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Cosmetic outfit pieces can be tried, bought, and changed in your Dorm Room using the Mirror.

There are ten different slots (hat, hair, facial hair, left hand, right hand, etc.) into which you can place cosmetic items that will change your appearance. You can fill these slots by selecting items in the Mirror in the Dorm Room. You can only have one item in each slot. Attempting to place an item in an already filled slot will replace the item that has been in the slot. To remove cosmetic items, select them again.

Cosmetic Slots

Each Rec Room avatar has ten "slots" for cosmetic items:

Using the Mirror in the Dorm Room, you can choose at most one item for each of the slots. At any time, you have to have a shirt on; the other slots may be empty.

Obtaining Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items can be acquired in several ways: