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How to create a costume!

YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.


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YouTube tutorial by Rec Room Inc.

A costume dummy from the Palette without any shapes attached to it.

Costume dummies are available in the "Props" tab of the Palette (in the "Dynamic" category) and allow you to create costumes out of 4 sets of maker pen shapes (similar to 4 maker pen objects). The 4 shape sets move with the head, torso, left hand and right hand of the player who is equipped with the costume. To equip yourself with a costume, tap the "Equip" button of the costume dummy. Each costume can be worn only by one player and only in the room where its costume dummy is located. Click the "Unequip" button (in the same position) to put the costume back onto the costume dummy.

The red output pin can be wired to Circuits and sends the player ID of the player who is currently wearing the costume. Otherwise it sends -1 or 0.

To create a costume, you have to attach shapes to the 4 shape sets for head, torso, left hand, and right hand: Use the Edit mode of the Maker Pen menu to select one of the 4 shape sets by clicking on one of the parts of the dummy and start editing the shapes as you would edit shapes of a maker pen object. Remember to tap the Done Editing button when you are done with one part.

Dialog in Palette to merge Maker Pen objects into a costume.

Another way to attach Maker Pen objects to a costume is by using the Select mode to select one or more Maker Pen objects and(!) the Costume Dummy. Then tap the "..." prompt and tap on Merge Shapes. Then open your Palette, which should show a dialog to choose into which part of the costume to merge the Maker Pen object(s).

Expert Tip: Merging sticky Maker Pen objects with a costume

You can also merge the shapes of a sticky(!) Maker Pen object into the shape sets of the head, torso, and hands, by not(!) holding a Maker Pen and moving the sticky Maker Pen object over a part of the dummy.

If you want to split Maker Pen shapes away from an existing costume, you can use the Edit mode on that part of the Costume Dummy, and once in Edit mode you may Select a group of Maker Pen shapes to get the usual "..." prompt, from which you can select the option to Split Shapes away from the Costume. However, this will not work if you select every shape within that part of the dummy; to take a whole part, you'll need to add a temporary extra shape to leave un-selected so that you'll get the prompt.

The Costume does not extend the player hit box. If you have a large costume on and another player shoots at you only projectiles striking the actual player will register.

A new update to the Costume Dummy is that the selection for the bottom does not rotate, and it also has pins that you cant connect to certain roles. It is now not a physical object. So it will not move when putting objects on it.