Awards Come In All Shapes And Forms, They Can Be Obtained By Having A Winning Room/Design Of Contest Criteria. These Awards Range From Rising Star To Maker Pen Awards (1st, 2nd And 3rd). These Rooms/Designs Can Be Worked On On Solo But Most Of The Time In A Team. Awards Can Be Stored In Your Dorm And Other Rooms Owned By You Or Others And Can Only Be Placed Once. They Can Be In-Larged With The Use Of The Maker Pen And Are Store In Your Inventions.(A Full List Of All Trophies And Contests Are Below.)


- Rising Star

- How Did They Do That?!

- Maker Pen 1st Place

- Maker Pen 2nd Place

- Maker Pen 3rd Place

- Best Holotar

- Best Room/Design Trailer

- Best Animation

- Best Audio Design 

- Best Costume Design


- Highseas 

- Fantasy

- Art (Multiple)

- Stuntrunner

- Fall Festival

- Music Video

- Time Travel

- Mad Science 

- Creators

Image Of Trophie:

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