^ArtGalleryHub is a gallery with frequently changing exhibitions

Art rooms include studios for creative work, in particular 2D drawings on whiteboards, as well as galleries and rooms that showcase creations. If creations are inspired by popular fictional universes (Pokémon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.), they are usually considered Fanart.

Examples of popular studios include: ^ValArtAcademy and ^ArtSociety.

Examples of galleries include: ^ArtGalleryHub, ^ArtShow, ^ChilllaxMuseum, ^FantasyCharacters, ^NicksArtGallery, etc.

Examples of artistic environments include: ^TheNormalElevator, ^MuseumOfSticks, ^NeonLights, ^OpenYourEyes, ^Resonance, ^raverz, ^Transience, ^SpecialKsLaserSymphony, ^TheSheam, etc.

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