BluSociety is a multinational Group with over 500 Members, we always try to create the best opportunities enjoy Rec Room together. If you wish to join us please join this server and request to join us! hope you have a great day.

-ProXi (Owner)

What Does Each Rank Mean?

  • Note: This section is in progress.*
  • Founder: The Creator of Blu.
  • Leader: These people run Blu and any Subdivisons inside of Blu.
  • SubLeader: People with this role run seperate parts of Blu like Recruitment and Circuits.
  • StaffManager: StaffManager is the leader of the Moderators and Admins.
  • Executives: These are the people that anyone can ask questions to. The Executives are here to help the clan to progress
  • Admin: Admins are here to run the clan from the front and enforce the rules and guidelines of the clan .
  • Moderators: The Mods are the people that you can ask anything to and the easiest rank to get.
  • Officer: These people are here to make sure you are having the a good time.
  • Member: This the main part of the clan you will join.
  • Internet Staff: These people manage the Discord and Fandom.
  • Discord Management: These people look after the Discord.

The Evolution of BluSociety Logos

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