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In 3D Charades, players take turns attempting to draw something with the Maker Pen, either something drawn from a stack of cards or their own imagination. The rest of the players can attempt to guess what is being drawn before time runs out. Game modes include Team Lightning Mode and Co-op Classic Mode.

The #RecRoomOriginal room ^3DCharades is not available to players on Junior accounts. It is a #pickup room, i.e., teleporting and "walking" VR players as well as Screen Mode players may play in the same room.

An older version of this room is ^Legacy3DCharades. The venue of the new version is available as base room in the Create Menu of the Watch Menu under the name The Ink Space.

For players on iOS, 3D Charades appears to be one of the few games in Rec Room that can benefit from the "AR Locomotion (experimental)" option in the Gameplay settings for iOS.

Update History

July 6, 2016 Alpha/Beta testing begins on the game, also introducing the Theater environment, where the game is hosted.
July 12, 2016 Improvement update.
October 17, 2016 A new format is added to allow everyone a turn with the 3D Pen.
May 27, 2020 New charades pen UI alongside with screenmode support
September 9, 2020 New 3d charades venue named InkSpace, more draw time, new charade cards