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• 2/9/2019

Candidates for new pages

There are a couple of pages that might be useful to have:

- Junior accounts (currently links to the happy fox article)

- Tokens (currently links either to the Store Menu or the Packages page)

- Object Tags (currently links to Configure mode of the Maker Pen)

- Inventions (links to the Inventions tab of the Palette)

A page about Junior accounts might be most useful to avoid the need to update the link whenever the URL of the happy fox article changes.

Are there other reasons for or against new pages about these topics? Are there are other topics that should have their own page?

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• 1/18/2019

I Would like to do some edits on the TSI page

I didn’t know the page about our team existed and would love to update it with all of the new information. Is this possible? Would love to show people what we do now instead of before.
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• 12/7/2018
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• 9/19/2018

Pages for genres of player-created games

I'm thinking about creating a list of pages about various genres of player-created games. So far, it's only Free-for-All Shooters, TowerDefense, and Escape Rooms. I've created stubs for Interactive Stories, Adventure Games, and Disc Golf Maps. I'm thinking of a page for Parkour Games and maybe Pick-Up Games for games that don't rely on circuits to implement rules (i.e. most of the games that you currently find in the category Player-Created Games).

Any other categories that I'm missing?

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• 8/10/2018
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• 8/1/2018


Does any one need someone that knows circuits for a custom room? HMU
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• 7/31/2018

can't make circuits invisible!

ever since the admins changed the roles I can't find the hide circuits button.
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• 7/12/2018

Weekly Challenge Reward

I can't check it because I am grounded please tell me what it is. Send a picture too or the link to the item.
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• 6/21/2018

new page for Gizmos?

Should gizmos get their own page? The alternative would be to put them on the Circuits page or the Maker Pen page, but those pages are already very long.

If gizmos have their own page, then chips could also have their own page, and the Circuits page could be cut down to describe basic features (like how to connect chips and gizmos) and any connectable Sandbox machine objects that are neither chips nor gizmos. That would probably help a lot to make the Circuits page more comprehensible.

Should each gizmo get its own page? I guess that can be decided for each gizmo.
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• 4/28/2018

How to sing in the game?

Hi there! I noticed that some players can "sing" in the game, there's music playing while their mouths are moving. How to do this?
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• 3/20/2018

Not getting tokens whenever I level up

The tokens poster says that you can get some when you level up. I am currently at level 15 and have gotten no tokens when I leveled up. Is anyone having the same problem as I am?
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• 3/6/2018

Not getting the 20 tokens after finshing all your daily challenges

Today I finished all my challenges and I only got 80 more tokens than I had yesterday, is this happing to anyone else?
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• 3/5/2018

What is a tool?

I thought about whether the Merch Booth in the Rec Center is a tool that should have its own page. I decided against it because otherwise the Laser Tag Merch Booth and the Isle of Lost Skulls Merch Booth would also qualify as tools. Instead it makes more sense to me that static interactive objects that are only in one game/location are described as part of the specific game and as part of the Rec Center in the case of the Merch Booth. As a logical consequence, the Wardrobe is no longer a tool and therefore it's now described on the Dorm Room page. It so happens that this makes the Dorm Room and the Rec Center page a lot more interesting.

In other news, "Gift Boxes" has become a misnomer because the boxes are now purchased with tokens and the whole concept has changed. Therefore, I've "retired" the page and removed a lot of links to it. I was considering to introduce a page about "Tokens" but then it is difficult to argue why there is no page about "Laser Tag Tickets" and "Isle of Lost Skulls" gold. Thus, tokens are described mainly on Challenges and Rec Center (in the section on the Merch Booth).
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• 3/4/2018

Circut Problem?

Is there any way to invert a singal via circuts? :(
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• 2/26/2018

Formatting Tips

I spent way too much time yesterday on cropping dozens of images to square format. Now I think that this was unnecessary for galleries because of the orientation="square" option (see,_Slideshows,_and_Sliders/wikitext ).

Also, in case anyone is wondering about the comments with images at the start of some pages and the small images at the end of some paragraphs inside span style="display:none;".../span: these have the purpose of setting the page's thumbnail image for the Category pages. (Which is much more important on mobile devices than on desktop browsers.)
Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders/wikitext
Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders/wikitext Community Central
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• 2/5/2018

Revised Main Menu

Because there are more and more tools (e.g. Welcome Mat), I've moved the Locations to the Games menu. This is also more consistent with the Watch Menu, where Games and Locations are together under "Activities". I've also cleaned up and reshuffled a few other items. Let me know if I should undo any of the changes.
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• 12/11/2017

Special:Community page and another JS module

I've asked FANDOM for a Special:Community page and moved the contents from How_You_Can_Help and Specific_Items_We_Need into it. The benefit is that there is now a link from the right sidebar to that page and it does some automatic lists of pages that could need some love. Also, I added another JS module: SeeMoreActivityButton.
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• 12/11/2017

More JS fun: RailWAM, AddRailModule, and DiscussionsRailModule

I've added a few more JavaScript modules to populate the right sidebar (rail). (The WAM is currently not updated but that should be fixed soon.)
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• 12/9/2017

Torso -> Shirts + Dresses?

Shouldn't the "Torso" page be split into two pages: "Shirts" and "Dresses"? That would be more consistent with the drawers of the wardrobe.
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• 12/8/2017

Import of Countdown JavaScript

I've imported the JavaScript code for Countdown: (this is pre-approved code, thus, it doesn't need any review process).

I use it to have dynamic countdowns for events on the main page and the "Upcoming Events" page. For example with this HTML code:
<span data-options="no-leading-zeros short-format" data-end="remove" class="countdown" style="display:none;font-weight:bold;">(starts in <span class="countdowndate">December 08 2017 16:30:00 PST</span>)</span>
Countdown FANDOM Open Source Library
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