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Orientation challenges

You can see all your challenges by looking at the 3 tabs of the Challenges Menu of your Watch Menu.

Orientation Challenges

Orientation challenges could be completed any time but only once. Their purpose was to introduce you to various features of Rec Room.

These have since been removed.

An example of potential Daily challenges (before the "More Rewarding Rewards" update) (outdated image)

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are tasks received by the player every day. When you complete all three tasks, you get a Package with the option to pick your reward.

Quest Challenges
Challenge Description Counter
Play 1 game in ^GoldenTrophy Go to ^GoldenTrophy and play games. 1
Play 1 game in ^TheRiseOfJumbotron Go to ^TheRiseOfJumbotron and play games. 1
Play 1 game in ^CrimsonCauldron Go to ^CrimsonCauldron and play games. 1
Kill an enemy in Golden Trophy Cause a killing blow to an enemy in Golden Trophy 10
Kill an enemy in Jumbotron Cause a killing blow to an enemy in Jumbotron 10
Kill an enemy in Crimson Cauldron Cause a killing blow to an enemy in Crimson Cauldron 10
PVP Challenges
Challenge Description Counter
Complete 2 games in ^Paintball Go to ^Paintball and finish games. 2
Hit 20 opponents in ^Paintball Go to ^Paintball and hit opponents. 20
Complete a #RRO #LaserTag game Go to Laser Tag and play games. 1
Miscellaneous Challenges
Challenge Description Counter
Cheer someone Cheer someone that deserves recognition. 1
Visit a #community room 1
Score a basket in the ^RecCenter 1

Weekly challenges

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are the weekly counterpart to the daily challenges, often being much harder than daily challenges

Every week, there are five weekly challenges. Completing any three of them will usually reward you a new cosmetic skin for weapons and other props for the current item in rotation. It is also possible, but very unlikely, for the reward to be a clothing item, for example, the Dino Floatie from 2019.

Weekly challenges can repeat, so players can have a chance to get skins they missed. However, this can be a rare occurrence, so it's advised that players get the rewards that they want when they're available. If you already own the reward that week, you will receive a random 4-star Cosmetic Item instead.

Weekly challenge are reset every Wednesday at 5 P.M. US Eastern Time, allowing a set of 5 new challenges from the list below to appear.

A history of Weekly Challenges rotations can be found here.

Potential Weekly Challenges By Category


There is always 2 challenges pertaining to quests. Note that you do NOT need to finish with a specific ranking. Simply defeating the boss and completing the quest will be enough to complete the weekly challenge.


These challenges focus on eliminating enemy players in Rec Room Original PvP rooms.

  • Eliminate 5 opponents in Rec Royale (Note: This is a total count tracked across all games, so don't worry about getting all 5 eliminations in one go.)
  • Go on 5 Hitstreaks in Paintball (Eliminating 3 opponents in a single life counts as a hitstreak.)
  • Go on 5 Hitstreaks in Laser Tag (Tagging out 3 opponents in a single life counts as a hitstreak.)

Game Completions

These challenges are as simple as they sound. Simply complete the specific game a number of times to complete the challenge.


These challenges do not fall under any specific category, but still have a chance to appear for a weekly challenge set. There is currently only one challenge that falls under this category.