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Lone Shoe Lanes Trailer

YouTube trailer for the Bowling edition of Rec Room.


How to use the Pool table!

YouTube video by Rec Room Inc.

^Bowling offers one lane for ten-pin bowling for up to 6 players (and a few more spectators) with fully automated scoring. Two additional lanes are available for practicing. The room also includes a pool table. This is a #pickup #RecRoomOriginal room, i.e., a Game by Rec Room Inc. that allows teleporting and "walking" VR players as well as players in Screen Mode in the same room.


The game is played in 10 "frames" in which each player is usually allowed two rolls on the lane in the middle. Players can pick up bowling balls (those with holes) by pulling the trigger and throw them by releasing the trigger.  

Scoring follows the traditional scoring system: each pin that is knocked down in the two rolls awards one point. If all ten pins are knocked down in the first roll, the roll is called a "strike". In this case, the player is awarded a bonus (the number of knocked down pins in the next two rolls) and is not allowed to roll again in this frame - except in the 10th frame where the player is allowed two more rolls that only award points for the bonus of the strike. If all ten pins are knocked down in the second roll, the roll is called a "spare." In this case, the player is awarded a smaller bonus (the number of pins knocked down in the next roll). A spare in the 10th frame awards one additional roll that only awards points for the bonus of the spare. 

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