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A Circuit Board is a collection of Chips that have wired together in a Circuit, that have been packed into a single object. Circuit Boards are a part of Circuits, and cannot be seen if Gadgets are disabled.


To create a Circuit Board, select any number of Chips using the Select tool of the Maker Pen, click on the context menu (...), and select “Create

A Circuit Board

Circuit Board”. You can also merge Chips into a Circuit Board, by selecting the Chip(s) and the Circuit board you want to merge them into, open the context menu, and select “Merge Circuit Board”. To unpack a Circuit Board, select the Circuit Board, open the context menu, and Select “Unpack Circuit Board”.

Things to Note

  • Packing your Circuits into Circuit Boards will decrease the Ink cost of the Circuits in your Room/Invention.
  • There is no limit to the number of chips that can be in a Circuit Board, but you are limited to seven input and output connections per Circuit Board, meaning you won't be able to create a Circuit Board, if the total number of connections to pins outside your selection of Chips is greater than 7. You will be unable to merge a Chip into a Circuit Board, if the number connections to/from the Chip + number of pins on the Circuit Board is greater than 7. The best current workaround for this is using a Combinator Chip as proxy, as seen in this video by Corporal_Joker. You can vote on the Canny post about it here.
  • You are able to pack Circuit Boards into Circuit Boards, but you are limited to seven layers of Circuit boards, which means you can have a Circuit Board > Circuit Board > Circuit Board > Circuit Board > Circuit Board > Circuit Board > Circuit Board (> means into).
  • By packing your Circuits into a Circuit Board in a “Use Only” Invention, players will be unable to unpack it, allowing you to protect your Circuits.
  • By Editing a Circuit Board using the Edit Tool on the Maker Pen, you can see how the Chips are wired internally, without fully unpacking the Board. If you choose to Edit a Circuit Board, other players will not be able to see the Circuits in that Board. You can also see how the input and output pins of the Circuit Board wire to the Chips inside.
  • If you make a Circuit Board part of an Invention, it will count as an object, as well as any Chips inside; i.e. if you have a Circuit Board with 5 Chips inside, selecting the Circuit Board to be part of the Invention will count as 6 objects.