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The circuit stage light looks like a spotlight that creates a square pyramid of light originating from the source that gradually tapers off several meters away from the source. The stage light requires circuits to operate. If you don't know how to use them, worry not:

Turning it on

  1. There's a chip called the variable chip that allows you to set the values of certain outputs using the settings of that chip. Place one of those down.
  2. Set the values as follows, red = 1, green = some number, blue = a value from 1 to 100.
  3. Connect the red pin of the variable chip to the cyan pin of the lamp.
  4. Connect the green pin of the variable chip to the magenta pin of the lamp.
  5. Connect the blue pin to the yellow pin of the lamp.

The green value from the variable chip controls what color comes out of the stage lamp so play around with it. The blue value controls the brightness, 0 is off and 100 is full brightness.

Changing Colors etc.

The light can change colors and intensity dynamically using circuits. Some example circuits can be found in Circuit Diagrams.