has been given to this update and you all work very hard.


Will there be something for all the players as an exclusive skin or a reward to smooth things over and bring people back?

I think that would be a cool thing to bring people back and show you still value the core players.

So, first of all, for sure we still value the core players. You know, I talked a little bit about you know the Rec Center update was probably a little bit too much change packed into a small space. The idea of a, kind of, like a token of apology is an interesting one. It’s not one I've thought about. You know, I think definitely something we'll do is, you know, last couple of years, we've done the class of 2016, class of 2017 shirts. We’ll for sure going to do that again. It might be a fun idea to do like a little item of like, hey sorry for shaking the etch-a-sketch so hard. Maybe that's a fun thing to do. So, let me think about that one. That's a fun idea milk and cookies. So, yeah, yeah let me give you a hard maybe on that one.

All right next question.


So, this one is from manoflick, who says. Question:

Could we see a new paintball map or weapon maybe a semi-auto rifle or something else?

So, yeah I can use the people tab on my watch, I know. So, let me answer this one cryptically. I th.., yes you are going to see more paintball maps. Stay tuned for that one. Yeah, probably with that, updated weapons. You know, definitely get, getting time, to like, give some love to paintball pretty soon.


All right next question. Sorry, let's bring this one up. This one is from sissylyne. Thank you sissylyne.

1:I'm not a big custom room fan.

Okay fine.

Are there any plans to add enemy spawns to custom rooms?

It's the only thing that would make custom rooms more than a novelty to me.

Okay, yeah, so I talked about that a little earlier. You know, so yeah, we think of custom rooms as like always developing. You know, we know the tools have been pretty limited and that you know there's often bugs and other things going on. Yeah, all I can say about that is, you know, we're really serious about supporting creators and making the tools better and better and more and more able to build cooler and cooler stuff. So, like I said before our goal for the end of the year is to get to the point where you can make your own quests. That's what we're striving for and hopefully that will make community created rooms interesting enough for you.

Alright, so.

Any chance we might get difficult weekly challenges back?

A while ago I suggested in Discord feedback a token sink of buying extra challenges beside weekly and daily. I like to be challenged.

Okay, yeah, that's good feedback. So, I think, you know, BeeBoz, who many of you will know who's one of one of the devs. He kind of puts all the really deep thinking into the rewards and the challenges and stuff like that. So, what I'm gonna do is pass that feedback on him make sure he's seen it. I'll get him to think about it.


Are there any tweaks to the report button coming?

Not sure what kind of tweaks you're looking for. What I will say is that we're always, basically like, it's rare that we do an update that doesn't have some kind of a tweak to our moderation systems in it that includes the way the report and vote to kick stuff works. We're constantly learning from how we see it playing out in the wild. So, yeah, I'm not sure exactly what tweaks you're looking for, but yeah, we're certainly gonna keep iterating on those systems to try and get them better and better.

What is the most-played activity on rec room?

Um, well let's look at the hot list. Let's see, Rec Royale Squad's. There you go. Okay.


Next question. Let's bring this one up. Let's see, MykaLee asks:

Is there ever going to be a chance to get previous weekly challenge items?

I know of a few people who would really like some of the items that were only available in the weekly challenge at a time before they started playing.

Yeah, so yeah, definitely the idea is that, you know, sometimes we'll put old items back in the challenges rotation. As I mentioned in previous question, BeeBozz is really the mastermind behind all this, so I'll make sure we pass that on to him. But yeah, I think there's very good, you know, very good chance that you'll see all items cycle through the challenge system. But, yeah, if you've got more questions hit up BeeBozz on the Discord on the Reddit he'll be happy to kind of go in-depth on that with you. Okay.


This question is from Forbym, who says:

Does Rec Room support the minimum Windows Mixed Reality hardware requirements and if not are there any plans to do so?

So, the short answer is no. I spoke to Bilal about this one. Yeah, so, actually we don't natively support Windows Mixed Reality right now. We support Windows Mixed Reality via Steam. So, the minimum requirements that apply the steam minimum requirements, which we do hit. So yeah, currently no plans to directly support the Windows Mixed Reality min requirements. That's said, we are looking to optimize the app a whole bunch more as I've talked about. and Hopefully that'll have knock-on benefits. You know, I can't promise that that'll make it playable via Steam on a Surface Pro 2. But hopefully, and while we're talking about Windows Mixed Reality, I just want to acknowledge that, you know, I've heard a lot of feedback that the throwing is a bit jacked up right now. I haven't been able to reproduce that. We have have been looking into. We'll keep looking at that. We're overdue kind of a little bit of a polish pass on WMR headsets. So, apologies Windows Mixed Reality users if you're experiencing low quality throwing. Our bad. We'll get on that as soon as we can.


All right, next question. So, this one is from Andrew Meno 3. Who asks:

Is the majority of the devs focus on completing the new quest right now? Since the answer is most likely no do you have an idea when it might shift to that?

So, it's kind of not how it works, you know. So, relative to where we were in 2016, the team's grown a bit. You know, we've now got more people working on various aspects of Rec Room. Such that, you know, we do have but, yeah, we've got basically the quest team is working on a quest right now. They're very focused on that. So, they are actively working on it. But, at the same time it's not like we're not doing a bunch of other stuff at the same time, you know. Like screens mode, like supporting the creator tools, like screwing up on the locomotion, I'm kidding. But yeah, no, we're actively working on the new quest. But yeah, it's kind of like not that we can only focus on one thing at a time. We can focus on a few things at a time. So yeah, and quest is one of them.


This one is from SoulFoxGaming. Two questions. One:

When will the pan in Rec Royale get a damage buff?

Good question. I will ask the games team what they think of that. I do know people like clanging each other with the pan. So, I'll ask. I'm not sure it is going to get a damage buff. I'd be kind of going outside my lane to tell you that it was going to. But, I'll pass that on for sure.

Number two:

Will more melee weapons be added to Rec Royale?

I think probably. Yeah, I mean I think we got season 2 coming up. We're looking at different things that we can do to to freshen up Rec Royale. I think it's pretty likely that you'll see, definitely gonna see extra weapons and probably some of them will be melee weapons. So, probably.

Alright next question.


So this one is from On_Wings_Of_Pastrami. That's a pretty good name. Okay. Question is:

Is there a plan to create more added value for players that reach higher levels?

You sort of fixed laser now that there seems to be more items too.

I don't know what that means.

More items and to buy and tokens to be earned as well. The quest has this to some degree with tokens for questers that are fully stocked, but Rec Royale once finished as their reward mechanism.

So yeah, again I think a lesson for me on this AMA is I should outsource these kind of reward questions to BeeBoz. This is his department. So yeah, I can't really say too much. I know, yeah, we definitely want to make sure that that high level players have things they can earn. You know, for Rec Royale specifically, I think, you know, with the new season you'll see new rewards and unlocks to do there. But yeah, I'll pass this on to BeeBoz and next time I do one of these AMAs I'm gonna make sure he's here to help me with these rewards questions. Because, I'm aware that I'm giving you kind of annoying non answers. Okay, next question.


Let's bring this one up. This one is, also from On_Wings_Of_Pastrami.

Is there a plan to balance the competitive advantage of walkers versus teleporters?

I know there's heavy debate on who actually has the advantage, but, I think balancing these different movement modes in game, could cause a lot less strife among players.

Yeah, great question. I'm actually really glad this one came up, because, yeah. One of the more experimental things we've done in the Rec Center Edition is default to what we call pickup matchmaking. Which kind of puts VR teleport players, VR walk players and screen players by default all together in one game. Yeah, and I think we've seen, over all it working pretty well. But, we've definitely seen, you know, some complaints and feedback and some, you know, perception of like different player types having an advantage, you know, in laser tag or in paintball or in whatever. Yes, so first of all I would say yeah. You know, as with everything we're kind of experimenting, we're learning on the fly. You know, it's not like we've really got a model to follow here. You know, it's not like, hey we're gonna make, you know, a game that's inspired by Uncharted. So, we can kind of look at Uncharted and see how they solved a bunch of problems. We're kind of out on a limb here. Making a, you know, VR screen creation. You know, this kind of crazy social thing. So yeah, you're, we're learning along with you what works and what doesn't work. So, I really would ask people to be patient, be excellent to each other. You know, don't go too crazy in the rooms, you know, even if you're getting a bit frustrated. You know, if we have created like paintball VR. We're gonna add a laser tag VR. You know, that are not mixed matchmaking, not pick up matchmaking. So, if you're really just like, man I just want to play old-school teleport only paintball, paintball VR is the room for that right now. But yeah, really what we're doing is, we kind of, like with the locomotion stuff, we're kind of letting the dust settle a little bit. We don't want to make too many changes after we've just changed a bunch of stuff and just whiplash everybody really really badly. So, we're just kind of keeping an eye on it. We're like, you know, we're kind of just keeping an eye on, you know, how does the balance look, is there, you know, really dominant strategy emerging where like, you know, one class of players just, you know, has absolute advantage of other players. You know, I'm just going to keep an eye on that. We've got to gather a bunch of data, gather a bunch of feedback. I will say we're definitely not done making changes here. But yeah, in the short term I would just urge everyone to be cool. You know, if you really really don't want to play teleport versus walk, there are options in the game for doing that. Yeah, please keep giving his feedback, keep it civil, keeper polite. You know, generally speaking I think it's been going pretty well. You know, for most of the game modes, especially the the cooperative game modes, like the quests, seem to work really well with pick up. You know, laser tag, paintball, I think there's a little more controversy about those. But yeah, we’re keeping an eye on it. We're not done iterating. We’d just appreciate patience and people kind of experimenting along with us. We're creating something kind of new together here. So yeah, we're not married to any one particular solution. I think we just got to learn over time what's going to work out the best. And in the meantime give it a go. You know, and see if you enjoy it. In a few weeks we'll have a lot more data about, like you know, is it really true that you know one type of players has a strong advantage over others. Then we'll see how we want to tweak. Okay.


All right. Sorry, I’m starting to run out of time here. So, I think I can just do a couple more questions. So, let me just burn through these last couple here. So PengoPlays asks. Question 1:

Where did the Rec Center VR Cup trophies go?

Sorry to say that the Goblin King stole them. You're gonna have to go get them back by completing Quest for the Golden Trophy. That's way it goes.

All right, so question 2, there was:

What were the names of the five quests in Rec Room? I forgot what they were.

So, that is The Quest for the Golden Trophy, The Rise of Jumbotron, The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron, The Isle of Lost Skulls and of course… {Technical Difficulties!}

Question 3:

Can we have map pins in the future so that I can tell my team where to go without telling everyone else?

So I'm assuming this is for Rec Royale. Interesting suggestion. You know, I think, yeah, let's let me to pass that on the games team and you know maybe that's something we can look at for Rec Royale season two. Good question, good suggestion, thank you. All right, let me see. IceIsHardWater asks:

Will the new quest be something new or something we have seen before?

Here's what I can say about that. It will be a new quest, for sure. So, I guess in a sense you've seen quest before, so it'll be like that, but it's also a new quest and you haven't seen the new quest before. So, I'm gonna say both. How about that?

Okay, all right. I think at that point we're down to questions with just one up vote. I'm, you know, I'm a little bit out of time, I'm gonna run here. So, we will do this again. This has been fun for me. Fun having a little guided tour of some rooms as I answer a bunch of questions. So yeah, give me feedback on this. Should it be shorter, should it be longer, should I go into more depth, should I go into less depth? You know, like I said before, I think I might bring in some other people next time who have a little bit more expertise on specific chunks of the game, like the rewards. So, they can give you more specific answers.But, yesh. So, this is the end of our Rec Room AMA video experiment. Thanks for watching and we'll talk to you again soon. Okay.

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