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Circuits V2 is the next version of Circuits. The first (non-beta) release of it came with the "Circuits V2" edition on May 4, 2020. However, not all features were released out of beta, thus, some features still require enabling creative tools beta content for a room.

Feel free to ask questions about Circuits V2 in the #circuits-v2 channel in the Rec Room discord and/or in the meetings (usually on Thursdays) in ^CircuitThinkTank.

To leave feedback to the developers, use the Circuits V2 Canny.

How to enable Beta Content of Circuits V2

Enabling beta content is important to get access to, for example, the Log Screen and certain chips. Note that beta content features may drastically change or even be completely removed, which could break your creations.

To enable beta content, go to This Room > Settings > Main Settings in your Watch Menu and check "Allow Creative Tools Beta Content".

If you want to enable beta content in a room that you haven't created, make sure you have the correct permissions.

Note that you cannot save inventions as long as beta content is enabled.


The official page for Circuits V2 is .

An introduction to Circuits V2 is available in a dev blog posting.

More detailed documentation is available in section "Circuits V2" on happy fox .

Resources collected by @tyleo-rec are available via CircuitsV2Resources on GitHub.

Inside Rec Room, the room ^TutorialRooms has doors to many rooms that can help you to learn about Circuits V2.

Creative Classes

See for the latest classes.

Video Tutorials

See also Rec Room's YouTube playlist "Circuits V2 Tutorials" and the list of CV2-related tutorials on .