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In Rec Room, "Dev Q&A"s are featured events within Rec Room that are organised and hosted by developers of Rec Room Inc. where they answer questions from players.

Ask-Me-Anything Videos

Since late 2018, gribbly (CCO Cameron Brown) and Radiant Blur answer questions from reddit in video AMAs, which are usually hosted by HairyManLegs.

Creative Q&As

Creative Q&As were introduced in late 2020. They usually feature multiple developers and focus on future creative tools in Rec Room.

Dev Q&As

In 2017 and early 2018, Dev Q&As were scheduled about every other week and often focused on recent updates to Rec Room. They were usually announced on Rec Room's discord server in the #events channel and within the Rec Center and/or the Dorm Room on posters.

Some Q&As featured external game developers and designers.