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Rec Room - Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer PS VR

YouTube announcement of release date: Nov. 15

Crescendo of the Blood Moon (CBM) is the latest Quest. It was officially announced on Reddit. It was released on November 15, 2018. Teaser images and videos were published on Rec Room's Instagram page, along with the trailer on Nov. 8. The quest references elements of Castlevania games; including a castle setting, whips, skeletons, and more.

Community Game play / Tutorials

Some playthroughs from YouTube.


Crescendo of the Blood Moon! (Rec Room Quest Full VR Play-through)

YouTube playthrough by JadeKVR


Rec Room- Crescendo of the Blood Moon Solo Tutorial

YouTube solo tutorial by Boethiah


REC ROOM QUEST! Crescendo of the Blood Moon

YouTube playthrough by HairyManLegs

Act Order

Country Farm Country farm is the first act of the quest. Players spawn in a house and can arm themselves with shovels or pitch forks from the piles of hay outside. Down the path, players will have to kill a few waves of pumpkin head skeletons before continuing on through the gate to the second section of the act. Note: If you have a pitchfork and go on the stacks of hay, the Pumpkin Heads cannot hit you but you can hit them.

In the second section, players are introduced to Green bats as well as bone throwing maids. Once all waves of enemies are defeated players will then unlock the gate and gain access to chests, whips, and blunderbusses.

The Third section introduces the player to two Red Swooping Bats after the Maid is defeated once they exit the Hut, afterwards more Pumpkin Head Skeletons, Maids and Green Bats, before they enter a Carriage to progress to the Forest Road.

Note: if you don't feel comfortable clashing head-on with the Swoopers and the Pumpkin Heads, feel free to use the platforms the Bone Maids spawn on. The Swoopers and Pumpkin Heads cannot hit you up there.

Forest Road On the carriage ride to the castle grounds players will face several waves of enemies from each side of the carriage. In this act players are introduced to Barrel Dogs and greater waves of Red Swooping Bats. This is easily the hardest level in solo mode, so it is advised to utilize weapons from chests of the previous act. Weapons could range from shotguns, flintlocks, crossbows, shovels, and pitchforks. Note that a slightly easier but more frantic way to conquer this act is to stay on the chairs in the Carriage and take out the Bats and Pumpkin Heads through the window.
Castle Grounds After the Carriage crash, players arrive at the Castle Grounds. Players will then have to complete several waves of Marksmen, Barrel Dogs, and Maids before entering the Grand Hall for the first time. A viable strategy is to take out the two Marksmen at the beginning of the first half, spawn everything, let them come to you, and deal with the remaining Marksmen.
Grand Hall The Grand Hall is the intermission point between acts where a players silver balance is banked. The Grand Hall is regenerated every time it is visited and contains 4 chests randomly scattered around the different levels as well as the chandeliers. There is also a plethora of candles placed throughout The Grand Hall, which will grant you 2 (small candles) or 3 (large candles that can be grabbed) silver when destroyed. In order to progress into the Gallery players have to locate the door and lock platform which is located on the second floor on the right side.
Gallery The Gallery consists of one main part with a locked gate at the end. This gate separates the main gallery from the mini boss at the end of the level. When players unlock the gate at the end and enter the room, the Maid Witch rises from the ground. A viable strategy is to spawn the Maid Witch and fall back to the chandelier. Do use this strategy carefully as the Green Fire Bats and the Maid Witch can still hit you.

The Maid's minions consist of Pumpkin Spicers, Red Swooping Bats, and Green Fire Bats.

Chamber of Knowledge The Chamber of Knowledge is the second and final level before player are returned to the Grand Hall where they are able to bank their silver. Unlike the Gallery this level contains several locked gates which require enduring the waves of enemies in each section. The final section before the mini boss will remain locked until players locate the book to open the door. Books can be pushed in like a button to open up secret areas behind book shelves as well as the door to progress to the next room. Once the correct book is found the gate will open once a player touches the end platform. The final room of the Chamber of Knowledge is home to the Rifleman mini boss. After his defeat, players once again return to the Grand Hall checkpoint.
Grand Hall The Grand Hall is the intermission point between acts where a players silver balance is banked. The Grand Hall is regenerated every time it is visited and contains 4 chests randomly scattered around the different levels as well as the chandeliers. The Garden of Sorrows door is located on the first floor of the Grand Hall on the right side.
Garden of Sorrows The first section of the Garden of Sorrows brings players to a pond where several waves of enemies will spawn around them. They spawn at the beginning of the pond as well on the other side and ledge. These waves consist of every enemy except for barrel dogs. Next players enter into the second part which contains a gazebo. The final part of the garden of sorrows has the Pumpkin Head mini boss as well as his minions who rise from grave stones. An easy way to defeat the Pumpkin Head mini boss is to whip while slowly falling back. A viable strategy is to run through the graveyard all the way to the end and let everything work its way to you, and then take out the remaining Bone Maids and Marksmen.
Inverted Ballroom The inverted ball room has two parts. The first part consists of several waves of enemies that spawn around players as they enter the room. The second part consists of timed spawns of bone throwing maids as well as riflemen who spawn around on top of tables. After a certain point the enemies will switch over to bats and then pumpkin heads and a maiden. Once the last enemy of that wave is killed the Fire Bat mini boss will spawn. It is advised to bring as many weapons you can to the entrance as this level is very tense.
Grand Hall The Grand Hall is the intermission point between acts where a players silver balance is banked. The Grand Hall is regenerated every time it is visited and contains 4 chests randomly scattered around the different levels as well as the chandeliers. The door to the Lower Sanctum is located on the first floor in the far rear of the Grand Hall. After completing Inverted Ball room, the gate blocking the small back room with become unlocked.
Lower Sanctum The level is similar to the cave in Isle of Lost Skulls. Players are given one torch and the darkness makes it near impossible to progress alone. The first part of the Lower Sanctum is a trap filled room. After players progress down the stairs they will begin to hear the noise of arrow shooters. After the arrow shooters the players will face laser walls and large, swinging axes. In order to beat the laser walls players cannot touch them at all. While the arrow traps will kill a player and result in the loss of silver, the laser walls and axes will not kill players.

After clearing the trap filled room, Players will enter a small wave of enemies consisting of Pumpkin Head Skeletons, Red Swooping Bats, and afterwards, two maids on the steps leading down to the final part. After defeating the Maids, Players will start to hear the Roaring of the Barrel Dog mini-boss as they descend the stairs.

The final part of the Lower Sanctum is home to the Barrel Dog mini-boss.

Grand Hall The Grand Hall is the intermission point between acts where a players silver balance is banked. The Grand Hall is regenerated every time it is visited and contains 4 chests randomly scattered around the floors as well as the chandeliers. The Concert Hall door is located on the second floor in the back room.
Concert Hall The Concert Hall is the final room where you come into contact with Dracula.

As the fight progresses, several waves of enemies will spawn, which consists of everything except Green Fire Bats. Dracula spawns randomly around the room based on where players are located. In balconies, he can spawn behind you, if he spawns next to you while you are in his radius, then you got Bitten aka knocked out. A good place to be is right in front of the stage where Dracula does his intro.

Back and hip Holsters if played on Oculus Rift. Only back holsters on PS4.


Pitch Fork / Shovel

Both degrade over time due to use. Eventually the player will be left with a handle and stick which still does damage however not as much as the unbroken variant, though it can still block enemies and stun them. Pitchforks last 5 hits while Shovels last between 6-9 hits.


The cork shotgun shoots 3 shots before breaking. When broken, the end of the barrel will be flared out like the cork flint lock in Isle of Lost Skulls. The blunderbuss shoots the same cork pattern with every shot. (Dot View) (GIF View)

Cork shotty.png

The whip is the only weapon that doesn't degrade with use. It is first obtained when entering the third part of act 1 (Country Farm).

The whip also has a special grapple feature where players can use it to get on top of chandeliers as well as beams scattered around each act signified by ropes hanging off the object.

It can also tear down flimsy wooden walls to progress, but this feature is only used in the Chambers of Knowledge, once during the Country farm, and once during the Castle Grounds where you can tear down a door leading into the Grand Hall.

Candle Stand

Candle stick stands can be found throughout all levels of the quest. They can be used as a one hit weapon to knock out bats or other enemies. The tip of the Candle stand can also produce a faint light.


Pumpkins are one-use items similar to the candle stick. You can throw them or use them as a melee weapon. It takes roughly two pumpkins to kill skeleton enemies and one to kill bat enemies.

Flintlock (Crescendo Ver.)

Unlike Isle of Lost Skulls, the Flintlock in Cresendo has 9 shots before the barrel explodes and the gun is rendered useless. When empty, dropping the gun will make it poof away into a cloud of orange.

Headshots with this weapon deal increased damage to skeletons, maids and marksmen, being able to one shot kill some enemies. Bats dont have a head target so the Flintlock will one hit kill red and green bats when hit anywhere.

Crossbow (Crescendo Ver.)

Unlike Quest for the Golden Trophy this crossbow only has 19 shots before it becomes unusable. If a crossbow is out of ammo and is dropped by the player it will poof away into a cloud of orange.

Headshots with this weapon deal increased damage to skeletons, maids and marksmen, being able to one shot kill some enemies. Bats dont have a head target so the Crossbow will one hit kill red and green bats when hit anywhere. This is useful for Forest Road as many bats will spwan.

Hunter's Crossbow (Crescendo Ver.)

Unlike The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron this crossbow has the ability to be reloaded either by the lever or by the "flip reload" method used in Jumbotron to reload the laser pistol. This cross bow has a total of 20 arrows before it becomes unusable.

Headshots with this weapon deal increased damage to skeletons, maids and marksmen, being able to one shot kill some enemies. Bats don't have a head target so the Hunter's Crossbow will one hit kill red and green bats when hit anywhere. This is useful for the Carriage in Forest Road.

Rum Jug (from Isle of Lost Skulls)

Single use, explosive throwable which can one hit kill some enemies. Explodes on contact with walls, enemies or the ground and deals damage in a small radius around the explosion.


Bottles (from Isle of Lost Skulls)

Single use, breaks when hits walls, enemies or the ground. This throwable weapon can only be found once in the Lower Sanctum, similar to the Blunderbuss found once in the Caves level in Isle of Lost Skulls.


Pirate Plates (from Isle of Lost Skulls)

Single use, breaks when hits walls, enemies or the ground. This throwable weapon can be found in the miniboss room of the Inverted Ballroom, you can also find around two of them in the Hut you start the quest in on the table.



Pumpkin Spicer

Run at the player and swing their bone weapon. Like all enemies in CBM, they have a health bar which requires around 2-3 hits from the side to kill. If a player uses two shovels to swing down on the pumpkin spicer's head it will instantly kill it.

The player can use a shovel/pitch fork held in a horizontal position similar to a sword in ILS to block the attack.

Silver from Death: 10

Green Bat

Green bats generally will stop a full whip length away form the player before charging up and shooting a fireball at them.

Silver from Death: 5

Red Bat

The Red Bat requires a single hit from a shovel to kill or two snaps of the whip to kill. The red bat starts its attack roughly one full whip length away from a player and swoops towards them. If touched the bat will knock out a player.

Silver from Death: 15

Bone Maid

Maids carry around a bucket of bones and lob 3 bones in rapid succession at the player. A player will be disarmed if the bone comes into contact with the whip or other held weapon. Similar to the marksmen the maid does not lead shots there for walking players will have the easiest means of dodging the bones.

Silver from Death: 10

Barrel Dogs

Barrel Dogs use a charging attack in order to jump into players and knock them out. When hit with a whip they take standard damage, however they get more damage by hitting the skeleton with a shovel or pitchfork.

Silver from Death: 25

Barreldog tran.png

Similar to the flintlock pirates in Isle of Lost Skulls, the Marksmen charge up and shoot one round at the player. Unlike other quests, however, the marksmen tend to aim at the players torso rather then head. This makes teleport difficult whereas in walk mode they wont lead their shot (like enemies in other quests) and will fire at the players previous location.

Silver from Death: 20


Boss / Mini-Bosses

The mini-bosses of Crescendo are grown up versions of their smaller forms.  These grown-up versions all possess a certain special ability which is taken from their smaller form and becomes amplified.  For example, the Rifleman mini-boss shoots 5 corks in rapid succession rather than a single shot.

Maid Warlord

Walks around and throws fiery bones at players.  Once thrown, the bones will land on the ground and explode after a few seconds.  A set amount of monsters spawn in the tunnels of the mini-boss room. A majority spawn in the tunnel straight behind the platform where the mini-boss rises from the ground.  A few bats and pumpkin heads will spawn in the right tunnel after the first few waves of monsters are defeated.

Silver Obtained after defeat: 100

Bone Maid.png
Mayor Marksman

Stands generally in once place and targets players who are inflicting damage on it.  Shoots 5 shots in quick succession and then pauses before continuing on with another 5 shots. Going up to the platform he is standing on will spawn a small wave of enemies consisting of two pumpkin-head skeletons, two barrel dogs, and two red bats.

Silver Obtained after defeat: 400

Note: An easier way to take out the Grand Marksmen is to take out the bats and Pumpkin Heads, then stand behind the post in front of the Grand Marksmen and proceed to whip around it.

President Pumpkin Head

Rises from the ground in the graveyard and targets the nearest player/the player dealing damage.  The Pumpkin Head boss has a relatively slow walk speed as it follows the player around. This allows the player to walk backward while also whipping the Pumpkin Head miniboss.  Like its smaller version, a shovel or pitchfork can be used to block his swings. This block is identical to the mechanic used in Isle of Lost Skulls to block attacks. Do use this block mechanic with caution as he is able to continue to walk forward and swing.  Eventually is forward momentum will allow him to bypass your block.

Silver Obtained after defeat: 600

[Picture Placeholder]
Baron Fire Bat

Unlike the other bat forms, this mini-boss bat is purple and shoots a horizontal line comprised of 5 fireballs at the player.  Walk mode has the advantage of jumping over the line of fireballs as it approaches the player. Unlike other quests, the mini-boss bat shoots a fireball spread at the player's torso allowing them to jump over them.

Silver Obtained after defeat: 800

King Barrel Dog

The barrel dog mini-boss awards the most silver however it is one of the easiest boss battles to win.  Like its smaller version, the mini boss also revs up and charges at attacking players. No additional enemies spawn around the barrel dog boss and once defeated a light comes on and players are able to exit the room.

Silver Obtained after defeat: 1600

[Picture Placeholder]
Count Dracula (Finale Boss)

Dracula is the final boss players will face in the concert hall before successfully completing the quest. At the start Dracula will begin on stage playing {music title} on the organ before stopping in order to say a few words before battle. After Dracula teleports off stage he will teleport around the room and shoot a line of fire balls. Dracula will shoot up to 3 waves of fireballs before teleporting away again. If players are standing within the dog bite zone they will instantly be downed by the attack. Players will need to focus one of three mirrors scattered around the room on Dracula in order to "damage" him. Once he is successfully hit, he will turn into a cloud of purple bats, and enemies will spawn on the floor (with the exception of one bone throwing maid on the top-right balcony). One of the purple bats is the "real" Dracula, and killing it will spawn another Dracula, but at the cost of stopping all enemy spawns. The Dracula Bat can easily be spotted because he will spin before swooping you and unlike the other bats, he has no string holding him up. After the first time of hitting him with a light, he will fire two bursts of fire balls, and three after the second time. After hitting him a third time with a mirror, he will die, and you have successfully beaten the quest! Note that a slightly easier, but more frantic way to defeat the boss is to stay in the top-left the balcony with the mirror, and only attack Dracula, after he turns into a swarm of bats, knock out the Real bat and then hit Dracula with the mirror again. This method takes a shorter time, but you have to deal with more enemies.

Cosmetic Sets

Crescendo of the Blood Moon offers players a total of 9 different outfits to obtain. 5 outfit sets are obtained via quest completion. Depending on the rank a reward is given to the player at random. The game will not give duplicate clothing related rewards. Instead, players will receive other rewards, such as Film, Potions, or Tokens.

S+ S A B C
SP CBM.png
S CBM.png
A CBM.png
B CBM.png
C CBM.png

Quest Completion

A total of 4 different Vampire Hunter outfits and a Dracula outfit are only obtainable through the completion of Crescendo. Different ranks determine which reward the player will get.

Caravan of Curiosities Gift Shop

The gift shop offers a total of 4 Aristocrat outfits that players are able to purchase using silver obtained while completing Crescendo.


The Caravan of Curiosities also offers film, potions, and a basket of apples which can be purchased using silver.

Basket of Apples.png
High five o whip.png

Quest Rank

Unlike Golden Trophy, Crimson Cauldron, and The Rise of Jumbotron, Crescendo uses two different systems to track combat points and silver.

Combat Points

Combat points make up an invisible scoreboard system identical to those in Golden Trophy, Crimson Cauldron, and Jumbotron. The difference with this scoreboard, however, is that it is invisible to players as the scoreboard is instead used to display player silver totals. This style of scoreboard system was first introduced in Isle of Lost Skulls. Rank is still based on a collective score between all quest participants and receives deductions when players die by quest enemies or are friendly fired.

Upon death by enemy or friendly fire players receive a deduction to their silver total as well as to their combat points (even though this is invisible to the players eyes). All combat score points are added to a collective value between the 1-3 players therefore if someone crashes from the game they re enter with a score of zero however since rank is based on the collective score their rank reward will be unaffected by their disconnection.

Crescendo Combat Score System

Before and After

Due to the Gifting Edition update players were able to view the "Combat Score" system behind Crescendo. This "Combat Score" is the score that is used to determine the rank reward players receive at the end of the quest. Normally this score is hidden from players (See Before and After picture). Inevitably an update fixed this to where players can't see the score again however due to the long duration where it has been broken players have been able to analyze what exactly makes up the combat score.

Starting off the total base score of Crescendo is 4,400 points and S+ rank starts at a combat score of 4,160. This means players can get one death and still get S+.

Rank Hierarchy:

S+ S+ is new to quests and only obtainable in Crescendo. S+ rank is meant to reward players who had a near perfect run. S+ rank is meant to be for runs with 1 death by enemies/friendly fire.

Combat Score Required: 4,160 Rank Bonus: 15,000 Silver

Death Amount: 1 (This has been verified by @Rocko do not change it. Contact him if you would like to dispute it.)

S Rank Bonus: 10,000 Silver

Combat Score Required: 3,160

Deaths: Up to 6 deaths by friendly fire/enemies (-200) and 1 death by arrow traps (-20).

A Rank Bonus: 6,000 Silver

Estimated deaths for rank: 6-8

B Rank Bonus: 3,000 Silver

Estimated deaths for rank: 9-12

C Rank Bonus: 2,000 Silver

Estimated deaths for rank: 12 - Infinite (C is the lowest rank that can be achieved)

** Since we are unable to view the exact death totals for this quest it can fluctuate from run to run. Variables such as a players ping, play a role as players who kill the same enemy at the exact same time are able to sometimes duplicate the amount of combat points received from this enemy.

Due to the recent "Gifting Edition" update we are now able to view scores for Crescendo of the Blood Moon and Lost Skulls. Right now it seems the official amount of deaths for S+ is 1 since a death removes 200 silver or combat points from the score and the most a solo run has gotten in the quest has consistently been 4,400. Here is a link to an on going Google Doc with an up to date list of verified scores and ranks received. Link


Similar to Gold in Isle Of Lost Skulls, Silver is the currency of Crescendo and is used to buy clothing sets in the Caravan of Curiosities Gift Shop. Silver is acquired from the destruction of candles throughout the levels and from the slaying of enemies (total silver counts for enemies and mini bosses are listed below). High silver counts do not guarantee a higher quest rank. Silver is banked any time a player completes a level and re enters the Grand Hall Level, this was also implemented recently into Isle of the Lost Skulls. Testing has shown that there is a limit of 30k per banking possible. Making the total limit of silver achievable in one run 90k.

Expert Tips

• All weapons, with exception of the whip, have limited uses.

• All weapons can be holstered on your back, and on one spot on your side, with your whip at the other depending on which hand you first grab it with. If you don't have a whip, you can holster two weapons instead of one on your sides.

• Due to a recent update, you can no longer holster any weapons besides the whip on your hip slots. Meaning you can only hold upwards of four items at a time.

• The whip’s damage and area of effect increases the further you let the tip fly.

• After breaking, the stumps of shovels and pitchforks can still be used to block enemies and knock out bats.

• Holding a candle stand in front of you, and dropping it before a ranger shot hits you will drop the stand, but blocks the cork, tricky to pull off, but useful in a pinch.

• Most people have found that the whip is easier to aim if it is thrown while held at the stomach area, and tilted 90o towards your non-dominant side.

• The whip will not launch if you are holding down the main trigger on your controller. This is useful as it allows you to build up momentum, and then release the trigger at the desired angle, making the whip fly more accurately.

• The tip of the whip can be yanked back with a pull of the trigger, saving your elbow some effort.

• The flintlock pistol and manual crossbow (from The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron) can be reloaded by flipping the weapon forwards/backwards (pitch), or side-to-side (roll). This is useful if you have a weapon in your other hand are unable to grab the reload point on the weapon.

• The blunderbuss does not require reloading, and can be shot entirely one handed.

• Ranged weapons are a necessity for the Ballroom miniboss. Save a crossbow or flintlock on your back earlier on, so you don't have to worry about it in the ballroom.

• The Ballroom miniboss has a platform near the exit door that is generally a good place to stay. If you don't attack the miniboss, it will eventually fly underneath this platform, allowing you and your team to focus on the various enemies that spawn around the map.

• The Barrel Dog miniboss can be spawned by one player, whilst the other two can attack down at it (avoiding the attacks) from the upper level, if the original player draws it to the opening.

• The balconies in the Dracula boss fight are the safest place to stay for the duration of the boss fight.

Update History

September 15, 2018 The quest was originally announced on Rec Room's Instagram.
November 8, 2018 The trailer for the quest is debuted on Rec Room's Youtube.
November 15, 2018 The quest is officially added to Rec Room as it's 5th quest.
November 21, 2018 Minor bug fixes, such as spawning issues and model collisions.
December 5, 2018 Minor bug fixes, such as whip lighting issues and an S+ rank requirement bug.
May 3, 2020 The "Room Comments" update introduced a bug that added the Sword from the Quest for the Golden Trophy and The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron as a drop from certain minibosses.